Privacy is a human right, thank you Edward Snowden. I dont use any social media other Lemmy and Minds. I post my opinions on subjects wether people agree or not, if you want to disscuss than do so respectfully and ill do the same. Check out my sublemmy 10_0s basement.

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The sunken cost fallacy

They take them from uncolonized lands that have no one living there


What no one will tell you is that you don’t move in an elevator the map loads in the different floor

Lamps 👁️👄👁️

Laughs in Tax Evasion Tutorial

Ai is only useful when researching for getting a general idea of the subject, because the ai that people use are just very good prediction algorithms so don’t know what they’re talking about when asked for more detail. Maybe I do an AI review?

Where’s bluds money going💀

Didn’t know that, but I like that guy, shame he went the way he did

Yeah can’t wait for the Basilisk to consume me whole 🤣🤣

Zlib can give you some lightnovels and manga, their onion website is still up and the app for android is working again

thanks for letting me know, do you know which app is kept the most up-to date?

What are your guy’s opinion on BRICS alliance?
Do you think that this could be one the major alliances over the next 100-300 years that can properly rival the western world? (BRICS: Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa)

saturday and sunday obv, but the extra day off is debateable, as it would depend on the days that are most effective for the person to be at work.

i think blogging works good enough with the current system, speaking from personal experience. The main problem being lackluster updates for the lemmur app, but it’s made by a different developer so… not much to do other than complain. Tho this could be a good feature for the lemmur app as it is made for phones.

true and real, if I wanted bad energy I would use twitter 😅

anyone remember the USB audio players for music like the iPod but cheap and tiny, mine finally died USB A in and 3.35mm out RIP my old friend

no, I don’t think it’s strong enough for stains, I use a dishwasher

Google Pay, that used to be Android pay that’s what I meant

Best alternatives to Google Pay
This seems like a long shot but any suggestions are wanted.

what would you like to see?

once a week, its all political stuff and not much that’s interesting tbh

Best Music Streaming Alternatives to Spotify
It should be an app like Spotify Not including combinations like: Newpipe + VLC because I want recommendations on what I should try within the app, and offline downloading. I like the idea of using a front-end for the other service if no Foss option exists. Any opinions?

Where am I supposed to get free books now?

I keep
I just do
Don’t ask

Cats knock things off for no reason, and loss

I fucking die and cannot leave the small island, enemies surround me as I hunker down in the middle of the snow, my small 2x1 getting blown up by 25+ people with me side it.

I would’ve never got this without this post ty

Startpage is my goto and duckduckgo

I must be human enough to see the joke hidden in plain sight

Are there any TikTok Front-ends on Android?
I want to see what TikTok is about but also want to retain some privacy. If its on F-droid, playstore or as a APK I don't mind.

Should there be a block option for users and communities you dont want to see?
This is open ended, id like the option so i can not see advertisements posted by spam accounts.

Should there be a “mobile data” mode for lemmy?
Im on a "pay as you go" contract so browsing lemmy or the internet in general can get expensive quickly, this isnt a problem for people who get unlimited data on a fixed plan. But those plans are too expensive for me and many other users.(around about £15ish a month.) If there was a mobile data mode for lemmy there would be downsides to the experience, such as lower picture quality, and the mild inconvenience of needing to click of an image before viewing. But i think that this is a needed feature for many users. (This applies to lemmy and lemmur.)

This is me.

How Do I Make a Community In Lemmy?
I want to make a community for myself, and my interests, but i dont know how to make a community in Lemmy, can someone help? (any help is welcome.)

Should Cities Have More Cycle-Lanes?
I was recently thinking about buying an elecrtic scooter/bike to get from point A to point B, with everything so close in a city, and traffic being bad. What are your thoughts on cycle-lanes, and cycling/scooting in general?

Any alternatives to Discord?
Its looking like Microsoft is gonna buy Discord. Preferably open source, and has a big userbase, and has Windows and Linux option. (but mainly windows because i only game on windows now.)

Any Alternatives to Firefox?
Preferably on Windows and Linux. I have Brave, and Tor already, would you reccomend Chromium?