Democrats blast FTC/Zoom settlement because users won't get compensation.

Stolen from u/Ali_Aliman on reddit.

Basically problem continues until people learn to use open source protocol/software like Matrix and Jitsi or Element…


God. Jitsi is way easier than Zoom is. I don’t understand why people are using Zoom.

I had one small class in Jitsi last year and it worked… I’ve also tried convincing another teacher but Jitsi was very slow for 30 people, and some had troubles like, one of the students’ devices always became very hot during meetings.

Most of the class was instantly “UGHHH LET’S RETURN TO ZOOM” and didn’t want to consider it again. Damn.


I would have thought it would be related to limitation of people. Jitsi servers have been overused during lock-down I think xD

Same, although I don’t think I can convince them to use a different server. And I bet I cannot convince our IT admin to set up one on the school server.

In theory we use Teams now. In practice, it’s still Zoom for all but one teacher.


Even if I hate MS, I need to admit that Teams is not bad though.

I’d say that the main reason zoom caught on was because they pitched themselves to businesses early and employees got familiar with a product they readily use (they took home a brand name). They were also quick to swoop in on universities and big businesses (in the same way that microsoft does for email and other useless toys) to get them signed up as soon as possible. Since businesses and educational institutes were panicking with the transition to online, zoom was an easy answer for them.

Couldn’t most messaging apps face these lawsuits also since they claim end to end encryption but are able to access the messages themselves, like whatsapp.

It sounds like there is no lawsuit. No consequences. The other apps are safe lying about using encryption.

To settle the allegations, "Zoom has agreed to a requirement to establish and implement a comprehensive security program, a prohibition on privacy and security misrepresentations

“Zoom is not required to offer redress, refunds, or even notice to its customers that material claims regarding the security of its services were false,”

That’s the message the FTC is giving. The only problem for the FTC is that Zoom admited it lied about encryption. The other apps should never publiclly reveal that they are lying and they should be fine.

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