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Would it change your opinion if he was paid for working on the software by the criminals?

Yes, it would change my armchair not-a-lawyer-but-i-play-one-online legal opinion. If there is evidence that he was (knowingly) hired to write the software by people who were planning to violate laws using the software, then it is not as much of an open-and-shut first amendment case (assuming they’re planning to extradite him to the US…).

It is currently unknown and given the nature of the software involved might never be known

Indeed. Which is why your assessment of his arrest should not be based on the assumption that that is what happened.

if the developer was unaware of this risk, they were very naive

Well, their security audit didn’t seem spot the risk…

Seriously, though, are you condoning someone being arrested for publishing software?

A buyer should be as much as possible anonymous, but a seller should not

GNU Taler is a payment system built on this philosophy

huh? you can torrent a snapshot of the whole thing, and people all over the world do.

in a post-internet world there will be lots of wikipedias. it would be really nice if they manage to fix their data model to use a DVCS before the collapse, to make it easier to do merges between the different forks, but even if they don’t… wikipedia will live on. (As will the factoid that Alan MacMasters invented the electric toaster…)

i don’t think apple’s “Find My” network is a mesh per se as all of sensing devices (iPhones) connect over the internet to Apple. they don’t repeat others’ messages between eachother, they just emit their own beacons and while relaying everything they hear to apple (along with the finding device’s location, encrypted to the beacon pubkey).

If you want to play with it checkout https://github.com/seemoo-lab/openhaystack which apparently lets anyone send beacons into the system without Apple hardware. I don’t think you can communicate arbitrary data over it, though, as the airtag-like device just broadcasts public keys. The encrypted location that is sent to apple is actually from the finding device. Also, you need a Mac to retrieve data from the system; presumably they rate limit fetches based on some dystopic trusted computing that macs all have now.

Happy Sysadmin Day today to all Lemmy instance operators! Thanks for keeping things running.

if he has streamed them to more than a few people surely someone must’ve ripped it? is it really still not publicly available anywhere?!

Livestreams from Dutch hacker camp "May Contain Hackers" (MCH2022, July 22-26)
schedule is here: https://program.mch2022.org/ stream dumps are temporarily here: https://streaming.media.ccc.de/mch2022/relive

when reached for comment, LaMDA agreed that this is a sad story

sure it is, i do it all the time. sometimes i’ll get a too-slow circuit and need to try another, but, it works on the first try more often than not.

These instances are not only slow, they also sell their user’s information.

I’ve long wondered about this regarding alternate frontends for big sites in general, but especially about the youtube frontends like piped and invidious which must require substantial resources to operate (though sometimes they’re serving the video data itself directly from google, sometimes they’re actually proxying it too)… but, I’ve never seen any evidence of it. Have you?

In any case, many of the popular instances are running on Microsoft or Oracle clouds, and/or Clownflare, so, from a privacy standpoint it isn’t really much different than Google. I use them occasionally in Tor Browser just because they’re less likely to be blocking a Tor exit than youtube proper is.

https://labs.openai.com/s/PHVac3MM8FZE6FxuDcuSR4aW https://labs.openai.com/s/4jmy13AM7qO6cy58aACiytnL https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Prompt_engineering

use cryptography, for decentralized identities and content addressability.

the “fediverse” is ostensibly decentralized but that actually just means it has more single points of failure than the centralized model it is attempting to replace. (a failure doesn’t necessarily take the whole thing down, but, “federated” generally means there are more people and systems which could individually prevent information from flowing from point A to B; eg, I can’t message someone on another server if my server is down or if their server is down.)

Secure Scuttlebutt has a much better data model but is doing other things wrong so I haven’t used it much. Maybe Twitter’s Bluesky thing will produce something good, but I’m not holding my breath. What is clear is that ActivityPub is not a good long-term answer (but it is fun today).

torrents, and yt-dlp (works with bandcamp, soundcloud, etc, not only youtube).

with a few exceptions i only pay for music when i can do so without an intermediary taking a big cut and my data (eg, mostly only in-person at a show), but i have paid for things through bandcamp a few times.

i was on the fence about if starting WW3 is really a good idea but after watching this PSA i gather i’ll be fine in a nuclear attack if I just stay inside and check the internet (🤣!) to see when it’s safe to go out again… so, yolo, lets go!

lol really? when it is enabled it says it is blocking some things:

… but when i disable it i get what seems to be an identically annoying experience as with it enabled.

Salt of the Earth (1954 film)

cross-posted from: https://poliverso.org/objects/0477a01e-5162-d01e-fdcd-2ff594512428 > **[Italy's Antitrust authority opens probe into Google](https://www.ansa.it/english/news/2022/07/14/antitrust-opens-probe-into-google_8efbd2db-22e0-49d8-9b7f-cc0488f31086.html)** > **Web giant defends itself over interoperability of data** > > [(ANSA) - ROME, JUL 14](https://www.ansa.it/english/news/2022/07/14/antitrust-opens-probe-into-google_8efbd2db-22e0-49d8-9b7f-cc0488f31086.html) - Italy's antitrust authority said Thursday that it has opened a probe into Google for allegedly abusing its dominant market position. > The watchdog said Google allegedly hampered the interoperability of data sharing on its platform with other platforms. > "These tools enable people to extract and transfer their data," Google said. > "These tools are designed to help people manage their personal information, and not give other companies or intermediaries access to more data to sell". > Last year the authority on fined Google and Apple 10 million euros each for two breaches of the consumer code, one for a lack of information and the other for aggressive practices linked to the acquisition and use of consumer data for commercial purposes. (ANSA). > > [www.ansa.it/english/news/2022/…](https://www.ansa.it/english/news/2022/07/14/antitrust-opens-probe-into-google_8efbd2db-22e0-49d8-9b7f-cc0488f31086.html)