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I don’t know if this is true in Germany or other European countries. I think you can get sued pretty fast without even knowing what is going on.

The ansible way was the easiest way, but I did the mistake and read the documentation before and did changes to config.hjson, which lead to other issues.

I am writing this to help others who run into the same problems.

More about my mistakes with the lemmy installation (and the solution) can be read on github.

With automation it would be possible to make several accounts upload a lot of images at the same time, which might fill the server within a short time.

But I get it that not the whole world is the same, but isn’t it a little bit overreacting to move to an Asian country because of this? If not, which country should it be? And it doesn’t mean you can live in freedom there, for example: Foreigners can’t buy property in Thailand. And Asia countries might have other things, which we see as granted, but isn’t there.

It might be better if the post, which will be published, will be checked for the images, which have been uploaded and just delete all other ones, which have been uploaded, but not have been used in the post. This mechanics must be integrated in the edit post functionality, too.

Additionally all images could have a flag, which contain a “used_in_post” flag, because if someone only uploads images without sending the post and closing the browser/tab, the images will not be checked.

If those images have a time stamp in the database, they could be deleted after x hours without getting a used_in_post flag.

Replace this word with “Pornographic content with underage persons”.

It would give pedophiles the possibility to share illegal content without the admin of an instance even recognizing it.

With lemmy it is possible to upload any image to the lemmy server (including archive websites), while writing a post without even posting. This could be used to upload pornographic, right winged or other illegal content and use it or share it on other platforms, even if the content is on your lemmy instance. In Germany advocates even use archive.org as an evidence that you had illegal content on your website, including the exact date. This could be very expensive for everyone who is managing a lemmy instance. Another problem with the upload is, that a lot of images can be uploaded, without even using them in a post, just filling up the server with garbage data. Attackers could use this to automatically fill up the web space and provoke a crash. Who is the owner of uploaded and shared images and posts? If a lemmy post gets shared, a copy of the image will be created. If the image doesn't have a share-alike licence, the owner of the instance could get in trouble. I am not an advocate! Those are just things I thought about, which could cause trouble if I would have a lemmy instance.

How to install Lemmy (the modern way)?
The last time I've installed a CMS or any other web application, it was a time where you did it by hand, but it looks like nowadays this isn't the common way and the developers of Lemmy even don't recommend to do it (on the page above). But what is the recommended or even the modern way? Should I start to learn docker or ansible? And will it still work with other application from docker or ansible?

Finally someone who uses #!/usr/bin/env in their scripts.

Cloudflare is a dictator who fights against right winged people.

This is a weird fight!

Is your Ruby application open source? I am curious for what it is :)

But are they state-of-the-art and modern? What I mean by that is really efficient, like energy-efficient, small and fast. Old software has sometimes the problem that old code can’t be removed, because it is just the core of it or would take too much time. Newer software could learn from that and be much better.

Okay, writing about it I realized that modern websites eat up most resources of high-end pcs just while scrolling through. This is something I don’t had in mind :D

I just invested hours to go throw the awesome tui list and test (a few) tui apps. It’s amazing what kind of applications even exist.

This could take a while to filter out the good ones :O

I just figured out that the inbox has an RSS sign, too. So you could subscribe to full threads if you are the threat owner and see comments on your comments if you posted somewhere else.

It’s not exactly what I was looking for, but it helps a lot.

P.S.: I think the link must be updated every time you create a new post or comment on something, because I can’t imagine it will get the newest threads and comments you created. At least it wouldn’t be good, because otherwise everyone could exactly see what you have in your inbox.

This looks amazing!

But I am in a bad situation right now. I started to learn a new language a few days ago. It’s Elm. And I don’t know if starting to learn Rust would be good or not.

Are you actively coding in Rust and would you recommend to learn it over other languages?

A modern way to create a tui application?
I really like tui applications, because they are sustainable, efficient, distraction free and often do one thing in which they are good in. But I can't find a good application for every purpose I need and want to create my own tui application. And the only thing I know of is **ncurses**. But because it's really old, I don't know if it's still state-of-the-art or are there better solutions? Which language would be the best to create a sustainable tui application? Thanks for your help :)

Okay, so it’s because of the same reason they don’t like to use emails anymore. There is an association to apply to a job or communicate with teachers, etc. and they are uncomfortable to use it, because of that.

