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There’s a Hacker News front page discussion on this now with currently 69 comments: https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=29390312

Yes, and with readers built in. Dunno if Bookwyrm has that. Btw, forgot to mention that they are also on HN atm: https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=29377450

Kavita Joins the Fediverse?

Well, that depends if people like the feature request enough… and you can vote. …

I love the idea, and am advocating myself for some time to create better abstractions of “Community” in the fediverse than we have now. I call it the “Community has no Boundary” paradigm, where a community goes well-beyond a simple group of members. Instead it can have a rich set of Relationships to other actors (Person, Organization, Group, etc.), some standardized, some app-specific. “Community” as a concept might standardized on the fediverse, where a server exposes one or more Group actors. In the current fediverse the community is implicit and defined by the “instance boundary”. Lemmy is among the first apps that slice things differently and expose many communities with the recent federation update. I wrote more on this in Standardizing on ActivityPub Groups and Standardizing on a common Community domain as AP extension?

The user-friendliness is very important indeed. I see a lot of people comparing to Facebook, and I guess you’d compete with them from functional perspective. But I couldn’t tell as I’ve never used FB. The FB walled garden excludes people that have no account. Maybe your app can shine here, by allowing integrations to the websites that these local communities have. Like GoToSocial the app may be a back-end service, where different UI’s can consume the API.

This does not exist, as far as I know. I co-maintain the ActivityPub Application Watchlist which is AFAIK the most complete list of federated apps. If anyone knows about any app that should be on this list, I’d be glad to know :)

Yes, in a way it does. All fedi-related sublemmy’s have some overlap. Here I usually mention ideas and ‘stuff that exists in the wild’ that may inspire different uses of the Fediverse, such as apps that go well beyond Microblogging (like FedeProxy). And then the subsequent brainstorm is the objective, so any furthering of those ideas with wildly imaginative additions goes :)

This is the Discourse forum for ActivityPub / Fedi technologists to discuss fedi open standards and extensions thereof, as well as their own projects and the ecosystem at large. The forum was created as a companion to the W3C Social Web Incubator Community Group, but that hasn’t been active for a while, so SocialHub can be said to be “where we build the fediverse”.

Oh, that’s very interesting. Thank you for the offer, but for now I’ll just join, as I am already participating in too many places. I think a cool aspect to address in !fedizens@lemmy.ml is any collaborative initiatives and community interaction that takes place on fedi, such as the recently started Fedijams by @Houkime@fapsi.be.

Yes, I don’t think you find a large community of OCaml programmers and contributors to that codebase very easily. But by using the Js_of_ocaml compiler all that is programmed is exposed to the JS / NodeJS ecosystem and - depending how things are set up - it can be a best of both worlds scenario.

openEngiadina: From ActivityPub to XMPP

The openEngiadina project, which is developing a platform for open local knowledge, will be dropping ActivityPub in favor of XMPP as the messaging protocol. The project still intends to remain compatibility with the ActivityPub network, by adopting ActivityStreams on XMP…

Thanks! I use the term a lot and hope it will find broader use. It is imho a good way to refer to the subset of netizens that are part of the Fediverse. And it is shorter that “People of the Fediverse, …”, while highlighting that we are a community :)

Thank you. Yes, I usually ‘weave’ those places together where related content can be found. A bot and/or further interoperability features might make this easier indeed.

This recently created image (taken from Fediverse on Wikipedia) has a good overview:

Overview of platforms and protocols they support

This is not what you want probably, but the only thing I know of that comes close: https://git.feneas.org/jaywink/federation Would wanna know about any bridge so I can add it to AP Developer Resources watchlist.

Really like this. Pinging @Houkime@fapsi.be. Also I tooted about it. I will add this to ActivityPub Application Watchlist… would be great if there were some further work on this (watchlist has a rule that one year of inactivity gives a 👻 icon to the entry).

🎇 Federated Alternative Reality Game (and Gamification)

Alternate Reality Game: An interactive networked narrative that uses the real world as a platform and employs transmedia storytelling to deliver a story that may be altered by players’ ideas or actions. (Wikipedia)

🧙 Challenge: Warming people for the Fediverse

On Fediverse we often talk how we’d like to entice other people, our friends and family, to join and sign up to fedi instances. We sigh and despair about so many too-technical descriptions of what Fedi is and does. And we see with frustration how we are mostly unsuccessful in bringing new folks in. Then, with other fedizens, we discuss on all kinds of campaigns we may start to make more people aware of what they miss out on. Only to see those peter out, as - with grassroots community and “herding cats” - no one picks up the glove and no real initiative comes from the ground.

