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please link it! do you have a peertube channel?

LibRedirect will automatically forward you to frontends like this for many sites. Now it can detect offline instances and keep trying others

if you’re technically inclined and like watching stuff, i highly suggest kodi with debrid addons. i have mine running on a raspi3b+ connected to my tv, it’s like netflix for everything. my debrid service is like $13 a month and has a terabyte cloud with rss torrent downloads, usenet, vpn, voip, and high speed downloads from premium services. don’t wanna advertise here but if you ask i’ll link you. or just search debrid

i don’t think most people are qualified enough to have serious ideas about protocol-level changes

remember when he was at some big thing talking about the windows on a tesla (truck?) wouldn’t break and hit it with a hammer and it totally shattered? someone lost their job over that

All his Cuba and international stuff is great, he doesn't vilify them or make shitty jokes

good luck being flooded with right wing extremism, they love odysee

I’m guessing “cyberspace sovereignty” means internet censorship? Also fuck Elon

I believe NitroKeys are open source too? i don’t think a lot of sites fully support FIDO2 tho

i’d prefer fair trade cocaine, in minecraft

i MIGHT try it as an experiment, without taking it too seriously, if they had to follow HIPPA, but i really doubt they will

ukraine can negotiate getting crimea back in exchange for not bombing inside russia

I used to do food not bombs and also had a phase where i was drinking in public a lot and ended up chilling with a lot of homeless people at nearby parks and such

It seems unrealistic for the site to maintain lists of working instances. I’ve been using https://github.com/libredirect/libredirect, it supports a ton of services and instances and is actively maintained

Ungoogled Galaxy S7 on LineageOS here, not even the fake gapps, seems fine

slave mentality taught from a young age, read Neitzsche

It's like happy and sad I think you should listen

Anyone tried to run lemmy on a Raspi4?
Any issues or successes? I might wanna run a small instance on pure solar

Recs for a reliable vanlife van without breaking the bank?
I prefer higher ceilings and enough room for a small toilet area. I know Sprinters are gold standard, but they're not cheap and maintenance sucks. Still prob cheaper than rent if i finance it.

RIP Iz, one of the fucking greats, as a person from so cal with a ton of Hawaiian coworkers and friends, he's a god

How to register FB/Insta without a phone number?
The disposable SMS sites haven't worked so far, will I just have to buy some?

Kolektiva.social down?
I think it was offline a bit yesterday too

Open link in new window?
That would be a nice feature, unless I'm missing it