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somebody should cross stitch this meme

every day you learn something you don’t want to

I graduated from one of Shanghai’s better-known high schools after taking gaokao last year. Wang’s vision at AHSPU is a lot like university, especially the original readings part. I wish I had these instead of exercise books full of fill-in-the-blanks but admittedly, without them I won’t be in the university I’m in today. Big cynical moment.

But I won’t call it a bottom-up movement. Wang is an NPC member, the high school is affiliated to PKU; this all sounds pretty privileged. As such I find it more like a middle-up thing. And yeah, bummer that it failed.

Also imagine how I feel when I chewed through an article in my second language when I realized the piece was a translation

The Netherlands

Since this question is hypothetical, I can just assume what I read on Wikipedia and other sources are correct and it indeed is a free country.

Funny how I just took my likely last biology exam in my entire life this afternoon, i.e. 8 hours ago. That’s around the time when we discussed the /c/china rules. Anyways, I’m glad it’s over, but I’m not letting go of all these meme-able biology gimmicks. It’s finally time to pipe all my biology-related atrocities here.