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I do love them, but it’d be hard for them to not get real visually noisy. Also they’d need to be moddable (ex: racists using monkey emojis to harass). Also would they be anonymous the way vote counts are? I think they’re a really fun feature but need careful thought before UI incorporation. (ooh, maybe they’d make sense to keep pretty small and have in a similar position to where Reddit puts comment gilding?)

Just a couple! I’m still figuring out how it’ll make sense to use both. art, mostly black and white, mostly pixel

Rather horrorish and yet somehow very reminiscent of those old black and white Macintosh games. …


Was your blog in English, though?

If you take Internet access…

…and cross reference against English speakers…

…then I think that’s enough explanation, no?

Does it need to be tackled? I mean, I think it’s a good thing about the reddit ecosystem that you have multiple communities dedicated to the same topic but which have different mod policies, say. To the extent that it can devolve into namesquatting, we can always repo the name later.

Maybe we should ask that there be a point of clarification in the sidebar?

Hey, if you’re getting death threats in PMs please reach out directly to admins. That is not something we tolerate. I am not sure what options like IP bans exist or will exist. We don’t want anybody to be harassed.

All right, I’ve been playing on the web for a long while now but y’all might tempt me back to terminal stuff with this. It’s so, so cute! …


So the protocol is way, way different and massively out of scope to actually reimplement, so it would never make sense to have chugging along within the Lemmy backend server itself.

However, embedding Matrix rooms in webpages is something the Matrix devs want to make more straightforward (Gitter does this nicely and they’re shooting to subsume all of its functionality) so it’s not too hard to imagine some kind of integration with a. a separate Matrix server that gives permissions to b. a Matrix bot to manage creation of new rooms c. UI extensions to show this alongside communities.


Lemmy is deceptively shiny and awesome, but there’s still a lot of way more high-priority stuff that needs doing before this kind of huge feature extension is even discussed seriously, so the devs need to focus on that kind of thing.

Once the Element devs get embedded rooms a bit further down the road, this seems like a really doable project for a motivated Lemmy user to try adding on, though!

Your own server is the one through which you interact with all others. You just talk to it, and then it talks to the other servers.

Yup, the domain name is part of what defines your identity. I would expect that eventually we’ll have more interface options to ensure it’s not too confusing who’s who (especially since there’s your real username and then you can also set a display name) but it’s one of those things that isn’t really a problem until it’s a problem.

Deletions in the fediverse have been a big deal in past. The tl;dr is that your “home” server would send out a “hey delete this” notification to all the other servers. By default they will of course do that, but you can see that it’s conceivable that someone could make a malicious version of server software that wouldn’t.

I am not a dev on the project so I am happy to pitch in answering Qs. :)

Small nit: it’s not like pulling data from each server separately because you can have one user account on one server and vote / comment / post in communities on all the servers using that one same identity.

One thing that’s important to me is making the fediverse less elitist. So that’s maybe a divergence of views, though I can’t speak to whether I’m whatever “kind of person” you’re thinking of.

Personally, I don’t really want it to be changed; I like that there’s somewhere generic that can serve as a catch-all bin for Fediverse content. However, I think it’s cool that someone (possibly even you??? I don’t have it in a tab) was working on spinning off something to focus on organizing to increase Fediverse adoption. I intend to join such spinoffs as well :)

I like the fediverse for its nichey communities. It lets content be easily spread across the network for viral serendipity, but also lets people feel like they’re just hanging out with a smaller community where you get to know each other. Within that community, the community has full control and autonomy, which is why it’s better than e.g. the evils of Facebook Groups for what I’m describing. Having a sort of collective/cooperative/socially negotiated service provision creates the nice foundation for the right attitudes for a community to have (I was heavily influenced by ). I like that no one is making money off my attention so no one is incentivized to manipulate me.

