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If it’s bad, but a media you need to consume for whatever reason, it can be over faster

Is that a good thing? If the media is good, don’t you want time to think about it and ponder what might happen next?

Neither am I, but it’s a pretty decent article. Straight to the point with more details later.

It feels like upvotes don't have enough weight in the algorithm, as the order is almost always newest-comments-first

My point was about Russians, you linked stuff about Ukrainians (and dumb reporters). Don’t send me to research your points for you

In most parts of the world, it tells us which bathroom to go into. If that’s something that’s sexist or needs to change, sure I won’t debate you on that, but I’ll definitely tell you that your priorities are whack.

Russians have blue eyes and blonde hair too…? Congrats on the friends but maybe also try thinking a bit

I’m preparing by having the most fun I’ve ever had. Moving abroad, chilling with friends, and focusing on hobbies. If I was single maybe I’d be holding random girls at night too. YOLO

The real test will be if they flip the switch in winter. Will Germans put on a jacket in the house, or turn their backs on people they can’t see?

What did the Viet people ever do to you, @yorma?
![](https://lemmy.ml/pictrs/image/c6e00e47-19f8-414f-adc5-c9681313712e.png) ![](https://lemmy.ml/pictrs/image/b0952131-f7ad-4891-8478-b4a8648cc631.png) ![](https://lemmy.ml/pictrs/image/43106a3c-8eb8-44e2-b665-fb8757c3e201.png) These aren't even recent events. Vietnamese people must be pretty passive if you have to go all the way back to 2019 to find a case of organized crime.

Sounds like it’s returning an HTML page with an error. Check the logs

Yea, it’s in South Korea. I had the chance to go, but didn’t. Regret is strong, never going to say no to something like this again ㅠㅠ

Can’t believe you brought up Seo Dan, I’m about to cry lmao. That show fucked me up. Excited to forget about it then watch it again.

What happened to Seo Dan was gut wrenching. My girlfriend actually just came back from a musical a few hours ago of the show. Here’s a never-seen-before online pic :D

All I’m saying is when people don’t stand by their values when their values actually matter, they don’t have values, they have hobbies

My bad, dropped the words “do not condone”. Comment is also sarcasm. Read again now.

What are you glad you did before you died?
"debated more NATO shills/tankies on Lemmy" probably won't be on that list

The Real Issue with Github Copilot - You Forget *How* Your Code Works (From the Perspective of a User)
I've been using Github Copliot since beta. In general I find it an extremely nifty tool, and definitely recommend it to developers of any skill level to try out. There's a lot of complaints about Copilot, that IMO are somewhat valid, but also negated. For instance, Copilot is undeniably laundering FOSS code.. But it's also laundering proprietary code. Specific licensing aside, everything Copilot is doing here is lowkey making software much more collaborative and closer to at least some ideas open source stands for. Another thing people bring up is Copilot would make you forget how to code. After almost a year of using it, I have to disagree. Things like setting up the environment, making architectural decisions, and integrations are always the hardest part about coding, and regrettably Copilot doesn't help with that. Even if Copilot makes you "lazy", so does any good tool. **The real problem is I don't know what my code is doing anymore.** It's not that I don't read what Copilot spits out, but when you don't have to put in the effort writing it, **you forget the details** much more quickly. The obvious side effect is you spend much more time debugging your code, trying to figure out how it works, when you only wrote it a week ago.

Snap actually sucks. This isn't even a meme.
Upgraded Ubuntu to 22.04, where Firefox is Snap by default. Wasn't going to fight it, especially since Canonical has made 3 blog posts talking about how much faster they made Firefox on Snap. Since then, I've had subtle but annoying issues. * Can't Google things that have a colon after the first word- i.e. `error: file not found` doesn't work * I get *notifications* for pending updates * Other apps like Gnome's Software take a minute+ to load on my beefy computer This isn't even a meme. Snap is trash. I wanted to be neutral and not join the "hate train" but seriously. Snap is that bad.