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Oh absolutely. Not only that, but all this fuss about lgbtq and abortion is to enable persecution of non-reproductive sexual activity. Along the lines of “you will breed more workers for the machine.”

Distro = distribution. “Linux” is a family of operating systems, and there’s a bunch of kinds to choose from. As a beginner I would suggest something well documented and popular like Ubuntu, or Mint which is based on Ubuntu.

In terms of the three main PC operating systems (Mac, Windows, Linux) there’s only minor differences in functionality but sometimes the way something is achieved is different. Linux OSes are unique in that they are for the most part open source and free to use and modify. You can change every part of the OS if you want, whereas with Windows and Mac that’s very difficult. Depending on what hardware you have you may have some issues on Linux OSes though. Companies make drivers primarily for Windows, and do drivers for popular Linux distro as an afterthought or not at all, although that’s slowly changing.

In terms of not caring about the spying business… That’s your choice of course, but the argument of “I don’t have anything to hide so I don’t care if I’m surveilled, or as you say” it’s happening anyway so why bother fighting it" is very weak and leads to further erosions of our privacy and ultimately our freedoms.

Pick a distro, any distro, download and write it to a flash drive, boot and install on your drive of choice. Mess around with it for a bit getting to learn the ropes, decide you want a different distro, rinse and repeat.

Benefits over Windows: no telemetry, no spyware, your device is your own and you have full control, no requirement to have a TPM or secure boot, updates only when you want them.

This is the first good news I’ve seen regarding ChatGPT.

Profits to the shareholders of pharmaceutical, insurance, and hospital companies! Oh the humanity!

Microsoft is going the way of “controlled computing” by requiring things like TPM and Secure Boot. Once the hardware and OS (Win 11) are used by enough people they can start blocking access to certain features and even online content for any device which doesn’t have Microsoft approved hardware and OS. They tried this way back twenty years ago and the community pushed back enough that they dropped the idea, but now it’s back and stronger than ever.

There seems to be a bunch of Plex and similar servers based out of Switzerland. Why don’t you download what you want and host your own instance?

I get the pressures of a job can get to a person and take over their life, and I get that having children or not is an immensely emotional personal decision. What I do not understand is having children and then choosing not to raise them in favour of focusing on your job.

We already saw those sort of actions in the last year. The trend can only accelerate without intervention by the working classes.

The basic text editor that comes with your OS will be able to open a Markdown file. Markdown is just text with certain shortcodes which tell certain programs how to render a document in a “pretty” way.

If you want syntax highlighting you can use a cli text editor like nano with a syntax highlighting extension, a basic code editor like Pulsar, or a Markdown based notes app like Obsidian.

This follows up on her 2022 hit “I don’t care about my constituents in Germany, I support Ukraine.”

This is great hate-reading. I’m recovering from my second Covid infection. I had “medium” covid last time and it feels similar this time. I’m not even 30 and it looks like I’ve got a life of serious health risks ahead of me. The government doesn’t give a fuck anymore, if they ever did beyond making sure the workforce could work, they’ve entirely switched over to sucking off industry and the Americans over the energy and Russia issues. Covid is over, Lauterbach (even as a health academic himself) was powerless to stop the train of “personal responsibility,” there are no restrictions of note left in Germany. Official policy can be summed up with “please wear a mask if you’re sick,” and the the mass line is “well it wasn’t nice while it lasted but fun’s over, now back to work everyone.”

Your browser should have a Save As… option, although that will download all linked/referenced assets as well and not just the text. I tried a Markdown Downloader extension but that didn’t do it. If all else fails, copy-paste into a text or markdown document.

My mother has been having an existential crisis for the better part of 20 years, and in trying to solve that she’s gone deep into the world of alternative medicine and “woo” shit. If you’re not familiar with that kind of stuff, it’s a far-right pipeline grift. She’s just turned off her brain and dives ever deeper. She thinks she’s apolitical and doesn’t pay much attention to current events because “it’s all so negative.” What hurts me the most about this is I feel like I got my empathy and humanist values from her, and now she thinks that medical doctors aren’t to be trusted, essential oils can cure everything, and Jordan Peterson has a lot of good points.

My paternal grandmother has also basically turned into a Ukrainian nationalist since the beginning of the SMO, but I can’t really hold it against her. The family mythology is that all four of my paternal great grandparents fled Ukraine due to Stalin’s religious persecution. She grew up somewhat connected to Ukrainian diaspora communities as well, where many of the people her parents age were almost certainly Ukrainian nationalist soldiers.

That makes it more clear than it already was that German Covid policy is capitalists first and fuck the people.

The Commission and the Parliament have a couple of hare brained schemes to regulate the internet on the go, any of which on their own would break critical features.

Of course all the headlines about white people in legal trouble in over-exploited non-majority white nations are like this.

Canadian media love to remind people about the awful plight of “the two Michaels” for example. It’s never mentioned that they broke the law in China, are being treated as per Chinese criminal law, and are in all likelihood actual spies.

I also remember a History Channel or Discovery show from maybe ten years ago called “Banged Up Abroad.” As I remember from catching bits and pieces of it, it was an hour of crocodile tears for mostly well off white kids caught trying to smuggle drugs or other contraband through international borders.

Hopefully the protesters keep this up and hold the Berlin government to account.

