A pro-science marxist who is labeled with Autism and ADHD. Psychiatry is a psuedoscientific tool of oppression mostly used by the bourgeoisie and we should oppose it!

Dealing with silent reflux.

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[Post] My husband refuses to learn how to cook so he made himself boiled eggs and naan bread for dinner. - r/mildlyinfuriating
The fuck is OP's problem? He cooked for *himself,* not *you;* and he didnt pester you to cook. Also, naan bread requires cooking… so either he cooked it or ordered it. Either way, who cares?

Physicians can persecute anyone they want through psychiatry.

Procapitalist physicians have become police collaborators.

I got curious about what the Bolsheviks would have done so I searched.

Interestingly enough, the Bolsheviks seemed to have went for no fixed or constant age of consent; instead, they used the presence of puberty as a primary factor for the age of consent. Courts would use medical testing to determine if a person was going through puberty.

In the 1922 RSFSR Criminal code of article 166 and 167:[1]

4. Преступления в области половых отношений

  1. Половое сношение с лицами, не достигшими половой зрелости, карается - лишением свободы на срок не ниже трех лет со строгой изоляцией.

  2. Половое сношение с лицами, не достигшими половой зрелости, сопряженное с растлением, или удовлетворение половой страсти в извращенных формах, карается

4. Sexual offences

  1. Sexual intercourse with persons who have not reached puberty is punishable - by deprivation of liberty for a term not less than three years with strict isolation.

  2. Sexual intercourse with persons who have not reached puberty зрелос, involving corruption, or the satisfaction of sexual passion in perverted forms, is punishable - by deprivation of liberty for a term not less than five years.

Same for the 1926 RSFSR Criminal code:[2]

  1. Sexual intercourse with persons who have not reached puberty, involving corruption or satisfaction of sexual passion in perverted forms, - imprisonment for a term of up to eight years.

Sexual intercourse with persons who have not reached puberty, committed without the specified aggravating signs, - imprisonment for a term of up to three years.

  1. Debauchery of minors or minors committed by means of debauched acts against them, - imprisonment for a term of up to five years.

  2. Sexual intercourse involving physical violence, threats, intimidation or using the victim’s helpless state by deception (rape) - […]

  3. Entering into marriage with a person who has not reached the age of marriage, - imprisonment for a term of up to two years. Entering into a marriage with a person who has not reached puberty , or forcing him to enter into such a marriage - the measures provided for in Article 151 of this Code .

So, for example,

  • If there was a 16 year old teenager and they had not gone through puberty, they would technically be considered a minor and thus lack age of consent.
  • If a 15 year old teenager had initiated puberty and there was no coercion, they would have consent.

What I wonder is what would happen to people older than 18 who never got puberty, like some people with Kallmann Syndrome. Would they still be considered minors then?

Of course this is for the RSFSR; I don’t know what the other soviet republics did.

Surviving socialist states

The current surviving socialist states seem to have stuck to the more common fixed age of consent concept:

Age in years:

  • China - 14
  • Laos - 15
  • DPRK - 15 (from 0 years, I think)
  • Cuba - 16
  • Vietnam - 18

  1. https://docs.cntd.ru/document/901757375 (russian, use translator) ↩︎

  2. https://docs.cntd.ru/document/901757374 (russian, use translator) ↩︎

Ohh. I should have just meant and said perform sex. I treated the two like they’re the same. Sorry.

I thought that was implied through the general term damage, that’s why I used the general term damage and not just physical. Sorry if it came off that way.

(Technically, all damage (physical, emotion, neurological, etc.) is physical as it affects the human body, but that shouldn’t and hopefully doesn’t downplay their effects and importance of recognition.)

Because someone using their power dynamic to coerce a minor into sex isn’t sexual abuse to some people, while it is to me, for example.

That is sexual abuse to me.

To attempt answering your question, I dont think its solely a matter of sexual development of the body. Mental development is much more important, especially the ability to manage human relationships and set boundaries.

I didnt think about brain development until now. Yes, that is important.

Age of consent is also not simply a binary question of yes or no

Yes. through dialectical materialism, sexual coercion can’t be simplified into merely use of physical force; there is also economic coercion (through capital), and they all influence consent.

One approach I know about is that relationships between young teenagers are only legal up to an age difference of 2 years or so, not with adults.


It also makes sense that parents should be able to decide if their child can enter in a relationship with a specific person, after all they know their child best.

