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The Most Important Thing
You know, it's funny. I can remember a conversation between two elderly people that I overheard probably 30 years ago while riding a city bus. I don't recall the topic of the conversation, but one of the people made a statement that has always stuck with me. *"Everyone keeps making money the most important thing and pretty soon, money will be the most important thing."* That statement has always been in the back of my mind, reminding me that I'm supposed to care about people more than things, relationships more than influence and compassion more than personal benefit. It's a way of thinking that I always took for granted. People are smart, everyone wants to be kind and compassionate, don't they? I mean, who wakes up in the morning and decides that they're going to be selfish and oblivious? Fast forward 30 years to today. Marketing and the marketing mindset has so insidiously infiltrated the public psyche that we don't even notice it. Social media, instead of being the place to FREELY share knowledge and ideas in the spirit of community that was promised, has instead become a shopping mall of human psychosis. *"Check out my content stream!"* *"You have GOT to see my next video - here's a link to my patreon so you can fund it!"* *"I have a website with lots of useful information that can help lots of people - and for $20 a month, you can have access!"* *"Like what I'm wearing in this picture? It's for sale!"* Obviously, there are exceptions to this. There always will be (I hope), but late-stage capitalism and consumerism certainly seem the order of the day. It wasn't always like this. At least I certainly don't remember it ever being like this before. Somewhere along the line, we became conditioned to market and brand ourselves. Somewhere along the line, everything went up for sale and if your idea, knowledge or resource was freely available, someone would come along and - after a few slight tweaks - slap a price tag on it and call it their own. I suppose there are those (most?) who will say that I'm just 'crying because it's raining'. Maybe I am. Maybe I'm just whining and wishing for an ideal that will never manifest. But I still can't get what that elderly person said out of my head.

I use the EXCELLENT ‘Feedbro’ addon for Firefox on PC, and the similarly EXCELLENT ‘Feeder’ on Android. Both are open source with no ads, no subscriptions and no bullshit. Check them out!!

The pandemic woke a lot of people up in more ways than one. The re-emergence of unions and the struggle for worker autonomy after a nearly 50-year hiatus all across the country is a direct result of workers realizing how little their health and wellbeing actually matter to their employers - and they are (rightfully) pissed off about it.

I fully authorize (and beg!) for anyone to put this to music! =)

Stop Listening
They tell you that you're unskilled, even though learning how to do your job requires training. They tell you that you're uneducated, even though everyone has something to teach. They tell you that you're essential, but unaffordable. They tell you that you have a voice, but you should keep quiet. They tell you that your opinion matters, so long as it lines up with theirs. They tell you if you work hard, you'll have just as much as they have - but not yet, just keep working. They tell you that if you pray harder, you'll be blessed with prosperity - but not yet, just keep praying. And working. They tell you so many things; they want you to believe so many things. But mostly, they want you to believe one thing above all else - that you need them. You don't. ***Rise up.***

It’s pretty difficult to truly understand circumstances that one has never experienced. Sure, you can read about them or watch a movie, etc…but there will always be something lacking that will likely prove pretty jarring if one should ever be in a position to experience the real thing. At best, we create elaborate fantasies in our minds to accommodate the gaps in our experience - and that’s usually when reality slaps us in the face. =)

I’d love to see more positive news/posts on lemmy. There ARE good, even great things happening out there that never quite seem to get the attention they deserve. You’d be surprised at what a difference a little positivity will make in one’s life.

Most definitely. There is a lot that is wrong in the world right now, but being bombarded by hundreds of posts about the same terrible things every day is just not good for anyone’s mental health. These days, I just steer-clear of overly negative groups and posters.

I understand the privacy aspects of TOR, and I fully support the idea of the TOR Browser, but holy jumped-up jesus on a birch-bark canoe is it fucking slow…

When it takes, on average, almost five minutes for ANY webpage I try to access to load, that’s just not a useable browser, imho. This is 2022, not 1995. is what I’ve switched to. I quite like it so far. Open Source and highly customizable and more private than the others out there.

Your operating system is software, and it seamlessly integrates everything you’ve mentioned! Sorry, I’m in a weird mood… - I’m not sure I see what the advantage of doing this would be?

It’s open source. Anyone can take it over and contribute bug fixes and new features. Let’s hope someone does. I’m not a fan of K-9 Mail…

It wasn’t a name that they chose for themselves. It was a label given to them by Republicans.

Yes. They’re called assholes.

Honestly, I’m surprised that Maduro is still breathing. He probably has the ineptitude of Trump and his administration to thank for that on some level. It will be interesting to see how Venezuela responds to this ‘revelation’ (though they probably already knew).

It’s called ‘sheep-dogging’, and the dems are masters at it. The democratic party is where social movements are effectively nullified and dissipated.

If it’s a matter of hygiene, then I would listen. If it’s a matter of personal taste, then I would see whether I share their taste. It’s pretty simple, really. I don’t want to be offensive, so that tends to be my compass.

Well, I’m both employed and happily married, but you can bet if my boss or my wife told me I needed to use deodorant, I wouldn’t argue with them. C’mon, man.

Your parent keep bringing it up because your smell is offensive. They’re trying to help you learn the things that will help you get a job, or have friends, or go on dates. In short, they’re being a parent. Help them help you.

The Capitalist model of commodifying absolutely everything is abusive, pathological and destructive. We've got to stop this before it kills us.

Happy holidays, everyone!!!