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I’m just disputing a very simple claim you made. 2008 is very simply before the Crimea annexation. So you are very simply wrong.

Ukraine had no official ambition to join NATO before the Crimea annexation.

“Ukraine applied to integrate with a NATO Membership Action Plan (MAP) in 2008.”

Learn your history before you talk about such things

Seems like a piece the Ukrainian president would want to play. It would look pretty funny.

Yes until 8th grade. Self defense isn’t really the problem. I could defend myself physically just fine. That doesn’t resolve the social dynamics of bullying. Although I guess it doesn’t hurt to know.

If there are 4-5 different types of plug that people use, let’s say I need to charge my phone and want to borrow a charger from someone. I have to carry around 4-5 different adapters for whatever a willing person to help me might have. I don’t even have a single adapter because one is too much to carry around at all times. Thank God USB and power outlets are standard, otherwise I would need to have like 15 adapters at all times.

You can easily install a different OS on your computer. You can’t just start using a different type of charger for a device. Apples and oranges.

Good guy, bad guy, what are we talking about? This is not a Marvel movie. Everything he did to stay in power, whether self serving or not, was ultimately in the interest of the people of Iraq, because we know what the alternative was…

No, it’s just an adjective for gender. But if instead of saying something like “my best friend is a woman” you said “my best friend is a female” it sounds like you are an alien talking about some kind of specimen.

I’ve heard this strategy breaks fiduciary responsibility. So if they do this, there’s a possibility twitter gets sued by some of their shareholders.

He doesn’t have majority ownership. Vanguard capital and Saudi Arabia are buying more shares to hold on to a majority, and the board of twitter is doing a poison pill to devalue his shares. It’s anyone’s guess who wins.

Intelligence organizations have an agenda. Look into operation northwoods, in which the DOD planned for the CIA to stage false flag terrorist attacks on their own people and blame it on Cuba

These tweets include pictures, documents, links to other sources, etc. How can a tweet not be a source when it contains first hand evidence? It has to be posted somewhere…

What does a hashtag have to do with what people believe in?

It’s an example of the expression some are giving to the current situation. Of course it reflects what people believe. Sure, there can be dishonest framing from the elites. But your average liberal is going to take things at face value.

For Americans, this conflict is very far away. America is involved with every country, it’s hard to see a conflict of this scale not having an impact on America.

But the conflicts that America is involved in Somalia and Yemen do matter for Americans. Saudi Arabia payed us $100 billion for weapons to kill people in Yemen. But no one has a Yemeni flag on their social media.

It’s like in your car example. But somehow you were running people over with your car and you didn’t care. But when someone else does it you care. Even when it’s ruining your car. It’s plain hypocrisy.

Video showing wholesome moment between Donetsk father and daughter is falsely labeled as a Ukrainian soldier off to war

The video was originally posted by mayor of Gorlovka, Ivan Prikhodko on Feb 21 as DPR was evacuating children to Russia while Ukraine attacked. It was reposted and falsely captioned as “Ukrainian father saying goodbye to his daughter before he go to defend his country against the Russian invasion”, …


Brigaders are coming from /pol/

I found the source of the brigaders. …