Maybe I can compare it with my generation (Millennials). We didn’t use letters to write to friends and didn’t know the concept of a pen pal, because every time we get a letter (made out of paper) it was a bill or something different uncomfortable. Emails and ICQ were our thing, especially boomers didn’t know how to use the internet (or haven’t seen a useful purpose) at the time and that’s why we even liked it more.

So in general it’s conditioning a whole generation to make only bad experience with a thing, until they get anxious about it.

I’ve never understood Zoomers problem with making a phone call? They grew up with smartphones and kids nowadays even get a smartphone at an age of 2 from their irresponsible parents.

So what’s the problem with using the device for what it was invented for?

I think I have too many filters active and the RSS icon could be in some of the aesthetic filters. But I think lemmy.ml is one of the rare website were a “horse droppings” filter isn’t even needed at all and I deactivated uBlock Origin completely for lemmy.ml. No Google, Amazon, Facebook or other malware.

There are also user feeds. There don’t appear to be feeds for comments on a post or searches but maybe we can see those some day.

Subscribing to posts as RSS to get newest comments would be very useful to follow discussions in an efficient way. But I think I have to do a video to convince the dev that it is really useful :P

Ohhh… I figured out the browser addon Ublock Origin filtered out the RSS symbol, but I couldn’t figure out on which blocking list it is.

If I am not logged in or in a fresh anonymous browser, I can see the RSS button, too.

But why is hidden, if I am logged in?

Is this an NRSK only feature, because I can’t see this button on lemmy.ml ?

How to subsribe to groups or posts via RSS?
cross-posted from: https://lemmy.ml/post/449303 > I really like RSS feeds, especially with tools like newsboat and there are RSS feeds for everything, like Reddit posts or even Youtube channels. > > Is it possible to get RSS feeds for Lemmy groups or even posts, too? > > This would boost the workflow immensely.

How to subsribe to groups or posts via RSS?
I really like RSS feeds, especially with tools like newsboat and there are RSS feeds for everything, like Reddit posts or even Youtube channels. Is it possible to get RSS feeds for Lemmy groups or even posts, too? This would boost the workflow immensely.

This is the most un-intuitive way to post something anywhere on the internet ever. Who came up with this idea and why? Because I think the developer might have a reason or it is just a bug.

Wouldn’t it be better to show the “create post” button right beside the “subscribe” button in a group (without being subscribed to the group)?

But why subscribing to it at all? Sounds like 2 unnecessary steps.

Why do I have to subscribe to a channel to write an article?
I am still new to Lemmy and don't understand some things. One is: Why do I have to subscribe to a whole channel if I want to only write about one specific thing? It just doesn't make sense to me, because it will just pollute my timeline with stuff I really want to see. If I have an opinion on one thing, but will see everything about this topic in my timeline, the timeline will be useless after a few days. Thanks for your help.

Yesterday I’ve started the official guide (https://guide.elm-lang.org/) to learn Elm and it is good so far. I did this, because I thought “If there is someone, who provides the newest tutorials, then it’s the founder of Elm them-self.”

Elm 0.19 isn’t backwards compatible and that’s why it’s really frustrating to start with tutorials. Most of them will just not work.

The website you mentioned looks very good, but I can’t figure out if it’s updated to 0.19, because comments are about 4 years old (before 0.19 was released).

My original post is on lemmy.ml (https://lemmy.ml/post/439617) and not beehaw. I really don’t understand how beehaw is involved in this. Is it only because I added the link to this post? But this link was meant to show an example and not to overtake the filters of the server.

I am confused…

One down! A few more and Facebook is a history book.

Another problem with Elm was, that almost nothing worked from the tutorials, which was just frustrating.

I was looking on Elm a few years ago, but I couldn’t find the word ELM in any job ad on any platform, but I could find hundreds for the words AnguarJS, VueJS, ReactJS.

After following an Elm tutorial, I found the concept really confusing and the several sections in a file made it look really bloaty.

I gave up after a short time, because there was no joy for me at all. Maybe the learning curve might be really steep, because of the concept and that’s why I lost interest.

Are you actively code in Elm and do you publish Elm code? I would love to see it (if it’s not a huge project and it is still understandable).

I will watch those presentations and hopefully I will have another view on it afterwards.