It’s also said that the child knows best; and I think that children should learn what makes for a good relationship (no damage of all types).

I have issues with rape and abuse; of course I want to be and am against that.

Yeah, maybe I should have worded that more clearly to say “sexual abuse” is still bad.

But you’re probably gonna get banhammered anyway. Thanks to horde of libertarians in the internet every discussion about those things is automatically considered bad faith pedo bait everywhere except liberast pits.

Yep. They suck. 😒

That’s why internet marxist stance is “do not talk about it”. From what i see in the real life marxist theoreticians also basically just accepted current societal norm without any comments.

OK, thanks.

Never said prepubescent sex was good. It’s still bad because it damages the child.

You’re assuming age of consent is about puberty, reproduction, but age of consent is about being intellectually capable of understanding and having responsibility for actions, which isn’t something you can measure in a physical sense.

  1. Intellectual knowledge in a person would have to be physical though, otherwise it wouldn’t affect the brain (and they wouldn’t learn anything).
  2. Simple solution then: Initiate sex education at all school levels and multiple times.

“the conclusion of sexual development allows a person to have sex without sustaining damage” this is baseless and incorrect

How is it baseless and incorrect? Without puberty, humans would never become able to sexually reproduce safely and also develop into adults.

fucking creepy as shit, tbh

What’s creepy about saying that ending puberty allows a person (or adult in that case) to perform sex safely (without sustaining damage)?

What is the marxist conception of the age-of-(sexual)-consent discussion?
I have noticed that when I looked at some discussions on age-of-consent that the arguments are often built on metaphysics. (For example, the idea that sexual development (or puberty) has definite, exact stages; and start or end dates.) However, the dialectical materialist conception *opposes* metaphysics; so this would mean that if the age-of-consent is built on metaphysics; then it will not correspond to material reality. This would include the start and end of sexual development in people; some people self-initate or end puberty much earlier (like at 8 or 9 years age) than what is traditionally expected (12 to 13 years age); and the rate of puberty onset has changed with the material conditions^[[J Epidemiol Community Health. 2006 Nov; 60(11): 910–911. doi: 10.1136/jech.2006.049379 PMCID: PMC2465479 PMID: 17053275](https://sci-hub.se/10.1136/jech.2006.049379)] (as dialectical materialism predicts). So, if a person ends puberty (sexual development) much earlier than the age-of-consent and has gotten clear sex education; then should they still be not allowed to have sex until that age? What about adults having late puberty? What about people who never went through puberty, like some people with [Kallmann Syndrome](https://medlineplus.gov/genetics/condition/kallmann-syndrome/)? --- Since the conclusion of sexual development allows a person to have sex without sustaining damage, with ***good and proper*** sex education (as is education that doesn't lead to rape), that would mean the person would be able to safely have sex, even if they have late puberty or end puberty earlier than expected. This is the opinion I've developed from my rethinking on this topic.

Out of the frame: disability and the body in the writings of Karl Marx
Also, Marx himself became disabled and chronically ill in his adult life.^[[The nature and consequence of Karl Marx's skin disease](https://doi.org/10.1111/j.1365-2133.2007.08282.x)]^[[Was Marx’s Probable Enemy Hidradenitis Suppurativa?](http://ojcpcd.com/dallo-c-h/was-marxs-probable-enemy-hidradenitis-suppurativa/)] You'd think more disability rights movements (other than the ones conducted by marxists) would be supporting him and other revolutionary marxists.

because people’s solutions are lead by individualized fears. /j

What would marxian view-bait (or clickbait) be like?
¿Markseca rigardkaptilo estus kion?

Also: https://www.nature.com/articles/d41586-023-00186-y

and of course:

Article conclusion: take antidepressants if you’re told to and don’t worry about your gut microbiome, even though that’s probably what made you depressed in the first place. We only treat symptoms, not causes.

Why do seemingly many responses to fight videos have bigoted-rhetoric? (specifically on Reddit)
[This video](https://libreddit.spike.codes/r/FightsGoneWildpt2/comments/10w0kcf/equality_part_2_ft_suplex_city/) as an example has the "mEn'S rIgHtS!" sexist rhetoric of "equality". Also: * https://libreddit.spike.codes/r/fightporn/comments/vjytb8/somewhere_in_russia_a_fight_over_a_woman/ (Fatphobia) * https://libreddit.spike.codes/r/fightporn/comments/10e1r9l/kim_deserved_that_broken_nose/ ("mUh MeN's RiGhTs")

Ever notice how ancient history is really distorted by capital?

