Cult survivor. Against most forms of religions, specially anti-scientist ones such as all Abrahamism, and will always explain why. I will never stop demonstrating that religion is reactionary, including your own beliefs. Dialectical Materialism is a must in Socialism that cannot be forgotten.

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WTF? That dude commenting the article, how the fuck, after reading this, can reach to the conclusion that Jews have any single shit to do?

Let me guess… Trying to fight back covid is bad, and the reason people don’t buy the Ukraine narrative is because… A non involved country?

Pfffffff… It’s super harsh, tbh, but… Let’s be frank, knowing shit is illegal and that international airports have super strong vigilance regarding illegal bringings… It’s foolish not to expect a bad upbringing… Specially in a country that is explicitly angry against yours.

I hope she doesn’t have to go to jail for this, tho.

Edit: also, U. S. Officials and newspapers should shut the fuck up if they really care about her. Now they made this routinary criminal event into an international cold battle for power. She’s ruined exclusively because of this.

For fuck’s sake, have you seen the new spatial army uniform? Unapologetic fascist design

Ah, I see. In Spain a kink event coincided with the Pride day on Canary Islands. Hence my confusion, I’m sorry.

It happened because from the firsts persons to have it, one or some went to a pride party, and well, you know what happens at parties.

I am scared of how people will treat gay men for thos coincidence…

Edit:what have I said that could be even considered against gay men??? Wtf

“religion has been since millennia manufactured for controlling the population.”

“Jesus was a leftist!”

“No he wasn’t.”

“Bad faith!”


Uh… Dude, hating yourself while living in a hippie camp while expecting God to do the rest, while considering women inferior and slavery “not that bad” isn’t leftist AT ALL.

I’m parodying the US mentality or accusations in this subject as a tl;dr, talking to whomever reads it.

It has mostly to do with cult like mentality that has been on the culture since the first time a religion got side to side with an state. If you lool closely, the bourgeoisie is defending teeth and nails the supposed freedom of religion because it do really does a good job of concealing any bit of critical thinking. And the bougies learnt to do the same with a cultist mentality regarding idealism, patriotism, nationalism, identity, individualism, and more, the same way the nobility did in their own context.

It has to do a lot with propaganda, aka: indoctrination.

“how dare you [racial slur towards Chinese and Asians] interfere with our project of making military bases so we can invade you and your neighbors!? That’s not fair! You should let us! You’re oppressing us for not letting us do to you whatever we want!!”

It’s obvious the political goal of making the fucking direct neighbor of China AND Russia be DEPENDANT of the US, because this target is obviously not for free. Mongolia is not going to be self sufficient, since being self sufficient is harmful against the US many times more than what it would to China.

When I really seen his true colors, was when some 5 years ago or so, Catalans where campaigning for independence, and made a popular referendum in which, literally, I shit you not, okay? In a Looney Toons Cruiser like ten thousand of military police went to Catalonia, all hight as fuck of snorting coke, almost everyone being tattooed with Nazi paraphernalia, to smash catalanists. Of course, the movement went nowhere, since only a socialist movement will in any way will emancipate this nation, but they literally had a “white card” to go and do bonehead/nazi raids on the streets to pass time during the nights.

And that motherfucking asshole went like “good”.

My balls dropped.

"Noooooooooooooo! you don’t understand! Authoritarian is when racially inferior, and the more racially inferior, more authoritarian! They are western whites, they are flower and rainbow democracies! Nooooooo! Why do you call me a racist chauvinist!? I’m a liberal and believe that horshoe theory is peak politics! Political compass is peak theory! Nooooo don’t call me politically illiterate!!! Nooooooooo! "

TL;DR a nazbol, but instead of nazi, it’s NatCath.

He’s a self claimed communist that’s a reactionary, spanish imperialism apologist, and even declared himself as “atheist catholic”, which basically means “I don’t believe in God but “Land, Patriotism and God(” Tierra, Patria y Dios” are the Francoist/Fascist motto)", and ideologically defended the settlements on Morocco, Catalonia and Euskadi+Navarra.

He was the main reason that the PCOE had to have a purge, being him purged. (note: I may be confusing PCOE with PCPE, which as you can see, have very simmilar names).

Spaniard here. Giving this issue of patsocs, I am obligated to bring the petition to ban every sign of patriotism regarding Spain and specially if talking about the past, and also if mixed with catholic paraphernalia. Trust me, those are irredeemable signs of literal fascism. Example, the fucking scumbag of Santiago Armesilla.

They made this with Anarchists and SocDems. And literally the Frankfurt and French School of Critical Thinking were manufactured with the same intention.

Patsocs are the new Frankfurters. They are basically the same shit, just adjusted to current context.

“who are into” bougies. “who do art” workers.

Always the same, but it baffles me how people won’t get it.

The only way out of the west will be to either collapse and be rebuild under socialist regimes, or accept dominance of the East. If the bourgeoisie is smart, they will try the later if not late enough for them. And maybe we will gain socialist influence in the East enough to start a chain conversion towards a new system, but this is only day dreaming, so don’t take me as speaking seriously enough

Yeah, poor fins. Pretty sure that soviet conflict didn’t have anything to do with what was in their air force flag until not much ago

Ahg, Japan, of all the things you could be, and you choosed to be cringe… Well, it will stop it once you get rid both of being a satellite and of the emperor…

Oh, no, I meant the bourgeoisie and their prostituted state, not the people in general. I know about that, tho.

I donno, Jesus considered women inferior, immigrants like less worthy dogs, and never said anything bad about slavery. Ah, yeah, and that hygiene did nothing, illnesses were all voodoo, so you better go faith healing. And hated fig trees.


Well, we still need more… Uh… “direct evidence” in the form of seeing the Global South developing quickly and having the former colonies gain independence in a more heavy way so we can see the West finally accepting the truth and then, we will have the biggest how on Earth, that is, Westerners accepting defeat without saying it out loud.

[Crying Wojal wearing smug mask . jpg] “Bubububububu le wholesome liberal country is better than authoritatian red fash because communism worse than nazis because 1879 Farm haha checkmate tankie”

Yeah, pretty much wrong if all you do is willfully ignoring basically all. You are showing already it also in another convo with another user, why should I waste my effort in people that are willingly ignorant?