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Yes, totally not something funded by the CIA.

ten thousand hours of background research and scrutiny of 500 witness statements

You have a massive population and you only get a sample of 500 witnesses? Fucking laughable.

but much of the world still has to act on its implications.

Where are you from by the way? Well, let’s just assume you are a Westerner. Do you know where we do have recorded evidence and multiple cases of genocide written factually? The multiple pillages, invasions, raping, and atrocities your people committed in the Middle East. Let us now talk about Africa and Latin America. You haven’t paid any kind of reparations you sleazy hypocrite. It’s so typical of you with your ‘whataboutism’. “What about China and their X, Y, Z!” Why don’t you look in the mirror for a bit and then do some finger pointing? Pay reparations, then we can discuss. Disgusting. Post reported.

How the hell do I make Retroarch work?
cross-posted from: https://lemmygrad.ml/post/498752 > I've downloaded the cores, but when I choose my folder it simply doesn't read my roms, I've tried the Steam version, the .deb version, multiple Linux flavours, it just doesn't want to work. It looks like a really nice piece of software but it refuses to let me play.

China also has nukes and it can also respond, at best it would be a tie, and there is no winning psrty with that because we would all die.

Well, yeah, but at least Russia isn’t such a big economic entity as China is, and Russia doesn’t have as big as an army as China, and moreover with how the international situation is looking, no one except Europe (who’s military strength is laughable) is going to align with them because it would also mean economic death for them.

This will be the briefest war on earth, how are they going to go on a war with China? The supply chain will be cut and their entire economy will implode, fucking ridiculous.

Wadda ya got? 2 HIMARS? Oh, no, Russia is shaking with all the so many HIMARS you are providing to the new US puppet regime, by the way you should call it Israel 2.0 because it is the same story of invading a country to use it as a military base in order to justify the genocide of minorities in the name of freedom or some shit like that. The only difference is that this time you didn’t fuck around with some tiny third world country where you were able to bomb their children to death, you fucked around with the biggest country on earth who has a pretty big military and you are oblivious to see reality. The only ones who cry about this are Euronazis and the Anglo-proud-boys. No one in Latin America cares about your shit, no one in Africa cares about your shit, no one in Asia cares about your shit, if there’s a country that does, it’s because you invade them and you forced them to be your slaves. Samo, samo, my friend, they call 'em strangers, anybody talk to him end up in some danger. Can’t reform 'em.

Hey, could someone tell me what this comment says? I just can’t quite make it out with this much shinning.

You are the nazis, you are killing civilians and oppressing people, free your fucking colonies you piece of imperialist Western chauvinist hypocrite.

Paper tiger. If they think this war will wait two years for them to industrialize they are different kinds of high. Even if they do, they have the biggest neo liberal government on earth, thrusting money into the industrial military complex only means big profits for Lockheed Martin and very little output, plus Russia, China, and the rest of the anti imperialist core already have the advantage when it comes to manufacturing so they will be lagged behind anyway.

Well, now there’s kind of a reason to not keep pushing it if the US wants to go full on nuclear annihilation. Maybe they’re just swinging dicks, though, but it’s scary.

De una, no se si usas o sabes lo q es matrix pero tenemos una sala latinoamericana ahi, son todos comunistas pero no pasa nada si te queres unir y no lo sos. Si te interesa avisame y te paso la direccion de la sala!

I think, though, that capturing some territory was, or at the very least, is now a goal for Russia.

Check the other comments, the name is there. It’s not really a hard translation, and the book isn’t really that long, if I wouldn’t have to work/study and don’t kill myself from exhaustion I could translate it in maybe a month if it were like, my job or something, but well, it’s a tedious a slow thing to do when you are doing out of love, some parts are translated, I really want to help with this but I never have time.

It’s called CIA Sendero Luminoso: Guerra política by Andero Matias.

It’s called CIA Sendero Luminoso: Guerra política by Andero Matias, I have a .pdf but it’s in Spanish. :/ I can read it, though.

There is a book about it wrote by a Peruvian Marxist who supposedly says it was funded by the CIA, some people here were trabslating it but it is complicated. It is only in Spanish.

I think Russia really needs to capture their objectives and finish this war, these fuxking gringos are fucked up blood thirsty animals, they are collapsing and want to destroy the entire human species while shouting “liberty”.

Help with Python
So I'm trying to make a list of numbers that are multiples of 3, this is my code: ``` multiples_of_3 = [] for value in range(3, 31): number = value % 3 == 0 multiples_of_3.append(number) print(multiples_of_3) ``` But it transforms the results into booleans, which throws me a list with false and trues instead of numbers, what I'm doing wrong? I know comprehension lists exist and that this could be done more efficiently but well, I'm trying to learn and writing it as a comprehension list doesn't make it easier.

audio issues with Linux
So I got a new CPU, an AMD, so I bought a new mother and so on and installef latst Zorin OS on my SDD, everything works fine but I hear distorted sound and they layer on top of each other, like, the same sound starts repeating and causing more distortion. I tried doing some stuff with Alsamixer but to no avail, whst to do?

Would it be too hard to make a Lemmy desktop application with Tauri?
Since both are written using Rust, I figured it would be super nice to have a desktop application using their toolkit. I was wondering if it could be considered by the developers and if anyone has any idea how hard would be to create it for someone who's not a developer. Since you are technically not coding, maybe it feasible?

>On March 2, Chinese regulators published a new draft of rules on notifications and pop-ups. The rules hope to stop Chinese apps’ excessive use of the tools and control what content gets shared in the notifications. > >Why it matters: Chinese tech companies widely use notifications and pop-ups to promote their services. New rules curtailing their use could hurt service providers such as Baidu, Tencent, and Meituan, which rely on such methods to promote their products and generate profit from advertisements.