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Its fun, there are far more character interactions, and the story is far more subject to change. The battle is the same, but you have to keep track of your guys more to make sure they dont die for the story to continue. Well, some can die and the story can still continue, but it’ll be weird to leave them. I highly rate it.



Okay you had a point

but then you sourced the CIA

Every day, I feel more and more like just becoming a terrorist

well, we may need to start making excuses for the lack of terror

Usually it would be able to be moved past. Russia and China have only been hostile due to USA interference and expansionism. China has ideological reasons to hate the USA more, but again, they’ve been willing to work with them when it comes down to it. The USA is causing these problems.

Its the end of the world as we know it

and I feel fine

Afghanistan was only as of recently changed into a religious state, specifically due to american meddling and breeding Islamic extremism.

Innovation is when you make a more efficient slavery lol

Extensive meddling? The USSR was more partial to doing the odd military equipment trade and meddling over the eastern european republics. The USSR had no prior intentions with afghanistan, and only intervened after the government there requested such an action.

If the USA stopped its meddling afghanistan would be a great independent nation, with no religious extremists ruling the government

Do you just ignore us or did you not know how to read the whole time we were arguing with you

Happy to see other western countries are taking the initiative in creating Nazi brigades

China saves the environment, but at what cost?


sadly westerners have been raised from birth with a huge anti-communist bias, its built into the fabric of their reality

I did not realize this database existed, so a sincere thank you for providing a link.

Book time!

cross-posted from: > At least 962 Azov nazis who were blocked underground at Azovstal have unconditionally surrendered to Russia and DPR forces. They were out of food and wounded, so they had no other option. There are several british and american citizens among the surrendered it seems. The wounded are taken to hospitals in the DPR and treated. The nonwounded are directly taken to military prisons in Rostov, Russian Federation. Today the Russian Duma (Parliament) will discuss approving a law banning the prisoner exchange of Azov nazis. Nuremberg 2 COMING SOON! > > UPDATE: DPR President Denis Pushilin announced that Azovstal, unlike other damaged industrial plants in the DPR, will not be rebuilt and will be demolished instead. Its simply too damaged to be rebuilt. A park for children may be possibly built there (its speculation for now). Stalin would cry if he saw this 😭😭 > > UPDATE 2: Meanwhile Azov Something is ignoring these news and coping about the next "Ukraine will collapse the entire russian military tomorrow trust me bro" he read on Twitter. I wonder why 🤔🤔🤔 Time to brigade, lets ask his fanbase en masse what they think about this new development! >

Stand in rage as wind and current clash rile lightning and thunder fire surge and boulder crash Let the ocean eat and scrape away these walls Let the sand swallow their fences whole Let the air between us split the atmosphere We have no land No country But we have these bodies these stories this language of rage left This resistance is bitter and tastes like medicine Our lands replanted in the dark and warm there We unfurl our tangled roots stretch to blow salt across blurred borders of memory They made themselves fences and bullets checkpoints gates and guardposts martial law They made themselves hotels and mansions adverse possession eminent domain and deeds They made themselves shine through the plunder They say we can never— They say we will never—because because they— and the hills and mountains have been mined for rock walls the reefs pillaged for coral floors They say we can never— and the deserts and dunes have been shoveled and taken for their houses and highways— because we can never— because the forests have been raided razed and scorched and we we the wards refugees houseless present- absentees recognition refusers exiled uncivilized disposable natives protester-activist-terrorist-resisters— our springs and streams have been dammed—so they say we can never return let it go accept this progress stop living in the past— but we make ourselves strong enough to carry all of our dead engrave their names in the clouds We gather to sing whole villages awake We crouch down to eat rocks like fruit to hold the dirt the sand in our hands to fling words the way fat drops of rain splatter off tarp or corrugated roofs We remember the sweetness We rise from the plunder They say there is no return they never could really make us leave

This gave me enough socialist spirit to last the rest of the fucking year