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Ce să vă zic, mă, bine ați venit? bine ați venit, rău ați nimerit. La locu’ ăsta îi zice șerpărie, de la șerpii care umblă pe-aicea. Dracu’ știe cum au ajuns…

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@yogthos That’s good. Anyone should just go the easier way and stop doing business with Russia.


Foreign agents are also prohibited from enlisting in the military but — and get ready for this — they can still be drafted in the event of mobilization.

So it’s a highly problematic situation for Russia to have “foreign agents” in peace time in the military, but in the event of a war, when it is the most critical, foreign agents are okay on the frontline.

@PolandIsAStateOfMind it’d be more honest if they just said “no content in the upper half of the bag”

@nachtigall Russian propaganda, especially inside, is actively using the soviet heritage to justify its imperialism and subjugating the neighboring countries. They mix this with neoconservatism, xenophobia, homofobia and ultraorthodoxism (the black-orange ribbon is the St. George’s ribbon, that has been adopted as a national one)



well, English is not my primary language so I might do some common mistakes from time to time, but I’m striving to do my best, so thanks if this is the correct form 😀


Indeed ;)

[![](https://libranet.de/photo/134410157163ebd284a9b1b447793641-0.png "")](https://libranet.de/photos/petrescatraian/image/134410157163ebd284a9b1b447793641)

![A bag of Nihilist Lay's. No color, no flavor, no nothing.](https://i.redd.it/s02ie5axf0051.jpg "A bag of Nihilist Lay's. No color, no flavor, no nothing.")

@altair222 those G20 country leaders should better close all windows and watch out the tea they’ll consume, as they might be in for a surprise from India /s

♲ [thecanadian.social/@MostlyHarm…](https://thecanadian.social/@MostlyHarmless/109914001928186632)

I made the meme after this incident, yet it never saw the light of the internet until now. I know the context is long gone, yet you’re free to share and reuse this meme however you may like.

[![](https://libranet.de/photo/824155602563ebcb99ebdca767231442-1.jpg "")](https://libranet.de/photos/petrescatraian/image/824155602563ebcb99ebdca767231442)


[…]Ukraine is clearly not some homogeneous blob, but a large country with complex cultural and ethnic situations.[…]

Sure, I was pointing out the fact that the referendum was held at gunpoint with actual Russian soldiers and the fact that there was no question on remaining inside Ukraine (you just seem to pile up links supporting your totally different, unrelated arguments while calling me an ignoramus because I do not take them into account)

well documented in western media

Well documented with Kremlin propaganda and utter bullcr*p. We do know how trolls and Kremlin puppets deal with such things.

Why do you think lives in Donbas genius?

I didn’t quite get the question, but if you were asking about “who” then it depends on who you ask, am I right? /s


Except that Ukraine was the state that attacked its own people

its own puppet government of Russia, also some little green men that were also attacked by Ukraine decided to create a referendum at gunpoint with the only 2 questions of “will you join Russia?” or “will you be independent” (w/o the ability to choose to stay in Ukraine). Which frankly passed with the soviet score of 96.77%, who would’ve guessed.

after the west did a coup there

Sure, if it’s for democracy, it’s a coup

which resulted in a civil war

Where Russia really stuck itself in like a fly on a paper

Russia tried to find a diplomatic solution for 8 years

while keeping shooting at it, because that’s what treaties should allow us to do, besides allowing annexation of countries Belarus-style, which they hoped for.

while the west and Ukraine refused.

Gee, I wonder why


No, they did it with the explicit goal of subjugating the people in those countries and plundering their resources.

Oh, okay.

US is literally the champion of invading countries and brutalizing their populations.

Oh, okay, makes sense.

Not gonna comment on your insults.

@yogthos Sure, that’s what an attacked state does, abide by half-assed treaties imposed by their adversary

LMAO, actually tried to use whataboutism as a form of argument

Well, thanks for trying out


The west colonized countless countries.

Did they do it with the explicit goal of stopping Nazi Germany, or did they do that just because they were European and “had” to do this European stuff that all empires did at that time?

and where US currently occupies territory

Wow, is that one entire region or is just a place with one base where they sometimes torture people convicted of terrorism the same way as the Soviet Union did?

you’re just a sad troll who’s not even good at trolling.

I might be a bad troll, but I’m sure as hell not on either end of the horseshoe like your history shows as well.

@yogthos BuT, WaZaBoUt…???

Sure, and the solution for this is what happened in Bucha, Irpin, Mariupol etc.

@yogthos “debunked”

Okay, keeping the conversation on Molotov-Ribbentrop - why was the USSR forced to annex Bessarabia, why was it forced to annex Northern Bukovina (a strip of land that the Tsarist Russia NEVER owned)? Why was it forced to attack Finland? Why was it forced to annex parts of former Poland? Why was it forced not to return those territories after the end of WWII?

Where’s the argument for “oh, poor little over-12-timezones-stretching Soviet Union once got too scared by Nazi Germany and redraw the map of Central-Eastern Europe” in this situation? Did you see UK or France annexing territories of sovereign European nations just to keep them safe from Hitler? Does your mind comprehend the concept of border inviolability? Do you understand the reasoning done behind it?

Imagine if the US just sent troops to Cuba to annex parts of it so that it won’t fall down in the hands of the commies - did that happen? Did that happen to any country in this very world?

