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I may hate Joe, but I love that he’s making the Limeys mad.

Happiness comes from goals, love, and expression. I strive to do as much of all three as possible.

Can an animal create sugar from sunlight and carbon dioxide?

“Man, I was really feeling shitty about this useless war. But now that I heard a Russian propaganda song from the Drum & Bugle Corp, I’m feeling a lot better. Thanks Putin.”

I should’ve worded it better. I’m trying to imply that America’s going to do what they always do and instate authoritarian dictators anywhere that tries to do anything that goes against their interests.

1 year later.

“Huh, South America’s been getting real authoritarian lately. Wonder why that is?”

Writing, listening to music, learning Stenogrophy, and practicing Euphonium.

I’ve been using a P2P sharing application called Nicotine+, and it’s been working wonders for me so far in terms of music.

They’re slow, and I don’t need them.

There never was a utopia. There never will me. Humans are so flawed, greedy, and hateful that we will never have anything close to a utopia.

I’m gonna be honest, I may know how to manage Linux, servers, and the like, but I don’t know shit about coding actual applications. But that doesn’t mean I still don’t benefit from Linux’s open source nature. When an application doesn’t work, or I feel the need to change something, there’s always someone smarter than me who has a patch or a change that I can use.

Nice. I use Teeline, but I’ve always wanted to learn a phonetic shorthand system.

I play baritone too! I’m actually in the process of auditioning for all state with Euphonium right now.

Alright. Working on so many things lately. Studying Stenography, writing, playing Euphonium, and getting all A’s is not an easy task, but so far I seem to be doing pretty well.

The EU already burns 42% of its waste to generate power.

Fedora Silverblue. I really like the stability of having a base image that you slap a bunch of Flatpaks on to.

“Remembering You”. It’s the closing theme of the TV show, “All In The Family”.

Ubuntu is not bad, but there are better options. It’s unstable, a little slow, and I don’t much like their take on GNOME. Plus, they are attempting to replace many of the system apps with Snap packages, which are slower and worse in general.

PopOS is pretty great. The Cosmic desktop is super nice, and it seems to be pretty stable. It’s got a lot of hardware support and is very beginner friendly.

Linux Mint is probably your best bet. It’s extremely stable, simple, and functional. Cinnamon is an amazing desktop environment, and their takes on XFCE & Mate are good too. Plus, they’ve got a version based directly on Debian.

Xonotic. I’d die almost immediately because I fucking suck.

I still read newspapers. My town has a free newspaper delivered to anyone and everyone. Most people don’t read them. However, I really enjoy it. We have pretty good writers and they cover news that I actually care about. Plus, having a flip phone, newspapers are a nice distraction on the bus.

The complete season is available on the Pirate Bay in 1080p and 360p.

Getting out. I know it doesn’t work all the time, and can in fact make things work, but just going outside and talking to people can be a real mood booster.

Learn an instrument. Met a lot of amazing people and had a lot of amazing experiences in band.

Yeah. Tourists are annoying, and can kill your culture. But they pay the bills.

Yeah. I would personally recommend using a website that you own, and then linking to in on Lemmy, but it is entirely possible to use Lemmy as a blog.

Pretty alright. Been super busy lately with the start of the school year, but apart from that, everything is going pretty good.

Arch Linux is not inherently more secure than other distros. Try Fedora, Debian, or even gasp Ubuntu.

I am both the tech conserverative and the FSF member. I use Ubuntu for my phone and desktop, Emacs with EXWM, Icecat, and Tails.

In most cases, you don’t have anything to fear, since the encryption on Android phones is pretty good these days. However if you really feel like it could compromise you in any way, I can’t imagine a hammer wouldn’t do the trick.

Don’t forget Freetube!!

Black cat. It looks like something out of a metal band, and most Anarchists will recognize it.


Living a good life with my Alcatel Smartflip right now.

I still see some people on midwest.social.

Wallpapers on workspace thumbnails in GNOME 42?
When using GNOME, I really like using workspace thumbnails. But, I would like to add the desktop wallpaper instead of the gray background. I couldn't find anything in the settings, just perfection, or on any forums. How do you enable it?

Have you ever donated to open sourced software? If so, who did you donate too and why?
I personally donate to Solus, but I would like to see just how many people give their money to FOSS projects.

How can I force a terminal application to run in my preferred terminal emulator?
I run i3 and sometimes Openbox. I use the xfce4 terminal. However, when I use rofi to open up a terminal application like ranger, it always opens in Xterm, even though I don't have Xterm installed. I run OpenSUSE Leap btw.