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CCP is what Westerners use to mean CPC because “No, I will not use the official acronym their own government elected”.

Then it is even more futile and unrelated, if this is about the thing they are doing now, it would make no sense as something the world should care about. Imagine if I were to post “Police in Ecuador is blocking the way to some tourist place”.

It’s CPC, not CCP. I love how you say, they are wrong, but the US isn’t perfect, like, China is worse, yet in the last hundred years I could literally create a wiki only about US atrocities and China has an all in all pacific history, but they are the ones that need to be converted and purified by liberal bourgeois democracy, and the US just needs to do a tiny bit better.

I’m not saying there can’t be news about China, what I’m saying, and I’ve seen this a multitude of times, is that there is something that Usonians and Europeans do a lot, is that they post news about their countries as if they would be the world. In my book “World News” means something the entire world should care about, not just the Anglosphere and Europe, the description seems just a silly thing to put as a placeholder, at least that’s how it has always worked in this community, news that the entire world cares about. It is a good rule that something global would involve at least 2 countries, or some event that it is really worth mentioning, like a natural disaster in some country, etc.

The post you mentioned, as you see, involves two countries, Argentina and China in joint cooperation as how they are going to go around doing trade and commerce. I’m sure that if you look a bit you’ll see a post I did a long ago where I talked about this issue and proposed some rule so that actual World News would be posted, since there the same always happens where Usonians post stuff like “Some US state does something”, and that’s most definitely not world news. I don’t have any issue with you posting news that contain a pro-Western imperialist point of view, I will not report those, I may debate with you on the comments but that’s it. But this is by no means a world news scenario, as I mentioned, if the world would start shit posting every day would be memorial day to remember atrocities committed by your own government on your own people, and there is plenty.

You don’t need to say the literal words to mean something. By adhering to the Western narrative and highlighting a very specific and not so big of a history event (compared to for example the bombing of Laos, the most bombed country on Earth by the US government), you are actively contributing to the image of the US and its lapdogs as good guys, and the Global South as some kind of sub-humans who commit atrocities, while the reality is that countries that struggle due to first world imperialism will always end up in bad situations.

Here you have a list of different types of media that talk about what happened, in short it was a counter revolution backed by the bourgeoisie where they tried to basically bring back the dictatorship of the bourgeoisie and overthrown the dictatorship of the proletariat. I don’t think we’re going to get to any conclusion because you already seem to have the neoliberal capitalist ideology too ingrained in your mind, which is okay I guess. I really don’t care about what you believe, but what I do think is reasonable is that this is not world news. It’s always what about, what about with you liberals. What about China, what about North Korea, what about Cuba, but why don’t you try and look a little bit under your own rug? Because there seems to be quite a bit of hidden corpses in your back lawn, they smell disgusting and you try to hide it with other countries inner struggles. If the world were to mass shit post like you people do every time an anniversary of a massacre, repression, illegal occupation or invasion, pillaging and destruction of a country, slavery and what not you have committed, every day would be memorial day of the countless atrocities you have committed. Let’s be a little less hypocrites, no country is perfect, but the US and Wester Europe are at the top list of the worst, so don’t come pretending like you are beacons of democracy and hope. In the Global South, where I live, you are considered butchers and beasts.

https://www.liberationnews.org/tiananmen-the-massacre-that-wasnt/ https://leohezhao.medium.com/notes-for-30th-anniversary-of-tiananmen-incident-f098ef6efbc2 https://peds-ansichten.de/wp-content/uploads/2019/05/1989-07-12_Lilley_Gallo_Tiananmen_WikiLeaks.pdf https://vimeo.com/448970787 http://www.fightbacknews.org/2019/6/4/reflections-tiananmen-square-and-attempt-end-chinese-socialism https://frso.org/main-documents/looking-back-at-tiananmen-square-the-defeat-of-counter-revolution-in-china/ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vu3zmbFGwQA https://old.reddit.com/r/AskAChinese/comments/grdaqv/thoughts_on_tiananmen_square_massacre/g45hnv0/ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R6RT_s1T050 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sqPI8xlnrwg

It is a very real issue so it’d be nice if you’d stopped doing it yourself. Also this is not world news, this is a China news, world news is not whatever the US and its European eunuchs oppose to.

cross-posted from: https://lemmygrad.ml/post/679060 > And the copium still felt very strong years after it was discovered 👌

Maybe something like PoliticalHumor or something like that would be better.