[![Overly attached gf but with a Russian flag above her head; caption: "I burnt your home, so we can live together". On the background, there is a burning house](https://libranet.de/photo/965338521163f28d7306d4c706769305-1.jpg "Overly attached gf but with a Russian flag above her head; caption: "I burnt your home, so we can live together". On the background, there is a burning house")](https://libranet.de/photos/petrescatraian/image/965338521163f28d7306d4c706769305)

@yogthos Being a grown ass adult and not even seeing all this seems pretty problematic to me imo

@yogthos Perhaps more people should learn about the horseshoe theory. This should raise more awareness about extremism and make our societies better. Do notice that:

<details class=“spoiler”><summary>Click to open/close</summary>I actually do see this theory applied on Lemmy as well, as I cannot see any difference between actual communists and people on the far right in certain regards.</details>

@pingveno Indeed. There are dozens of projects, and people expect them all to work seamlessly as advertised. Yet there are various caveats and limitations, and expectations from one service to another, and no one quite talks about it. For example, you cannot see posts having titles on Mastodon. The title is rendered as the content (like a caption), while you get the link to the actual post instead of showing you the content there. And you get no hint about it 😁

Thanks for the heads-up anyway, I think I will also check other limitations for posting between various platforms 😁

@pingveno Indeed. It is frustrating when that does not appear there either 😁 it’s the first time it happened. I’d love the federation between the various platforms to be more seamless.

@pingveno Yea, it seems so. Somehow all my links seem to appear in the body (if they appear, previously it did not appear in the body either, as you’ve seen)

@pingveno I do not understand why is it not posted. Yes, that’s the one, and it shows on my end as well. Let’s see if it works if I edit up the post

Edit: wow, I only had the preview window here on Friendica, with no link. I had to delete the preview and then paste the link as plain text. Hopefully this should work on your end as well…

[![](https://libranet.de/photo/252721923163ebd28471b5c124336827-0.png "")](https://libranet.de/photos/petrescatraian/image/252721923163ebd28471b5c124336827)


[![](https://libranet.de/photo/160942832563ebbfdf78647969608489-1.jpg "")](https://libranet.de/photos/petrescatraian/image/160942832563ebbfdf78647969608489)

@dRLY That would work out. I use NewPipe on my phone, which does quite a lot of these, but an official cross-platform solution like this would definitely come in handy

@dRLY This is true. After all, the Fediverse really is free - as free as a social platform can be (although social platform may not be the best term to describe it). It is interesting that although a lot of other networks like MeWe, Gab or Minds just turned into mouthpieces for fascists and alt-righters, this hasn’t happened here yet. But I remember that centralized networks were also more peaceful in the beginning as well. Guess it’s all about who’s there first and who stays after.

@poVoq Why does the interface still have to look this ugly? Organic Maps looks way better but has less features. Yet the weather plugin seems so cool. Organic Maps does not even have transit options for my city apart from metro, so I use OM with Info TB (proprietary) - a local app designed by the public transit company in Bucharest. At least it has the advantage of showing where all the vehicles are on the map for any specific line, something that no other map app has (neither Google!)

@yogthos yea, sadly it failed to turn all reds into good commies, but no nuclear war started despite Moscow’s best efforts in pushing North Vietnam to do it, so you can keep coping

@sovietsnake Oh, I’m sorry, the light must be from that ammo depot someone smoked a cigar next to. Must feel so bad being struck by those HIMARSes, rite?

@yogthos What escalation is the West risking from a country asking for security guarantees from a country 28 times smaller than it?

On a side note, reading OP’s other comments, I see 2/3 rules broken here. Not good, not good!

@shreddy_scientist Bruh, this thread is so cringe and riddled with misinformation that it simply makes me sick.

Can’t wait for Putler to be taken down and replaced with an actual democratic leader, or else have Ruzzia split apart into separate republics. In case you’re blind, the place is just the last European colonial empire and has turned into a full-blown faZchist state. If it weren’t for nukes, then a NATO/US invasion would only be an actual boon for Russia in this regard, as it would help it become more free and prosperous.

You should be all ashamed for supporting a dictatorial, terrorist state, that uses “anti-fascism” as a means of repressing dissent both outside and within.

@jay91 You can create forums, which are, practically, like fb groups. In fact, Lemmy communities appear as forums as well. Hell, you can even set your account as a news organization:


@anders@rytter.me wrote:

indeed but at least i have access to the logs now if the same or something else will happen again 😁

That really is an advantage, congrats on your new server, haha! 😁

@anders@rytter.me wrote:

you mean force load by searching?


@anders wow, speechless. I guess you never know where the problem comes from, haha.

I previously tried to force-load my initial comment to this post as well, but nothing happened, wherever I tried. 😁

@realcaseyrollins Really not sure, Misskey is microblogging as well, maybe? And both rebased and Misskey are newer projects, while Friendica is older and more established? Maybe you want to have a Facebook experience like in the heydays?

I want to keep the number of accounts I have to a minimum, but I might create some dummy accounts on any of these platforms to test them out.

@notizie @serenity

@anders I remember you had, I can’t remember, someone posted something on the Friendica support group, not sure if it was you or anyone else.

Yea, I had the same issue as you. Indeed, federation between Friendica and Lemmy servers seems a bit problematic, I still search for my posts and comments on a separate Lemmy tab, unfortunately, don’t know if this is a Lemmy/Friendica issue or just related to ActivityPub, as f00fc7c8@libranet.de was saying in a previous comment. I am surprised that this comment made it through w/o such an input from my end, so wow! 😁


@shuro You can embed audio and video though, if it is uploaded to a different server and is publicly available. Here’s a random slice of pie from duckduckgo images to prove it (edit: there is a picture with a slice of pie below, but Lemmy does not show it):


Russian trolls are trying to get Ukrainian instance defederated from the Fediverse
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