✨ Solution: ARG + Gamficiation from fedi to the real world

So how can we change that? Simple: By turning dilligent and grinding, disciplined (and boring) campaign tasks into a form of collective game building, an entirely fun and creative experience. It may become an art project even, if we’d like it to. There can be an entire series of Gamejams dedicated to this fediworld-building theme.

What it consists of is setting out ‘teases’ into the real world and other online channels, that are actually entry points to ARG gameplay, where still unwitting potential players may be attracted to. We offer genuine and honest stuff that makes them learn about the fediverse, and something more besides to attract them to do a deeper-dive. Become part of the game. Dive in as deep as they like. The “Da Vinci Code” of the Fediverse will drive them on.

🚀 Method: Fediverse as Game Development Environment

So besides the fact that actual federated gameplay is designed and launched, the process of gameplay design can be streamlined using the Fediverse as well. How do we crowdsource ideation, storytelling, graphics design, human- or bot-driven NPG’s that interact with outsiders? Etceteray. Thinking of fedi as Gameplay development platform can brin the Gamejam concept to a whole different level.

No gamedev (and little time) but the description on the Jam page “Data-vampires and wall-mounted eyes? […]” gave me an idea for someone to pick up:

Reach the Activity Pub

Your significant other doesn’t want you to go to the Pub, the only lively place in the center of town. Though a place full of activity, the booze flows richly here and attractive town folk engage in rowdy dances. As it happens your partner is extremely jealous of you visiting the place, especially if they have to work. And they happen to work in a surveillance center that operates all the town’s CCTV and doorbell camera’s.

Can you navigate the windy roads and alleys and avoid the prying wall-mounted eyes swiveling back and forth, and reach the Pub? More importantly: Can you get back home unnoticed after your visit, when the alcohol coursing through your veins have twisted reality and strange things always happen?


Not knowing if this is possible the game transforms real OpenStreetMap tilesets into the gameplay area, and the existing overlay of CCTV locations and Camera types. This aspect making it realistic and educational as well, while still fun. There are difficulty levels: Nightmare mode --> Can you navigate the heart of London?

If you like the idea we can brainstorm some more below, and list OSS projects and codes that may be used for implementation.

Update: I tooted about this here https://mastodon.social/@humanetech/107104136403882365

Note: First sent to !libre_culture in this post.

@Houkime on itch.io has recently started organizing Gamejams on the Fediverse. This is a great idea to get some real creative hackathons going that drive fedi forwards at the same time. …

I don’t have a codeberg account but how about OpWeb. Stands for Open Web but could also use the gaming term to get Overpowered Web. The Document Web and DocWeb are also cool.

Consider it Done! 🤗

Weblite initiative is taking off: Let's debloat the web!

Some very early announcement of something very noteworthy that is happening on the Fediverse right this moment. Currently most of the discussion still takes place under the #weblite hashtag only. …

Some time after the Discourse as a company decided to return the NGI Zero funding they received for adding federation support, another company, the Pavilion cooperative - a Discourse forum integrator and plugin developer - has deci…

This idea is in the category of United Software Development I posted earlier on Lemmy and possible (far?) future roadmap item for the FedeProxy project, that aims to decentralize code forges (they are driving force behind the initiative to [Fede…

See the linked Lemmy comment. The site name “bit-chute”, but written without the dash is substituted with “removedute”…

Do you jump in on the 5k Euro grant and bring your expertise on Diversity and Software Development, FLOSS Community Building to bear?..

Add some OpenGraph meta to join-lemmy.org

Just shared some Ideas for federating Lemmy to the Fediverse and noticed that the site at https://join-lemmy.org does not contain any OpenGraph metadata, so a link preview wasn’t generated. Should be easy to add something that depicts the nice Lemmy logo for shared lin…

Ideas for federating Lemmy to the Fediverse

In reaction to Can you follow a PixelFed with a Lemmy account? I thought it might be interesting to brainstorm how Lemmy could integrate and federate with the broader Fediverse in cool ways 😎 …