• overflowOPM
    1 year ago

    The technology wasn’t used properly which was the problem the electoral act mandates electronic transmission of results but that didn’t happen on election day there’s only so much tech can do in ensuring transparency. Concerning Southern Africa there’s the new coalition in Lesotho haven’t seen anything to see if they’ve made good on their promises.

    • Mwalimu
      11 year ago

      “Open the Server” is a very common slogan in Kenya since 2013. One of their opposition leaders claims the electoral commission uses a closed server system to rig him out. BY opening the server, he claims, he will proof he was rigged. Now, the problem is that Kenya does not vote by electronic means. It is a paper based voting system supplemented by electronic transmission. The paperwork available has never proofed such a rigging. Even when their Supreme Court canceled the election in 2017, it was not because it was rigged but that the electoral commission did not avail the transmission details as proscribed in law. All this to say, there is potential in using technology both to rig or lie about being rigged it. Since the technology remains a “complexity” no amount of “openness” will satiate a person whose purpose is to deny an election outcome, just as no amount of technology will discipline a government focused on rigging.