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cross-posted from: > In his latest work "Reclaim Your Face", Alexander has taken on the issues surrounding biometric surveillance practices and facial recognition. The film perfectly highlights the dangers that biometric surveillance systems pose to our society. Alexander Lehmann is known for the short film "You are a Terrorist" (Du bist Terrorist).

I’m somewhere between Newborn Paranoid and FSF Member, yet I’m completely skipping Tech Paranoid tier.

I use qutebrowser and LibreWolf on Arch, but I’m thinking of moving over to Trisquel or Parabola once I find the right drivers.

Found this on Reddit a while back.

I’m trying to lock down Instagram, but my friends don’t believe in privacy. It’s really the only way I can communicate with them online.

On Windows, I used to use FeedReader Desktop. On Linux and BSD, I use Liferea. On iOS, I use RSS Mobile.

My favourite is Bitwarden. FOSS, privacy-respecting, secure and possible to self host: what more could you want?