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I’ve actually read that using soap everywhere actually might be harming our skin barrier if showering every day. It seems soap on the armpits, genitals, and any stinky parts are the only place you should wash daily.

The article in question: https://web.archive.org/web/20220121065824/https://www.nytimes.com/2014/05/25/magazine/my-no-soap-no-shampoo-bacteria-rich-hygiene-experiment.html

Also, haven’t read it yet, but “The Joy of Sweat” by Sarah Everts seems like a good look at sweat.

But also, yeah use deodorant around other people. I’d suggest something unscented because really fragrant smells can be just as aggressively stinky (in the opposite way) as natural sweat.

The first mistake was picking up a random phone call. Can’t get scammed if you never pick up haha!

But yeah, if money is involved, I initiate the call to the person. If you didnt call, don’t give out information!

As someone who lives with their parents in adulthood and is planning on moving soon but racked with guilt about leaving, most of the people I talked to about this seem to say that you need to live your own life. So basically, think only of your own wants and needs and not others. Even tho I’ll be farther than my other sibling, I’ll probably still be the one my parents lean on for support. For me, I always saw myself as taking care of my parents out of my love for them. So I’m not bothered by my siblings lack of care because I’m motivated through my own desire to help and care. Idk if that helps?

1000km is around 621 miles, which is what I get for my car. This is seriously huge but unfortunate it’s a pricey brand rather than something more affordable for consumers like rural and small town residence.

Good investment? Nah, that thing loses value like it’s a job. Car investments are worthless from what I’ve seen. On the brightside, the market for used cars is actually in high demand so you’ll get more for a car than in other times. Car buying, if you dont have a downpayment or good credit, is very difficult so sticking with owner sales would be your best bet, or short term rental like mentioned. Alternative, any coworkers who live around you? As someone who carpools with a coworker, it’s not a bad thing to do.

I think this would be a really cool idea and not one I can think of already so would be interested

Money, mainly. In my area, there are jobs offering far more per hour than what I get at my current job. I’m talking double what I make for a job that doesn’t even require a college degree. And it isn’t even like it’s the only news station in the area, there are three total in the area, so they should be offering more.

Outside of that, I do like my job, and probably have far more freedom than most jobs. I question management decisions often, but if you are just chilling then it isn’t a bother

Local news but considering leaving it all behind and starting a farm

  1. No, in my state we sometimes mention the overall percent of people who had covid, and I’m pretty sure at last count less than 5% of the population had covid. I’m sure this is fairly consistent across the US at least.

  2. Catching covid does not provide enough immunity for future illnesses. You can catch it again, you can catch a stronger varient, there is talk about covid needing a seasonal vaccination like the flu.

I’m also looking to get into HAM, since a coworker of mine is super into it…but I still am having problems with maintaining a server so idk if I should get into it

Wish I could read it T-T but good for them! I saw an article before when they were gathering drivers so I’m hoping they are at the stage where they are test running and starting

The city if Philadelphia banned cashless stores, so going to other major cities, it’s wild seeing the prevalence of cashless stores. Where I live cash is still king but I do see the slow switch over happening

Work at a news station, so I see the national and local news every day. Also some email subs and social media like lemmy and mastodon, sometimes Tumblr

Not that’s fair, I also don’t care that much for my coworkers to invest the time. Unless I already know something well, I just ignore really

Only spend time trying to unravel someone like that if they are important to you. My dad tends to end up watching a lot of those videos, and he started talking about how covid was a hoaxs by the US gov, and so I said first, some of these “facts” are just plain false, second who benefits from you thinking that, and if that was true, what’s the gameplan for them?

My dad is an extremely logical person, in that he values logic above all else. So I tend to use logic to help guide him out. My mom on the otherhand is far more trusting, so I use her trust in me to affirm what I say is true and try to use experiences to show her, should she believe in anything like that.

That’s why you should only help those you know well. It’s not a one and done conversation, it’s a continous situation.

The words we use reflect our values, or so some people say… depending on your perspective too. As someone who really enjoys language, this is absolutely worthy of a post. If you don’t think something is “worthy” of a post just scroll past it

I’d really love to see someone who is visually impaired to review it

The Ace and Aro Advocacy Project's May Themed Chat for the 29th and 30th

As many of us start being able to engage in more in-person activities safely, this month focuses on the kinds of and ways that we enjoy leisure activities, and how being aspec might impact those activities. This can be anything from the entertainment we consume, to the people we spend free time wi…


ahhh I see, yeah I don’t mean you to call out individuals, just what generally is the problem, and tankies…do ignore some critical histories and ignore calls to acknowledge it. Okay, you have a good point about being sus here, but agree lots of potential!

Vauge on purpose or??? i’ve mostly just seen anarchism and communism on here…sure I don’t agree with some communist takes, or some anarchism takes, but to say problematic is kinda of eyebrow raising. What kind of stuff is “problematic”? Lemmy doesn’t allow nazi or proud boys, so it’s really a step above all social platforms really.

To be fair, there are some Samsung devices that support LineageOS, but yeah they are not newer models by a long shot.

After attempting to convince the city to establish a municipal network, organizers turned to the idea of a cooperatively owned model, the kind of radical concept recently in the realm of activist dreams. Workers co-own the company; the building residents own the network; the C-Suite doesn’t extrac…


Privacy Guide for Servers for the Average Person?

I recently started self-hosting an XMPP server for my friends and family, but when looking for privacy specific guides I can’t really find any. It seems like self-hosting is the baseline way to gain privacy, and with things like Docker and Yunohost it feels within reach for average users to learn en…


Happy AroSpectrum Awareness Week!

It’s the 8th year for ASAW! It’s time to raise awareness of, and celebrate the Aromantic Spectrum! …


The Equality Bill is in US Congress right now, and threatens to leave out aromantic, asexual, pansexual, and other groups of people from protections against descrimination. While there is awareness that these groups of people would benefit, the actual language of the bill only includes "homosexual, …


Eighth Annual Survey!!! (Don’t worry, fediverse is an option for where you got the link from ;) …


Collect money from your subscribers on Comradery, a payment platform that is democratically owned and controlled by every creator who uses it. …