I can easily imagine this ends up being considered unconstitutional anyway though.

Written like a true American, only taking American interests into account and dismissing any other perspectives as non-existent.

Chinese policy makers have legitimate concerns about US activities relating to space but of course those concerns are entirely invalid.

Meanwhile Chinese academics in the US are treated as spies by the bourgeoisie security state and inhumanly by born and raised amerikkkans.

The US created the debt trap, the US are the masters of the debt trap. They stumbled upon it by accident after WWI, did it on purpose for WWII, and internationally institutionalized it after the war. Every time global conditions shift and stop supporting the current US debt trap model, the US shifts to make sure the debt trap continues.

When Germany banned RT a year ago there were only cheers to be heard from German libs. It wasn’t censorship at all, since Germany has “freedom of opinion” you see, a freedom of opinion which only need be extended to those whose opinion isn’t somehow construed as offensive.

The Grayzone was writing about the strange connections FTX has to the US Democratic Party and the Ukrainian government. There could well be some shady stuff going on in the background which certain capitalists don’t want to draw attention to, so they’re letting the story and the apparent losses of money go.

It’s not even death panels as far as I’ve understood it. It’s just choosing not to fund necessary health care services and offering death to people instead.

That’s what makes this assisted dying thing so evil - basic health care and social services are being left to rot but you can die if you want.

Right before I left Canada a dentist was incredibly eager about trying to sell me a wisdom tooth removal. It was an upscale practice and yet their sales tactics and energy gave me car dealership vibes. In Germany getting it out wasn’t an issue, can’t even tell you how much it cost. My normal dentist has done some things that weren’t technically on the insurance approved list either, but they bill it so that insurance covers it anyway.

It would take cues from the last hundred years of US imperial debt strategy, from the Allied loans and German reparations of WWI up to IMF austerity-and-neoliberalism-by-force. It will be structured to turn Russia into a US capitalist controlled vassal state, and in order to repay it Russia’s natural resources will have to be turned over to the west.

The Gates Foundation is an tax evasion trick, an intellectual property rights lobby, and has been an extremely harmful actor in over-oppressed countries.

A few days after Musk purchased Twitter I was already thinking he’d run it into the ground. The problem with that being that Twitter is such an important part of the imperialist propaganda, reality invention, and regime change machine. The last two weeks have been even worse for the platform than I imagined. So how long will it be until the Broadcasting Board of Governors or similarly placed institution swoops in to take over management or even ownership of Twitter?

I don’t disagree, it’s illegal and it’s not hard to figure that out before you try to enter a country with prohibited substances. Then again American media always play off “middle class” people who get caught bringing drugs across borders as victims of overzealous foreign regimes. The US propaganda machine absolutely could have stayed out of it in terms of making it a political issue, but they just had to leverage this woman into a political pawn.

She tried to bring cannabis products into Russia. While the sentence may be harsh, she broke the law.

I’m not sure about that but I’d believe it. She’s a neocon hawk, not to mentiom the woke lib points Canada and NATO would get from her being the first female secretary general.

In any case this is the same Freeland who is so proud of her OUN-B newspaper editor Ukranian grandfather, and who spends time with the Ukranian diaspora cultural associations in Canada which are all made up of other children and grandchildren of OUN members.

I just read that Twitter lost $ 1B in 2020 and “only” a quarter of that in 2021. I’m sure we have different ideas than libs about how a company should be valued, but no way we’re all coming up with $45B for a company bleeding money.

It gets worse though. Since a big part of Musk’s purchase was financed with debt there’s an additional $1B per year of debt service that Twitter now needs to pay. So there are really three basic ways this goes, either it dies a slow horrible death, he somehow magically finds some people who are able to successfully monetize it and stem the user exodus, or his US government and ruling class buddies pump in a bunch of cash to keep it solvent because they need Twitter for psyops and propaganda.

Makes me think we might be seeing a rather hurried change of government in the Netherlands quite soon if they don’t quickly return to doing the US’ bidding.

I was listening to a Ben Norton and Aaron Good podcast recently and they mentioned a Chomsky quote along the lines of “Nixon was the last liberal president.” His presidency marked the shift to neoliberalism among other things.

In general “mostly evil” is about as benevolent as one can expect a US president to be.

If Reagan were alive today he’d be a Democrat. That’s how far right American politics as a whole have shifted in the last generation or two. So it’s not so strange that modern Reaganites are Dems, and that the Republicans hate them.

I don’t use Jellyfin in particular but I’ve got something set up to achieve what you have outlined.

Sonarr and Radarr have my watchlists for TV and movies respectively. Based on those watchlists, quality settings, and online release calendars they search torrent sites for new releases. If you want to subscribe to a Usenet service they work on those as well. Once the item is available the torrent file or magnet link is sent to a torrent client. Once the file is downloaded Sonarr or Radarr move it to a directory where Plex can index it and add it to the media library.

There are a few weird moments where it doesn’t work, but in general a new episode is available on my server within an hour of its original airing having finished, and I don’t have to do anything.

It’s really handy to run these on a seedbox or VPS. For local installs there are a bunch of dockerized versions of these services which makes it relatively easy to set up.

The same story circulated in Canadian media about supposed Chinese police stations in Canada a month ago. It’s entirely fake, but when all the mainstream news media as well as elected officials are talking about it, it becomes the truth very quickly.