We're still here! :)

Hey everyone, I just figured I’d remind you that this community is indeed still here. It seems like things got kind of quiet! :)…

Play tic-tac-toe in a dedicated room!

Play tic-tac-toe with multiple people in parallel in Matrix’s only dedicated tic-tac-toe room…

Good Matrix rooms?

Hey everyone, what are some good Matrix rooms?..

New Matrix Room for Making Friends

Hello everyone! I’ve created a room at for making new friends to chat with on Matrix!..

I'm looking to chat to people interested in FLOSS, digital privacy & sustainable tech

I’m in the process of starting a group that’s going to do what it can to support & promote the stuff in the title, if any of that is interesting to you I’d love to chat :) …

First Post!

Hey everyone, I just made the commitment to stop using corporate proprietary social networking. I’m a 27-year-old nerdy dude from the US (Kansas) who loves gaming, free software, philosophy, politics, coffee, playing guitar, and meeting new people. Feel free to message me at…

A place to make new friends to chat with on Matrix! Join us at

Direct link:!

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