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  1. Your initial claim exposed your own prejudices. As already explained to you. None of the offending comments mentioned CCP. They specifically did mention Chinese people.
  2. You seem to be devoid of nuance in pasting a lazy dictionary definition of racism.
  3. Insinuations of my language skills.
  4. Continuous goading even though you yourself had determined the discourse was no longer constructive.

Ergo you’re a bad faith actor. There was no point in engaging with you in the first place on account of point 1 alone.

I’m pointing out you’re being obtuse. Got any more fun links you want to paste? How about cat pics next.

You are so transparent or naive to a fault. Either way. Not a good look.

More importantly, it’s not you who dictates what is and isn’t racism towards individuals. Learn to shut up, listen, and understand.

Identity on reddit is tied more strongly to community affiliation than the individual. Identifiable names seems to reserved for the rare few who make their mark on the community in some exemplary way.

Usually what’s happened on the site is people don’t leave the site itself en masse. They leave subreddits or community leaders. They follow the collective they think they’re attached to on to another subreddit. It always seemed to me like a cheap psychological trick by building a large wall around the smaller walls to keep people confined forever.

their users are vehemently opposed to advertising and any forms of tracking

I think this narrative must be outdated by now. Probably anyone who cared has left the platform. Reddit has managed to capture the casual user base. The old, so called un-monetizable, tech literate crowd has to be long gone. At least the most opinionated ones have definitely left. I suppose there may be a segment who relented and gave in.

The proof is easily observable, the general tech literacy of users has dropped to such shockingly low bar such that there are entire threads where users can’t seem to figure out how to reply to comments. They keep posting root level comments.

What is strange to me is the old culture appears to remain. The user base remains convinced they are among expertise greater than themselves. So everyone thinks everyone around them is smarter than themselves when it is not necessarily so.

I find it an odd characteristic of that platform in which the reputations of the sub-communities precede themselves so it becomes self-fulfilling prophecies. Or worse it becomes increasingly more amplified Flanderizations.

Anyways, I digressed. I find it hard to believe that platform is still hard to monetize. They’ve inserted so many elements tracking, data mining, analytics. On top of that they appear to have secured ever more investment money. They’ve increased site engagement to ever higher levels. It must be, like its sub-communities, that the old reputation of the platform persists. One of a grassroots tech nerd platform and not the one of the most visited sites.

I find an enigma too. It’s one of the most infuriating platforms yet somehow addicting enough that people can’t tear themselves away from it. Speaks to how powerful social media is.

I saw on /g/ some time ago a post calling out behavior like the accusations here. Someone was spamming the kernel with trivial fixes to fluff their CV. They also won some award or something. Kinda vague description but that’s all I can remember.

Also yeah, /r/linux harbors a lot of racist. A few idiots knee jerk reacted to the freenode drama with “china bad” with out realizing the dude who took it over is Korean descent. That subreddit has auto removal triggered on X number of user reports. So the sinophobes report spam posts related to China or Chinese people in order to get them auto removed.

I forgot what post what the last post I noticed it happen on but it was disappointing enough that I took that sub off my regular browsing list.

I think being associated with trades scares software people because of the negative stigmas assigned to traditional trade work. That shouldn’t set us astray from calling a spade a spade.

Software has been ever consistently marching towards more standardized higher level abstractions. That brings closer to the concept to trade work. Where in the practitioner isn’t necessarily engineering as much as they are applying a process. Computers are still quite hand wavy magic to many people so it’s easy for that to be obscured behind a veil of engineering.

I think the author lends too much to how easily it is to move between the two modes of operation. A very intelligent engineer can design an elegant system of software architecture for practitioners to apply. Not every practitioner can so easily do the opposite.

Google will never be its old self again. It used to be that we could expect another grassroots organization to take the mantle. I don’t think that’s a thing anymore in this era of big tech. The industry has monopolized talent, vacuuming up everything before it has a chance to grow.

Content should be posted as content comes. Meeting some post generation quota is for the systems based on the attention economy.

unique communities there to ask questions for

I think that’s declined in value. The information is low fidelity. I have to sift through more noise or make sure users aren’t acting in bad faith which is a common problem now. The platform is running on its old reputation at this point.

There are can be found independently run message board / wiki style communities for certain topics. Communities that are based on objective information as opposed to centering around social networking as reddit has become.

I suppose to maintain privacy you can do Tor -> VPN (paid in cash or anon crypto) and make a reddit account that way. A lot of effort for a little bit of something.

It becomes a payware site. Not worth it.

Yeah, I thought I was going crazy when I couldn’t access any of my accounts anymore.

Some time last year new registrations from tor became shadow banned by default. So that site has effectively blocked tor. I guess it’s read only mode.

No, I don’t follow what’s going on in Syria.

Is this the part where I’m supposed to do my own research and then stumble upon extremist literature and then become woke.

I use traditional mainstream news sources. I don’t subscribe to the ridiculous way of thinking with this “fake news” mindset that has swept social media. Yes journalists can have biases but that’s fine when taken into consideration. Quite frankly that mindset nothing but a way to polarize the population.

He sells a personal brand as much as whatever he technical feats his companies accomplish. A consequence of that continuous self serving sales pitch is that facts waver into fantasy. When it does and people point out incongruencies there’s a knee jerk reaction from the more cult like believers. For an crowd that’s so focused on factual scientific rigor, people start acting very religious when it comes to their hero.

That’s what he is. He’s the archetype 21st century tech geek hero. Made millions from a startup and then became a crass billionaire playboy. That’s the brand he sells.

I suppose he doesn’t do as much hands on dirty work as he did in the dotcom startup days. He knows how to surround himself with smart people. I remember watching some stream where he had a panel of experts. He was trying to talk himself up but clearly some panel members were frustrated with his attempts to look smarter than he is. So awkward watching that. It felt like a school presentation where the kid who did nothing for the project tries to act like he did.

In Canada we’ve got some initiatives to get remote communities hooked up to the new satellite internet tech. Around social media the Musk evangelists are quick to praise him as the tech Jesus right on cue. There have been other programs working on the same LEO internet services too. It goes back a few years along side whatever Starlink was doing too. It’s not like he invented this or is the first and only player on the field. But people perceive it to be because he’s a showman and that’s his pitch.