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I realize this news isn’t about that specifically but…

I hope china and it’s SOE’s encourage open hardware, or at least free/open source software. Powerful chips running proprietary garbage is no good to me.

In California they want to ship people out to the desert and wash their hands of the problem

Tor was originally created in the DoD, specifically the Dept of the Navy. Some of the lead devs when it became it’s own project are actually gov’t contractors.


In fact, in 2004, at the Wizards of OS conference in Germany, Dingledine proudly announced that he was building spy craft tech on the government payroll:

“I forgot to mention earlier something that will make you look at me in a new light. I contract for the United States Government to built anonymity technology for them and deploy it. They don’t think of it as anonymity technology, although we use that term. They think of it as security technology. They need these technologies so they can research people they are interested in, so they can have anonymous tip lines, so that they can buy things from people without other countries knowing what they are buying, how much they are buying and where it is going, that sort of thing.”

Edit: another key quote from the article:

In a 2011 discussion on Tor’s official listserv, Tor developer Mike Perry admitted that Tor might not be very effective against powerful, organized “adversaries” (aka governments) that are capable monitoring huge swaths of the Internet.

“Extremely well funded adversaries that are able to observe large portions of the Internet can probably break aspects of Tor and may be able to deanonymize users. This is why the core tor program currently has a version number of 0.2.x and comes with a warning that it is not to be used for “strong anonymity”. (Though I personally don’t believe any adversary can reliably deanonymize all tor users . . . but attacks on anonymity are subtle and cumulative in nature).

you can still find phones with headphone jacks, but never all of those features in that image. Removable batteries I never see anymore

Please arm/riscV become more usable, or raptor PPC become cheaper…

yeah it’s pretty awful lmao. I tried 11 recently, I don’t know how anyone can stomach using it

Yeah I think for your average person, iphone sales will increase if this does happen. For geeks and people who feel capable, you’ll custom roms and linux phones etc.

I don’t like patriotic socialism, but I do see where you’re coming from

Holy shit I didn’t know he spent time around Dugin lmao