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I wonder if we’ll ever see a “ghost in the shell” kind of thing with AI someday.

I’m fine with my instance being sparsely populated. I run this instance mainly for me.

I remember when my Grandpa was still alive he’d get all confused and ask me why Windows was telling him to use certain programs like Edge. I was just like, “Grandpa, they want you to use Microsoft products because they make more money if you do.” and then he got really annoyed.

I had this EXACT problem. Truncate your docker logs. I did so when my storage filled up and it freed like 15 GB.

Here in my city there’s actually a place that is pretty much that. They have a table saw and other woodworking tools that you pay a small fee to use per month and if you want your own space you can join the collective and you get a reserved space big enough for a workbench or two.

Government subsidies and generational wealth from an apartheid era emerald mine.

Were gulags actually terrible places to be or was it just a place to reform counter-revolutionaries? The term “re-education” still sounds creepy though.

I stand next to other dudes at the urinals and say, “nice dick bro”.

I created this instance with docker directly instead of using Ansible. Not sure if that could be why.

Hmm, tried that. It said no magick-* files exist.

Thanks. I’ll have to look up how to configure daemon.json. I just truncated the logs for now. I wish I had known about that earlier! It cleared up about 15 GB of space.

I just saw in the Lemmy matrix chat that you cleared up a lot of space by truncating logs. Where are those?

Storage size on instance servers
I recently had to expand my instance's storage size from 25 GB to 50 GB because it was out of space. How much storage do you all use for your instances? I'm a little surprised that it ran out of space as my instance isn't heavily used. Am I doing something wrong? I prune all the unused docker images, so it's not that.

What thoughts go through your head when you hear someone refer to left-leaning individuals or policies as "liberal"?
Whenever I hear someone use liberal to describe someone or something that is left leaning I just get the sense that their politics are too US-based and kind of roll my eyes because that's not really what liberal means. Is this an appropriate reaction or should I get off my high horse?

What do you think of Cyrus Janssen?
He's a YouTuber who makes videos that are usually rather positive about China.

I always felt in the back of my mind that a lot of social media "protesting" is cringey and this kind of explains it. It just seems like people are doing things for views rather than change.