“Gaiety is the most outstanding feature of the Soviet Union”

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Are you/is he by any change from what was formerly Bengal? A lot of children were given the name Stalin in honour of the Soviet Union’s support for the region during the Bengal famine.

It’s not ideal, yeah. I’ve been able to make do with manually adding covers but it’s a mess…

If you're looking for something like goodreads or bookwyrm but aren't interested in the social features, I can't recommend this enough.

Wow, I’ve been meaning to learn git, this is amazing!

Oh yeah I’m definitely going with KDE, I’m very much not a gnome person, happy to hear it’s been a good experience!

Planning to distrohop to Fedora soon, any tips and/or advice?
I've been using endeavouros for a while now, but want to switch to a point release because I'm not in a position to do massive updates every few days anymore

I’m not French but he looks to me like the standard “left populist” European politician with all that entails(except very critical of NATO, so that’s good), certainly better than Macron or Le Pen though

In fact, Rosa Luxemburg made another great point here. Marxism should be treated as a living thing, at its best when it is interacting with the world, but all of the meaningful interactions of the past forty years have been Maoist actions. Marxism-Leninism and the respective, remaining ‘Marxist-Leninist’ organizations and parties have been caught-on-the-back foot, or docile, or lacking in direction, with few consequential actions taken, at best, and useless, irrelevant, if not outright misguided or wrong in many parts of the world at worst.

Marxism-Leninsm-Maoism has yet to produce a successful revolution, unless you are counting Nepal which I know you hate to talk about so let’s discard it. How can you look at what Marxist-Leninist countries have done over the past fifty years and say that Marxism-Leninism has not advanced? It has advanced greatly, but you just dismiss these advances as “revisionism”.

The evidence for the Marxist-Leninist position becoming increasingly correct is a few reddit posts and one excellent Roderic Day article. Lol. A lot of my pro-China comrades hate Duterte and support Maoist revolutions in India and the Philippines, as do I, not even Joma hates China as much as online Maoists do.

This chasing of ideological purity and discarding real-world information is undialectical.

I had downloaded Collabora from the play store, but I’ll do it through this method

I'm looking for an office suite for my phone
I would prefer it to be open source, but at this point that's not a necessity. I need an app that can open word documents, powerpoint presentations and excel spreadsheets (maybe PDFs as well but I could always get a separate app). So far I've tried Openoffice & Libreoffice Document reader from F-droid which worked fine for documents but simply would not load pptx or xlsx files. I've now installed WPS Office from the Play Store but all the conversion options are clogging up the share with.. options every time I want to send a picture. I would appreciate any recommendations at this point.

I would like to stay here and work with the movement to improve things for the mass of people in the country. I’m pretty well off, so I’m not concerned with improving my life. I am however, a settler, so it doesn’t feel like my decision to make and if people tell me that me leaving is necessary for their liberation, I will go.

Open Source is not a sustainable model under capitalism anymore.

Maybe that’s an exaggeration, but the cracks are beginning to show.

What this challenge has shown me is that attitude matters. When I switched to Linux in late 2020, the reason I switched was 1) Windows was pissing me off 2) Linux excited me in a way I cannot really explain. To this day, Linux makes using my computer fun. When I run into a problem on Windows my reaction is “Oh god, not again, how can a billion dollar company fuck up so badly?” whereas when I run into the occasional problem on Linux my interest is immediately peaked, because it teaches me more about the system and there’s guaranteed to be a permanent solution for it online at least in my experience. So, yeah, Linux is definitely not for everyone. If you want to get away from Microsoft for privacy or ideological reasons, it’s great. But right now, I don’t think that’s a priority for most people and asking them to abandon Windows which works for them, in favour of something they don’t understand and need to realearn is a little ridiculous.

Lmao, he had no response to that fancy shoes comment, just up and ended the interview. The bourgeois press never sends their best.

I think the solution would not be to end fragmentation and standardize everything but rather to have one “silver bullet” distribution for those who don’t like to tinker and don’t care too much about what’s going on under the hood while the rest continues to use their preferred distro and tools. I guess Ubuntu is trying to be that, maybe SteamOS 3.0 can be that for gamers but I’m not holding my breath. At that point, I do have to wonder what people hope to get from Linux. If they want something that “just works” Windows or a console will always be better - I’m not saying that because I hate seeing the Linux community grow, I just don’t see Linux ever getting on the same level as Windows for gaming specifically.

I’m far from an elitist, heck I’m very much a Linux amateur, but the reason I love Linux is because I love learning, it makes using my computer fun in a way that Windows just doesn’t for me and so I’m willing to put up with the downsides. If you’re coming at it with the mindset that “I just wanna play games” and aren’t willing to work through some bullshit, as sad as it is to say, I just don’t think Linux will ever get there.

What book would you recommend to learn bash?
Pretty much just the title.