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‘E questo è il fiore del partigiano, morto per la libertà’

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The sad thing is that for 2 million USonians a re-education center would be an inprovement from their current prison as well. And for at least another half million people it would mean a roof over their head instead of being outside.

And for twelve million kids it could mean more food security than their current situation

No hes a counter-revolutionary and an anti-socialist. That was the comment

Bonus: in the comments on Reddit someone was accusing Lenin of being counter-revolutionary

What if, in minecraft, we all start a treasure hunt for billionaire body parts? Would be amazing, I think.

Same. Stores over here have a rule of 15 articles or less = self checkout. More items = normal line. It seems to work. Especially since most grocery stores over here are build in small buildings and don’t have a lot of normal check outs. I don’t want to wait in line for 10 minutes if I’m only buying two tomatoes.

Why do they deserve it according to you?

Why are these people not victims of a diseased system? If I look at what most of them seem to want, which is financial freedom and freedom from the grind, I can’t blame them for trying. Even if I don’t agree with the methode (crypto).

The whole point of me joining this ideology was that I wanted freedom from the meaningless grind for myself and others as well. I’m lucky to have found communism as an ideology but I could absolutely see myself becoming a cryptobro as well. Without guidance, you do what makes sense to you. And if you find a lot of people investing in a hard to get, seemingly endless pot of gold, you might want to chip in.

We can be critical at these people. But we shouldn’t be hostile imo. After all, the big system has failed them again. What if they now find a better alternative in communism? And what if they are greeted with smug ‘I told you so cryptobro’ vibes? After all, we preach solidarity for our working class equals for a reason.

Imagine standing at some gas station, looking at the ever raising price, and some mofo pulls up next to you and shouts: ‘OPEN BUTTHOLE TESLA’. It’s the American Dream really.

Disclaimer: there are places in this world, mostly not in the imperial core, that face far worse prospects, I know. This post wasn’t meant as a ‘Poor little Western country is facing some problems oh nooo’ kind of thing.

I just found it interesting that a country like The Netherlands (which happens to be my birthcountry), that plays a huge role in climate change, is now facing the problems they created.

Text under the pictures is in Dutch but anyone can translate these days, so yeah. This is what we're doing to the climate in the name of profits

Work, probably. I don’t have big ambitions. I’m part of a political party right now and I do lots of things for them, but I probably stop doing that once a socialist state gets to power.

I honestly don’t want to do all that. I just want a comfortabele life for myself and others. I don’t want any spotlight or political career or whatever. But I do it now because there’s a goal to reach, so I make it my number one objective.

Probably continue doing social work.

I think it stems from a tweet or something where someone acts smart but makes 1) a dumb point and 2) writes sweaty

The East India Company, one of the first major imperialist companies that went on to get military and governmental functions to loot the British colonies.

Together with the Dutch United East India Company, it is one of the most evil companies to ever exist for sure. They together looted, killed and destroyed Asia, Africa and South America and brought incredible wealth to Western Europe.

Edit: in The Netherlands we are actually thaught to be proud of this history, which is lacking any sort of commentary about how we completely fucked over entire countries.

I´m sorry sweaty but your misogyny is showing again, please show some respect for our girlboss slay queen

Hannie Schaft. Dutch resistance fighter that had ties with the communist party. Killed some Nazi’s before she sadly got executed.

This is an honest question:

How quickly do you get banned? I wouldn’t like misinformed people getting kicked out straight away without giving them the chance to debate and learn.

So do they get banned straight away or do they get a chance (given that their statements aren’t completely mental)?

If only a man with a beard predicted that this is how capitalists try to beat down workers' bargaining power...

Libs: 'I'm willing to look past his slavery, bigotry, defemation statements, manipulation, but I will also absolutely look past his sexual harassment!'