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Massive differences.

PCUSA is a strictly anti-revisionist, Marxist-Leninist party. PCUSA was formed by members of the old CPUSA who were abandoned by the party for their support continued of the Soviet Union after it’s collapse.

CPUSA has many great comrades in it today, but unfortunately the Party itself and its leadership is very liberal in nature. They will tell you to vote democrat and join the local democrat party chapter. Here is an Article by the leader of CPUSA to give you an idea of our concerns:


CPUSA waters-down Communism to the point where it is only Communist as a desperate defense from the ruling class. PCUSA, however, refuses to capitulate. We are not afraid of our history as Communists, we are the true heirs of the Communist Movement. This is why, even as a young party, we are already recognized by 44 Communist Parties internationally as the American Vanguard.

True that, Comrade. I knew that before I swore an oath to the Communist movement. Sometimes I just feel weaker than others I suppose. Thank you for reminding me what’s important, I guess I just wanted someone else to say it to me, haha.

Communism and Paranoia
Hello Comrades, I just felt like some light discussion. Recently, you may have heard about the Comrades of mine who were attacked by Anarchists at a bookfair. That, combine with the current historical pattern of Communist oppression and the slow collapse of US Imperialism has got me feeling really paranoid. I just wondered if people related. I refuse to hide, I proudly display a PCUSA and Soviet Flags in my window, I usually wear my PCUSA. I'm sort of asking for it, feeling like I'm getting stares wherever I go. If someone gets offended by it it is their problem, but part of me just wants to go stealth, but doing so would be against my principles. Part of my job is being visibly a Communist and being seen as a friendly and positive influence in my community. But my friends getting attacked by Anarchists, well, it's definitely enough to make you think... I carry mace, but that wouldn't do much against a group of attackers, or god forbid the police. You know what they say, "just because you're paranoid, doesn't mean they aren't out to get you".

クロスポスト: https://lemmygrad.ml/post/271399 > 90 percent of the event was great, sold a lot of books made a lot of connections. That was until some anti-civilization Anarchists flipped out table and stole our shit. Twice. The first time everyone saw it wasn't our fault, even some wobblies came and helped us. The 2nd time we weren't so lucky and they kicked us out. The organizers of the event were too blinded by their Anarchist bias to see that the people breaking our shit were obviously in the wrong. It's not like we crashed the event, we payed 90 bucks to have a table. Even with this BS we still made plenty of money and connections. > They think this is some victory and are gloating about it. PCUSA is rising and some people aren't happy about it. If it wasn't obvious that Anarchists are synthetic glowies movement before, it sure is now.

The Starbucks in my town (Everett) just unionized. Very exciting stuff. Even if the people aren’t very class conscious, they still see it as a positive.

cross-posted from: https://lemmygrad.ml/post/267071 > In late May of 2022, two representatives of the International Department of the Central Committee of the PCUSA traveled to Western Sahara to attend a conference hosted by the Polisario Front. Fighting against Western Sahara's status as the last colony of Africa, the Polisario Front is a Saharawi national liberation movement looking to free themselves from Moroccan occupation and subordination. Our comrades visited refugee camps in Tindouf, Algeria, in which our Saharawi comrades suffer from inhumane living conditions and displacement from their homeland. Our comrades also had the historic opportunity to meet with the head of state of another country, his excellency President Brahim Ghali. The PCUSA looks forward to strengthening its ties with the Saharawi people in their struggle against Moroccan subjugation and oppression. Long live the Saharawi Arab Democratic Republic! Freedom for the Saharawi people!

cross-posted from: https://lemmygrad.ml/post/266883 > Pride month at PCUSA! This is last years but we are working on another.

breaking: individual YouTuber thinks they know shit. Lenin wasn’t even the first to say the state would wither away

League of Young Communists USA Pledge
cross-posted from: https://lemmygrad.ml/post/260768 > “To create a better world, I now take my place in the ranks of the international communist movement and the Party of Communists USA, the Party of the American working class (and its youth organization, the League of Young Communists USA). > > I take this solemn oath to give the best that is in me to the service of my class. I pledge myself to spare no effort in uniting workers in militant struggle against war, imperialism and fascism. > > I pledge myself to work unsparingly in helping the organized labor movement, in the shops, among the unemployed, to lead the struggles for the daily needs of the American working class, understanding fully that class struggle is the central ingredient in solving the oppression of working people. > > I solemnly pledge to take my place in the forefront of the struggle for the rights of nationally oppressed groups; against racism, sexism, ageism, xenophobia (anti-immigrant), homophobia, police brutality, anti-Sovietism, anti-communism, and against the chauvinist lies of the capitalist class. > > I pledge myself to rally the American working class to defend the ideals of the former Soviet Union, and to support the former Soviet peoples in their struggle to reestablish the Soviet Union as a scientific socialist state. > > I pledge myself to remain at all times a vigilant and firm defender of the Leninist line of our Party, the only line that eventually will insure the establishment of Scientific Socialism, which is the beginning of the transfer of power from the capitalist class to the working class. > > I pledge to support the efforts of those in the international communist movement whose communist parties are centered on calling for the reemergence of Marxist-Leninist, anti-revisionist parties within the world communist movement. There is a need for a reinstitution of a center for coordination and strategisation of the world’s communist parties in their struggle against globalized capitalism.” > > https://leagueofyoungcommunistsusa.org/lycusa-pledge/

I can’t believe this guy is allowed the be in the leadership of a “Communist” party

PSL isn’t on Solidnet, but they deserve to be. CPUSA uses its cloud to block any other parties in the USA from being on Solidnet.

