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Takahē is a new ActivityPub server, designed for efficient use on small- to medium-size installations, and which allows you to host multiple domains on the same infrastructure. It’s currently in an alpha state, meaning things work (and it will talk ActivityPub to Mastodon and other servers), but there’s still a lot of features left to add. The flagship instance can be found at takahe.social, and if you’re interested, you can also read more about the project, or read some of Andrew’s blogs on building it.

I’m going to set up an instance when I’m back home.

What exactly is an ActivityPub server?

Actually I was wondering the same…

Jun Bird

@garret @Tiuku It’s what is hosting both of your profiles, and mine too. It’s a server which complies to the ActivityPub protocol https://www.w3.org/TR/activitypub/
This is the standard that powers the Fediverse, allowing servers and their users to speak to each other. Mastodon, Lemmy and so on implement it so that they can easily interoperate. The SW that OP linked to is simply another implementation of this protocol

So is it like another web application that just happens to implement ActivityPub, or is it somehow dedicated server which doesn’t do much on it’s own?

Like am I to treat this similarly as if someone told me about a new HTTP server?

Worth keeping an eye on -

Add a groups!


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