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Your first and second points are incorrect.

First, no your ISP cannot see anything if you are using a VPN. They only see encrypted packages and might be able to determine that you are using a VPN but they absolutely cannot tell what data you are sending or receiving.

Second, I have never experienced that a ISP in Germany throttles torrenting, even without VPN. Torrenting per se is not illegal, you can download Linux ISOs via torrent. We still have net neutrality in the EU and in Germany. Throttling torrents would violate net neutrality and would be illegal AFAIK.

I was thinking about the exact same thing earlier today. Sadly, I am not aware of any such service.

Downvoted because Elon Musk says shit all the time. Why does anyone still listen? Even the linked article recounts several occasions where he made similar claims that have not panned out.

Sadly, I had not read the comments from @rysiek@szmer.info because szmer.info is blocked on feddit.de for whatever reason. The detailed rebuttal from @rysiek@szmer.info indeed makes this thread worthwhile, and I would love if I could upvote that comment.

I‘ve stuck to wired ear buds for a long time. But when you‘re using them on the go, the cables have a tendency to break. After lots and lots of broken cables over the years, I made the switch to wireless. Very happy so far. My wireless buds have already outlived all their wired counterparts that I had before.

I don‘t understand why this is upvoted. It‘s pretty clear from the start that the author is not interested in constructive criticism. I don‘t have any stake in ActivityPub, and not really an opinion whether it is a good or a bad protocol. But this article is just an angry rant, and a complete waste of time.

Noob question: What does this interoperability look like in practice? Because I haven’t been able to use my Lemmy account in a Mastodon client.