This is not news, it’s just some Western puppet licking boots. At least take some effort and put some real mouthpiece propaganda machines in the community like the BBC, NYP or whatever fascist trash you like. Also, he doesn’t even mention “tankies” even once, you are just taking this and adapting it into your narrative because oh poor little thing has to coexist in a place that also support the people from the Global South and it’s not filled with Europeans and Usonians like Reddit was. Cry me a river.

The US is not the world, reporting because it doesn’t belong here.

I’m pretty sure you won’t find many news articles covering black ops by the US grind meat machine; I don’t doubt this is not true, but this community is called “World News”, so they should probably post a news, not an image. There are other communities for this.

Lol, did you just know realised about where the name comes from?

Fucking sad, fucking shit, dude.

That was my thought at one point, too, but I think that the head of the former Leninist party of Nepal (not the official name), created another party and she’s the head of State now, and to my understanding that party is a somewhat liberal one. So I’d say they are with heavy communist influences but their parties lack direction, so it could go either way.

While I agree it sound like something reasonable from the point of view of the imperialists, it’s not like if they also didn’t lose anything. Maybe they didn’t lose men, but sure did a hell of equipment. Plus Russia didn’t lose gear that will never come back, they increased production, too, since they now actively need it.

Probably the priority list in the BIOS has another drive set as the one to boot, find one whixh key to press to go to the bios on your pc, go and find the boot list.

Yeah, maybe if you ever read Marx you’ll manage to understand it.

Lol, imagine beign the bastard who downvoted.

Here is the archive, the text seems to point that keeping workers at the bare minimum of survival is what keeps them in check and allows for cheap labour.

There’s a really big chance that Milei wins, I’m so scared, specially when we could be doing so good with current global trends. If Cambiemos or the Kirchnerists win, we will stay on a relatively good path (better with the Ks, although I doubt they’ll win since they are currently in office).

Milei has said shit like he will stop trading with China, for example, which is simply unfeasible since we sell most of our agrarian goods to them, our economy depends on that.

For starters, the size of the military, Korea has a total of 7,769,000 personnel in the army, while the US has 2,072,950. US naval force is not that relevant here since the most vulnerable attack for that would be in the South, which is where it’s most connected to the sea, and the air force has been proven to not be that effective against guerrilla warfare, you need to use an insane amount of ammunition like they did in Laos.

China will probably not participate, but it won’t allow US navy ships next to its shores, and if you think Russia, Iran, Syria and some other countries will not help NK you are delirious. Simply by the number of soldiers NK can win a war of attrition.

We have elections in October, if Milei wins we will get ultra fucked and it will be 2001 all over again. He will dollarize the economy. We will fucking die.

North Korea would fuck the US in a conventional war no questions answered.

That it was a correct albeit tough policy to make in a really convoluted moment in Chinese history.

So you are okay with racism because it’s not ilegal. Wow, liberals do win all the gold medals at mental gimnastics.

Are there any good period tracker applications for Android?
Before commenting, be aware that the best one in my opinion, Drip, has been outdated for a year and something, it doesn't even support new version of Android after 10 I think. Then Log28 has not been updated for more than 2 years and Periodical for one and a something, plus its GUI is really ugly. So, basically there's no option to track your period while being private now? I found [this](https://irasoro.github.io/home) option which looks nice and all, but it's a really new project and it's lacking features right now. Hope it grows to be something good, though.

