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*Child rape should be an offense for raping people below 18 years of age.

Sab tere jaise napunsak nahi hote!

Check out my speech .

Someone from libreplanet deliberately sabotaged it by placing my video exactly on important part of the slides. According to a fellow named Devin Ulibarri, it is a “technical error” and they deeply apologize for it. How thoughtful! The content is still good and you should get the point.

Very interesting.

The issue I find with Clojure is it’s link to JVM.

VMs are always mostly controlled by the data centre hardware which hosts it. I don’t find it secure. Ideally, I think C without pointers and an import system like python would be best. I guess Go is it but Go doesn’t have good compilers. gccgo is gigantic. In my view, C without pointers with python like import system with a compiler like tcc would be best. All modules should be present as packages of OS rather than pip so that all trust is given to OS instead of repos which anyone can insert malware in.

Clojure is incredible. But something like tcc should be made straight from clojure to binary. JVM is absolutely unacceptable!

Ideal Programming Language

Above is a post I wrote a while ago. Check it out.

That’s an interesting link. But in my view, that’s just 1 variable. eg. Python is written in C so on lower level, it would be in C code and it isn’t python. A better way is to see it from lines of code to binary which is a complete conversion.

I’m pretty sure those who aren’t authoritarian also have the same strategy of winning over a minority and controlling a majority. The only difference is in that case the majority believe that they’re not being terrorized and they really believe the ruler acts in their best interests.

Nah. Yes, one sways people here and there according to ideology and winning elections is important, but work of a politician is to manage system as a whole, it is to divide responsibility to next layer of hierarchy, check how much of policies are implemented on grassroots by taking feedback from grassroots and hold that next layer accountable and incentivize or penalize them. Those in next layer will take care of layer below them till things reach the last layer.

Obviously more layers will lead to more cost (commission, corruption, etc.).

As far as I know, authoritarian means that who implements his decision irrespective of whether population likes or not. Such behavior is important in some times. Liberal means that who allows freedom. That too is important in some cases. There’s no middle right, middle left, left and such crap. If I were a politician, I’d simultaneously be at complete scale, precisely because it’s a useless scale.

I really don’t know the meaning of word politics, polity, etc. but I understand very well influence, elections and decision making which are real concepts to me. Statesmanship for me, is the most difficult thing, to be divided into simple duality of right and left.

Stupidity of right and left

The biggest issue of politics is that it is not seen as managing 100 million people but as stupid terms of left and right. …


Exactly, I agree 100%, trying all kinds of socialist systems is out of question though. Changing systems requires lots of blood and isn’t cheap. Thinking about most stable socialism systems wrt time, which is super tough, is required and be chosen.

I will be delivering a talk on “Survival of Free Software” at 2030hrs IST. Everyone is most welcome!

I will be delivering a talk on “Survival of Free Software” at 2030hrs IST. Everyone is most welcome!

I will be delivering a talk on “Survival of Free Software” at 2030hrs IST. Everyone is most welcome!

Libreplanet 2022 begins today!

Hello folks, libreplanet annual conference starts today. Do check it out. Let’s make the world free!..


If you’re serious about security, go for OpenBSD or FreeBSD (in case your hardware isn’t supported in OpenBSD). bsd kernel is far superior wrt security.

Time is a concept which comprises of events. Things don’t happen on their own and cash is of course the thing lacking but “support” is the wrong word here. Free software should earn cash!

Everyone here is most welcome to my talk on libreplanet which would occur in a couple of days, Survival of Free Software

According to current practices, it isn’t unethical. However according to the standards of Scientific journalism, it is just a statement given by 3 people and is a poor source.

Hyperbola OS release first release candidate for v0.4

We are extremely pleased to announce the first rc (release candidate) of Hyperbola v0.4 . It is a small pit stop while migrating from Linux to hyperbk kernel, a fork of OpenBSD’s bsd kernel with non-free parts replaced. …


We increasingly find that having the first minimum number of users who interact amongst themselves is extremely important for a system to survive. …


Pretty much self-explanatory. Interested people please join. …


What is right and left? What is conservative and liberal?

Please explain in simple terms without big obscure words. Decision making on a political is way more complex and depending on context in my view than these 2 words can describe!..


Pretending Computer Security

Checkout my article on how free software is still a step away from providing security for it’s users. …