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For sure, as soon as I see IoT or smart devices I immediately get suspicious nowadays.

I definitely think there’s a qualitative difference here. In the west the smart stuff is made by private companies usually with the goal to collect your data or spy on you in some other way. On the other hand, this is a state driven initiative with focus on creating better infrastructure.

Yeah, running something like folding@home provides actual value, while crypto just destroys the planet.

I think we’ve firmly entered multipolar world at this point. The west simply hasn’t realized it yet.

Governments in a middle of a huge financial crisis and growing civil unrest due to collapsing standards of living will focus their resources on the military. What could possibly go wrong here.

I’ve always liked the idea of airships, and we see these kinds of ventures pop up every few years. For whatever reason they don’t seem to take off unfortunately.

I imagine one roadblock is that all the existing infrastructure is geared towards planes. Airships have a different profile and need different kinds of maintenance so you can’t just land them at a regular airport.

As a side note, with new materials like graphene it might be possible to make vacuum lifters with very thin skins around a rigid frame at some point. These would have the best possible lift ratio.

It will never cease to amaze just how incoherent western response to the war has been.

And I’m just pointing out that it’s fundamentally impossible for such a world to exist.

Putin is must be thanking the west for doing capital controls for him right now.

Nah, you’re just putting words in my mouth because you don’t have a coherent argument to make.

This is not possible when capitalists are in charge of the society and have a government that represents their interests. And if you had the working class in charge then you wouldn’t need taxes in the first place because means of production would be owned by the workers and directed towards producing things that everyone needs. The whole point of taxes is to provide things like social services, educations, healthcare, and infrastructure. In a socialist society, that’s what labour is directed towards as the default.

Ukraine could’ve made a much better deal in Istanbul a little while ago, and it was Bojo who personalluy ensured that didn’t happen.

You have shown yourself to be an utter imbecile in these threads, and your opinion means nothing to me.

I plan to, I’ve been learning Mandarin for the past 6 months and I can’t wait to go live in a civilized country. As a side note, telling people to go live in another country shows how intellectually impoverished you are.

A lot of the socialist policies in Europe are also an indirect result of USSR having existed. An example of an alternative system run by the workers meant that concessions had to be made in order to prevent local uprisings. This was a great read on the subject.

Liberal chuds always inadvertently out themselves like this. They don’t give a shit about anyone in practice, and they just do moral grandstanding. The worst kind of human garbage.