This is not world news, I give a fucking what your delirious country does.

Is it good? Do you know if they open registrations often or if it’s possible to get an invite?

Where’s the repository for Bunkr? It has a Soviet Union domain, I wonder if the developer is a communist.

Super nice, I hope we get a lot of people from r/piracy. Funny how most of the big exodus occur because Reddit’s own stupidity.

Can I insult them in Rioplatense Spanish? They will not understand anything. /s

Of course I do, most of the people with whom I interact AFK are, sadly, either racist, or classists, or homophobes or misogynous, but I think there’s a difference in a place where one cannot control its environment and where one is forced to coexist with those people, to one where you can grow a community where you can choose what kind of people will it host. Most people are unconsciously either one of those things, I’ve seen a lot of classist people on the Lemmy flagship instance that hold those views thanks to the veil of liberalism. It’s your instance and you can moderate it however you want, but I think a good starting point to have a well mannered community would be to impose a certain limit. Is using slurs something that really is going to generate an environment where two political distant people can hold a conversation? This is an example, it could be anything.

Regarding the last part you said, and since you are federating with out Marxist Leninist instance, I’d like to share with you a little bit of Marxist theory. Where you say “international banks are destroying nations and holding them hostage in financial ruin”, I’d argue you are right about that, but that you are missing the forest for the tree. We have gotten to the conclusion, thanks to multiple advances in philosophy, economy, history, etc, that the classes in a society are determined by their relations to the means of production, this was true for masters and slaves, feudal lords and serfs, capitalists and wage workers. Hitler’s idea of the bankers as an organized class composed specifically of Jews, holds no real solid ground, and it is just one of a myriad of ways in which the capitalist class can manifest itself. It happens in the tech industry, it happens with oil, it happens with food companies, and so on; they form oligopolies. There’s a text by Engels titled The Principles of Communism, which is a very short read, and through points 1 to 10 (maybe it’ll take you 15 minutes to read), he goes about what defined the multiple classes throughout history when it comes to their relation with the means of production which maybe can help you to understand what I’m trying to say a bit better.

Anyway, I hope you can build a community that allows to respect others.

How the hell do I make Retroarch work?
cross-posted from: https://lemmygrad.ml/post/498752 > I've downloaded the cores, but when I choose my folder it simply doesn't read my roms, I've tried the Steam version, the .deb version, multiple Linux flavours, it just doesn't want to work. It looks like a really nice piece of software but it refuses to let me play.

Help with Python
So I'm trying to make a list of numbers that are multiples of 3, this is my code: ``` multiples_of_3 = [] for value in range(3, 31): number = value % 3 == 0 multiples_of_3.append(number) print(multiples_of_3) ``` But it transforms the results into booleans, which throws me a list with false and trues instead of numbers, what I'm doing wrong? I know comprehension lists exist and that this could be done more efficiently but well, I'm trying to learn and writing it as a comprehension list doesn't make it easier.

audio issues with Linux
So I got a new CPU, an AMD, so I bought a new mother and so on and installef latst Zorin OS on my SDD, everything works fine but I hear distorted sound and they layer on top of each other, like, the same sound starts repeating and causing more distortion. I tried doing some stuff with Alsamixer but to no avail, whst to do?

Would it be too hard to make a Lemmy desktop application with Tauri?
Since both are written using Rust, I figured it would be super nice to have a desktop application using their toolkit. I was wondering if it could be considered by the developers and if anyone has any idea how hard would be to create it for someone who's not a developer. Since you are technically not coding, maybe it feasible?

>On March 2, Chinese regulators published a new draft of rules on notifications and pop-ups. The rules hope to stop Chinese apps’ excessive use of the tools and control what content gets shared in the notifications. > >Why it matters: Chinese tech companies widely use notifications and pop-ups to promote their services. New rules curtailing their use could hurt service providers such as Baidu, Tencent, and Meituan, which rely on such methods to promote their products and generate profit from advertisements.