Despite my username, I am a Solus user. I love talking about free software and Linux. I am the creator of feel free to message or email me if you have any questions or concerns.

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What are the issues with C++ and C, they are fast and work well.

DWM has a patch for floating windows.

Funny guy. I like him much more now that his ‘political’ phase is over now.

Trying to live a more private life. So I deleted reddit and joined Lemmy because it doesn’t spy on you.

I believe there is a fork of Firefox OS made for flip phones.

Ubuntu touch is amazing. If you want a Linux phone, I always give the advice of not getting a Pinephone. A Google Pixel 3a or Oneplus One running Ubuntu touch are faster, more feature packed, and easier than a Pinephone.

The only reason there aren’t more Monorails is the car lobbiests influencing zoning and transportation policy.

Because Reddit bans commies, and Lemmy doesn’t. Due to it being federated.

There are, but the default Ubuntu still has the most support. ESM, 5 years of support, and the newest Ubuntu versions as soon as they come. Despite how good some Ubuntu based distro’s are, (I love Pop_OS!, Linux Mint, and others) they will never have the 100% support and help you get by using default Ubuntu.

Do you throw away a perfectly good burger because there is a single ingredient you don’t like, or do you pick it off and enjoy the rest of your amazing meal?

The entire year for everyone is gone, and everything that has happened gets erased. One second it’s 2019 and the next it’s 2021. This would probably cause mass chaos lol.

GNOME 100%. No question. It already looks like something that would be on a tablet.

Then try a different instance or host your own.

Tomatoes. I hate tomatoes with a burning passion. I audibly gasped in fear when I got a tomato on my burger the other day. This includes red sauce and ketchup, if I even see anything with a Tomato I instantly die.

Have you ever donated to open sourced software? If so, who did you donate too and why?

I personally donate to Solus, but I would like to see just how many people give their money to FOSS projects. …

How can I force a terminal application to run in my preferred terminal emulator?

I run i3 and sometimes Openbox. I use the xfce4 terminal. However, when I use rofi to open up a terminal application like ranger, it always opens in Xterm, even though I don’t have Xterm installed. I run OpenSUSE Leap btw. …