I’m in PCUSA. We have attempted to join Solidnet several times, but CPUSA uses their hegemony to block us. We have spoke with the KKE and they are going to submit us for consideration next Solidnet congress, but they say we will likely be blocked again.

Solidnet is not so good anyway, they allow Social Democrat and Maoist groups in. That is why PCUSA, The KKE and others are trying to form a sort of new Cominterm. We aren’t powerful enough yet, but Real communist parties are gathering once again following the true path of Marxism Leninism. We recognize the KKE as the current center of the global communist movement.

There’s bunkerchan.xyz if you want a communist 4chan.

@muad_dibber@lemmygrad.ml pretty much covered most of the theoretical problems with Trotskyism, so I won’t delve into that. What I care about more is just the fact that Trotskyism is just irreverent. There has never been a Trot revolution. Trots pretty much only exist in the Western world where socialism hasn’t taken hold to any major degree (unfortunately). What bothers me the most is that Trots don’t support any of the current socialist states, or even the USSR. They are dogmantic idealists, and the only reason anyone knows they exist is because they go to every rally and try to sell you their crappy newspapers. Kshama Sawant is kind of cool though.

Absolutely! I know it can feel hopeless when a party is small or whatever, but they all started that way. The powers that be are always going to try to infiltrate a party of the people, they managed that without technology. That doesn’t mean it is hopeless.

Join a party. Even if the revolution isn’t anytime soon, you will be making a difference in your community and advancing the socialist cause! Bare minimum, you will find comrades. I cannot oversell how nice it is to be with comrades after ages of feeling alone in this capitalist hellscape. All the media tries to make you feel crazy for seeing the truth about the world, so actually getting to be around other Marxists is very refreshing.

I don’t know if you are in the USA, but if that is the case I recommend these parties in decending order.

Party of Communists USA (PCUSA) is my party, we are the only bolshevic-cadre vanguard party in the US. We come from the ashes of, and carry on the lineage of the original Communist Party USA (Which is now revisionist and bad). You will find principled Marxists here, ready to educated and empower you, so don’t be scared of by the somewhat ugly website! https://partyofcommunistsusa.org/

I can also recommend Freedom Road Socialist Org (FRSO). I’ve worked with them, they are quite principled. FRSO.org

Party of Socialism and Liberation seems to have a good line, but my experience with them hasn’t been so good but that’s probably because they only have a couple members in my area. https://www.pslweb.org/

I’m friends with the sort who think they have no ideology and if they have an ideology SocDem is about as right wing as I can tolerate. That doesn’t mean I don’t talk to right wingers, but one has to be very careful when they do that. There is a way to sell Marxism to right wingers, but it’s long and hard and the best result you usually get is them understanding that you aren’t just a communist because you haven’t heard how bad the USSR was.

Definitely an underrated Marxist. If only his countrymen had listened.

Oh don’t get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with studying and organizing. The Orgs definitely got the studying, I don’t know if the organizing is so good, but I think that’s just because America has been going backwards for so long, so we are pretty much starting from over trying to win the trust of the masses. Like I said, I am impatient and just want us to win already…which is of course idealistic nonsense, I am aware lol.

I know, I’m just impatient. Saying organizations in the USA are in their formative stages is a understatement. Every time I get involved it is usually more or less a study group who occasionally show up to rally somewhere. I know it’s unrealistic to want to show up and go do a revolution. I’m enjoying my time with FRSO and NAARPR, even my time with DSA. I’m just not exactly mentally fit to be a huge leader, and with FRSO having like >10 members in my area I feel like everyone has to be a leader if we are gonna grow and I get the impression that most parties in the area in the same boat. I won’t give up though, I know I can read 1000 books and it won’t make a revolution happen. Also I need to learn to drive, that’s making organizing hard lol. I’m way too old to be taking the bus everywhere lol

Imperial core, baby! I’m not really sure what decolonization would look like. I am still reading the basics if theory so I haven’t really gotten down to the New Afrikan movement so I am very ignorant on the subject. Now when people talk about a New Afrikan nation are they really talking about forming an Ethnostate in the south? I know it’s entirely different than white nationalism being victims of slavery, Imperialism, ect and all that but I can’t imagine an ethnostate as a good idea. Of course I could completely be misunderstanding the goal of Black Nationalism. Of course I would rather racism be destoyed than keeping people’s separated so they don’t fight, if that is indeed possible. Certainly I wouldn’t want to force migration on people. I feel like the only proper explaination is that I am just ignorant and that’s not what people are advocating for by and large. I can’t help but thinking about my Jewish kin, and what a mess it’s been when we formed an ethnostate. Maybe if it wasn’t just a US military base with cool museums and a yamaka it would have been different, but I would have prefered if we had just stayed in a diaspora. What does decolonization mean to y’all in the American context?

I mean, Caleb hangs out with NazBols or at least attends the Nazbol convention, so he at least doesn’t hate them. And theres no doubt his stance on Transgender issues are a bit sus, but that certainly doesn’t make him “not a leftist”. He certainly isn’t a valuable voice on the left, what kind of Leftist praises Trump and is seen with Aleksandr Dugin?