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Maybe I’m missing a basic concept on Federation. I was assuming that the federation feature would allow a user on another instance (e.g., on Baraza.africa) to post on Lemmy.ml.

Here are two posts that Baraza.Africa shows as being posted to c/bitcoin: https://baraza.africa/c/bitcoin@lemmy.ml

However, on lemmy.ml/c/bitcoin, those posts do not show. https://lemmy.ml/c/bitcoin/data_type/Post/sort/New/page/1

Is that correct, expected behavior?

Possible to change the community after creating a post?
Let's say I posted this in !main instead of !AskLemmy, would I be able to change the Community after posting? If so, how?


XPost: lemmy.ml's SSL cert just expired - Lemmy
Posting here in case the post in the main Lemmy community isn't noticed.

Lemmy’s day to shine (as Reddit is / was down), and new visitors are met with this.

Search for a community requires ! in front. Is that really necessary?
On Lemmy.ml, I click Communities then in the search box I type "uganda@baraza.africa" and click the Search button. The response is "No results.". But then if I type the "!" prefix, i.e., "!uganda@baraza.africa" and click Search, the community is found. This seems to be a UX issue. Not everyone will know the community needs the "!" prefix.

It was user error on my end. See my comment reply to u/nutomic

Ah … I see what I was doing wrong.

!fediversefutures@lemmy.ml works. Searching fediversefutures@lemmy.ml (without the “!” in front) instead shows “No results.”.

Thanks for the tip!

I can’t see !fediversefutures@lemmy.ml as a community from another Lemmy instance that I have an account on. Is federating this community planned?

For normies, … works just like chrome or firefox, without having to install any extensions / plugins, … there are no ads when watching the youtubes.

No ads on Youtube (i.e., at least, without requiring an adblocker).