Sorry, I didn’t understand how to create a custom search engine. Do I have to be the admin of an instance to do that?

Which format abilities do you miss? I really like it that it supports Markdown so you can format text while writing, without even move your hand to your mouse.

I am really annoyed that it isn’t user friendly at all and I would say that’s why not many people would like to use it to read blog articles. It’s just too cumbersome.

I once read it, but I still don’t understand it or don’t want to believe it, that it will be like that. Maybe I should read it again :/

What if I own the Lemmy instance?

I am still undecided about what the solution will be.

On the one hand a clean minimalistic and static blog is really good to read and on the other side, on Lemmy a discussion will start really fast and as an author of those “embedded blog articles on lemmy”, I can see discussions and can even react to them.

The only problem might be the design, which we already discussed here with nutomic.

There might be much more advantages to have a blog inside Lemmy, if it’s optimized for long reading…

I have to say that the Raspi4 is a very powerful machine and I might use it soon as my desktop. Because it can do everything, what you need, but use a fraction of the energy than other machines.

I try it out! :)

ok, if it runs on a rock, it might run on an average vserver. Thanks :)

How much resources does Lemmy need?
I will rent a v-server today with those specs: **2 CPU cores, 4GB RAM, 80GB disk space** I think it's enough to run normal websites and even a game server, but I have no experience with the Fediverse. Is this enough to run a few fediverse instances, like Lemmy and Mastodon or even others? How much resources does Lemmy need in particular? Thank you for your help.

Which programming language / framework is the best to create a front end for Lemmy?
In [another thread](https://lemmy.ml/post/438097) I asked if lemmy can be used as a blog and [@nutomic@lemmy.ml](https://lemmy.ml/u/nutomic) recommended to look at [LemmyBB](https://github.com/LemmyNet/lemmyBB) and create a new front end. But I haven't done front end for several years and everything changed. It is so new, that it's even easier to learn completely new stuff, than the stuff, which somehow survived the last years. What would you recommend to learn? It shouldn't be too exotic and more likely be interesting for employers (or in other words: widely used). Thanks a lot for your help.

It’s not that easy how they write. I couldn’t find a single tutorial on how to create a computer from salvaged parts.

Please post it here if you find one.

And another thing is: How exactly will this be useful? I mean, which use cases can we cover if we would have such skills?

How to comment on other Lemmy instances
With mastodon I just log in with my mastodon account and enter my unique username to follow or comment on something, if it's on another instance. But how does it work on Lemmy? If I am on [another instance](https://beehaw.org/post/610/comment/373) and I try to log in to comment, my account can not be found. At the post above someone from lemmy.ml commented the post and I am just trying to figure out how this works? What is the workflow if I find another interesting instance to comment or like, because it looks like leaving lemmy.ml isn't a good idea.

It’s really nice! I like it.

It can be read without distractions. Not much going on on the left or right and the comment section of Lemmy is in order and clean.

I would say it can be used as a blog pretty well or do you miss something, which other blog systems have?

Can lemmy be used as a blog (with comment section)?
I am looking for a fediverse solution for a blog and I tried it with [writefreely](https://publish.ministryofinternet.eu/utopify-org/), but it has some disadvantages I can't live with. The most important one is, that it should be possible to communicate with people within the fediverse. People should be able to comment on every article with a fediverse account, like it is already possible between Mastodon, Pleroma, PeerTube and others. But comments aren't a thing with writefreely and this is sad. After using Lemmy for a few days I just thought if it is possible to use it as a blog and [ask on lemmys github](https://github.com/LemmyNet/lemmy-ui/issues/760) if it is possible to restrict a group so only one person could post new articles, but all others can comment. And the answer is yes! But would it be possible to use it as a blog? Imagine I would have a group called "utopify.org - Research & Development" and would post current progress about a blog series and you can only comment on it. Would it be possible and would it be something you want to see on Lemmy or would this just be an abuse of the software. If all of this is just a no-go, are there other ways in the fediverse to have a blog article, which can be shared on the fediverse and be commented on?

cross-posted from: https://lemmy.ml/post/435149 > I want to find the most sustainable operating system, because computers nowadays waste a lot of energy, because of data collection and data processing. Avoiding unnecessary processes and using resources in a mindful way could reduce the CO2 output on the whole world. > > This discussion grew very fast and I put all links to other platforms in the end of the blog article.