I don’t care as much about censorship resistance, escaping Big Mod, libreness of software (except through how that’s made it something accessible and shaped-by-the-community that a sysadminny type person can spin up without a ton of resources)…

Linking is super important! My sense here is also that we should advocate pulling from the picture reddit keeps instead of keeping a copy uploaded here? Not sure how that’ll display and such, but that way OP can at least maintain ability to delete without having to know about Lemmy.

gay people deserve human rights

it’s really easy to move a mastodon instance. I know because I did it. it should eventually be as easy to move a lemmy instance. each admin that has the ability to move their instance if they want to represents a meaningful point of decentralization. “The underlying problem” sounds so dramatic.

It’s never a “fire”, it’s always a “thermal event”

Hi. I’m speaking as an admin on the site.

Please don’t insult other people for this kind of thing. If you don’t think the view expressed is worthwhile, downvote and move on.

sometimes you just don’t want to get rained on, you know?

It is planned to make the filter work better with other languages when there’s proper language support. If it can be made to work with more context sensitivity, the devs are open to that – but it’s played a really important role in keeping Lemmy a friendly place just because of the kind of people it’s scared off, so I wouldn’t expect it to be made way more permissive in some way that would be attractive to the grosser parts of the internet.

So as @PP44 is saying, it’s open source. The devs work to make sure that anyone can set it up straightforwardly to run with their own modifications, not just the main version – and that means modifying the slur filter is also supposed to be straightforward, even though it’s not encouraged. There isn’t actual moderation on the whole platform per se, since two instances can federate even if one has no slur filter. There are lots of “points” to federated stuff, though, so the existence of a slur filter works well to help keep Lemmy from attracting the cesspool-types while still enjoying those other benefits.

I love everything about these except that there’s no safety testing, which seems like should be necessary somewhere in between that for a bicycle and that for a car. They’re so cute! They don’t contribute to urban air pollution! They’re so much more efficient than larger vehicles!..


christine dodrill asks if social media was a mistake

This is really well written and good and I’m going to pull out bits and be nitty about them because they provoked thoughts, but not because they’re intended to be parts of some kind of refutation. …


guy who might know suggests to run screaming from bitcoin

That feels a bit unfair as a headline since it’s only a part of why the post is fun to read. …


A riot is the language of the unheard and a mashup is the language of the culturally overexposed…


This is exciting to hear about and sparked a lot of questions for me. …


gpt-2 will regurgitate personal info, code diffs, copyrighted text

It is irritating that neural nets are treated with kid gloves where human creators are left to fend for themselves in the muck of fair use doctrine. If it walks like a copy machine, quacks like a copy machine, swims like a copy machine, then you should probably assume that the transformative nature …


I really wish this were on Spotify, but it’s not, and Spotify sucks for artists so that’s fair. …


the death of the newsfeed (and its afterlife)

I’m going to summarize this a bit and then muse about it because I think it’s really, really important. There is support for all these points in the article. …


I have seen these guys live twice and they kill. Sometimes you see someone perform and you immediately know, Ah, This Is A Musical Genius, like Jon Batiste or Chris Thile. That’s these guys. They were the opener the first time I saw them and the crowd went nuts. …


digital fusion: a genre definition with spotify playlist

I love this stuff. The sounds of artistic constraint transplanted out into a fuller-timbred soundscape… …


So I will note that I think this piece is mostly good, mostly because it cites Grace Lavery who is very smart on this stuff. I also really enjoy that Lemmy gets a cameo for “uhhh we don’t want to help them”. Cheers, Lemmings! …


I was fortunate enough to spectate at (participate in?) the scrapchat in question and I just about lost my mind at Childish Flea. There is a lot else that’s good. …


bookmarklet to post the page you're on to lemmy
javascript:(function(){window.location.href = "" + encodeURI(window.document.title) + "&url=" + encodeURI(window.location.href);})()...

I mentioned before that I do this but someone asked for the Python script I use so I wanted to make it available for anyone else. …


chromebooks are incredibly accessible computers to so many people, and making real linux tools available through chromeos makes those tools’ reach that much greater. I got through a whole CS degree on a developer mode chromebook, and it’s pretty exciting to think of what this means for educational s…


"Register, IP., 3 per 3600 seconds"

Is this meant to be a throttling error? I’m trying to create a community but… seems like that IP is… yeah. …