This event is going to be a gut check and a test to all western Marxists. Be weary of anyone who commits the errors Maow and Lenin pointed out.

Anticommunist ranting about psychiatric abuse in China.
> In early July, a Chinese woman named Dong Yaoqiong streamed a video of herself throwing ink at a portrait of China’s leader, Xi Jinping. In the video, Dong explains that the gesture was intended to “say publicly that I oppose the tyranny of Xi Jinping’s dictatorship and the brain-control oppression imposed by the Chinese Communist Party.” A little over a month later, Dong suffered a different form of brain control. According to **Radio Free Asia,** she has been confined to a psychiatric hospital in her native Hunan. Oh dear, the CIA is at it again I see… Good on the Chinese state to oppress that piece of shit.

I’m real suspicious of the delay in fixing this issue…

How did I block myself? (and also need help to unblock myself lol)
I checked out the blocks page of settings, and I apparently blocked myself at some point. I of course can't fix it myself.

Brazil had a president change?

I'm horrified at the idea of becoming disabled here.

Thanks for the study. I’ll check it out!

It was a German meta study of I believe 12 studies where placebo was tested against both synthetic ADs and St. Johns Wort (which is what I take). That was 13 years ago. I try to see what I can find.

Thanks, I’ll read that study if you find it.

Typical antidepressants are meant to manipulate serotonine levels. However, there is to this day not one study that clearly shows that there is a connection between serotonine levels and depression.

Serotonin levels in the brain respond to antidepressants.[1]

Yeah, because Psychiatrists are allowed to lie about the phenomena of the brain.

Those pills, however, really make you complacent. Many people report “feeling less” and being “emotionally numb” after taking them.

Yep. They also cause health problems.

Right now, even primary care physicians are giving these pills out like candy. So many people take these pills. Ridiculous numbers from the UK: 17% are taking antidepressants, and 13% are on opioid pain prescriptions. That is absolutely mind boggling.

It’s straight up fraud by the rich drug capitalists.

The rise in ADHD drugs also occurred during the War on Drugs. Meth and Weed use by the oppressed are punished by the rich, yet they turn around and promote it to children. It comes off like cultural appropriation.

I only ever took plant based antidepressants, and the older I get, the more happy I am about that decision. Before anyone wants to say that those can’t work: They were tested to be almost equally effective, but without the side effects. And I wasn’t getting numb or anything, and I still have my libido.

Do you have a resource on the testing they did?

  1. Andrews, Paul W., Aadil Bharwani, Kyuwon R. Lee, Molly Fox, and J. Anderson Thomson Jr. “Is Serotonin an Upper or a Downer? The Evolution of the Serotonergic System and Its Role in Depression and the Antidepressant Response.” Neuroscience & Biobehavioral Reviews 51 (April 2015): 164–88. doi:10.1016/j.neubiorev.2015.01.018. ↩︎

People wonder why usonanos lost faith in this country. I'm just ashamed of him getting in power to begin with, especially after finding out about *this* shit, which happened in the 2015 *elections*...

Ukraine hasn’t even entered Russian territory.

Novliberalisma imperioj ĵetas sian piedojn.

I guess it was about Nazi Germany?

If Russia really is Nazi, why are they banning and heavily oppressing fascists?

Western bourgeoisies’ goal of colonizing Russia.

Also, how is communism a disease? It doesn’t even exist yet.

*As always,* the Soviets did most of the work and the Usonos plagarized them, lmao.

International auxiliary languages should be utilized in software development (to improve international collaboration).
Given that international auxiliary languages allow for more efficient cooperation; I think more people should consider using an easily learnable IAL, like [Esperanto](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Esperanto). IALs would reduce the English dominance that gate-keeps software development to English persons; and hence allow more potential software developers to better develop software. The English language is mostly dominant in software development because of linguistic imperialism.

The U.S has officially become the fourth Reich.

Maybe languages like car slam could be used to mask messages under the appearance of a different conversation.

How JFK Almost Caused World War 3 | Adam Ruins Everything
Holy shit, based. I wish they didn't use the orientalist Russian voice.

Unpaywall [articles]
Awesome site and convenient for quickly sharing studies!

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Capitalism: the only system where we can prevent drugs that few people need from going to them because value.

How any one could think Psychiatry is a science is beyond me; especially when reading the DSM.