Friends don’t let friends use proprietary software.

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this instance may not be, but the fediverse is. that’s kinda the whole point.

Any sufficiently large group will contain a similar percentage of assholes as the general population (which is high).

This is basically “regression to the mean” / “law of large numbers” and its why I think its best not to identify with any group

TBF CAP banned me for talking about a crypto project I had some adjacency too lol

r/linux is probably in a better place now

EDIT: and ! apparently

iCloud Private Relay is designed to protect your privacy by ensuring that when you browse the web in Safari, no single party—not even Apple—can see both who you are and what sites you’re visiting.

SEC claims that Musk defrauded investors on Aug. 7, 2018, by posting on Twitter that he had “funding secured” to take the company private. The SEC said at the time his funding tweets “lacked an adequate basis in fact.”

Musk said he felt forced to settle with the SEC because banks threatened to cease providing capital if he did not do so, which would have made Tesla bankrupt immediately.

“I was forced to admit that I lied to save Tesla’s life and that’s the only reason,” Musk added.

He claims to have had funding but that he had to admit to lying about having it or else he would have lost his funding…

Could you clarify whether source citation is a rule or just a guideline?

A guideline. People can assert things, and people can show evidence. an argument will be more believable with evidence. Repeatedly asserting things in spite of evidence might get your comments deleted though.

character attacks on groups of people

I would imagine that’s not civil. If someone sees this please report it and there will probably be a discussion about it.

AWESOME! I’ll migrate my instances to a green datacenter on linode in a bit

These seems silly but people actually believe this crap. They will never learn better if people never challenge them.

IDK how long I can do it, but at least their questions have been easily debunkable.

you can use your current account. Im working on a way to make it easier, but you can search for the url of a GTIO community to find it like this

I’m not a free-speech absolutist, and I’m planning on moderating heavily, so IDK how long that will last lol

ty, Its hard because everything is “politics”.
If you have any suggestions I created the c/META community for just that purpose =]

They are vague and will be updated as necessary.

It’s extremely hard to identify and moderate “fake news”, so my plan is not to =/
If people are not allowed to post missinfo, then people cant counter that evidence.

I’m hoping that users can post counter-evidence and let the zeitgeist decide the truth.

This sounds like a good debate topic tho =]

Yeah… =/
I set it to “require application” because there is no UI index of users; I cant really keep track of users and if they’re trolling other instances.

[Suggestion] Configurable "default sort" for comments

I would also appreciate site-config options for comments and posts…


Anyone else have this problem or know a solution?
My instance has almost no usage, and I’m using the version recommended in the docker instructions…


Why do mod-actions on other instances show up on my instance?

I get that “federated bans” were added recently, but it seems odd to show trolls getting banned from their home-instance on my instance. =/ …


Presumably it’s the link to the comment/post on the instance it was made, but that’s not always the case, so I’m a little confused =/…


Post made to remote-community failed to federate.

the post was allegedly made to HeapOverflow, but doesn’t show up there =/…


The Geneva Convention of 12 August 1949, Volume IV:


Lemmy v0.15.2 Release

A few bug fixes: …


Is there a bot that will scrape RSS / ATOM feeds and xpost to lemmy?

It would be handy for auto-posting new github releases, youtube vids, SO content, etc. …


Should I de-federate while mass-importing content?

If I’m importing a butt-load of content into my instance, should I temporarily set federation: { enabled: false } while importing to avoid pissing other instance-admins off? …


Where is the line between criticism and harassment?

I’ve had this debate before and was unable to come to a conclusion. It seems to me that any criticism, no matter how valid, could be characterized as harassment.
What do you guys think? …