Work, probably. I don’t have big ambitions. I’m part of a political party right now and I do lots of things for them, but I probably stop doing that once a socialist state gets to power.

I honestly don’t want to do all that. I just want a comfortabele life for myself and others. I don’t want any spotlight or political career or whatever. But I do it now because there’s a goal to reach, so I make it my number one objective.

Probably continue doing social work.

Dawg I’ll mop floors if it means a stable secure life for my kids, healthcare, and some kind of security in old age.

Absolutely. I was a janitor for years, and I didn’t mind it at all, it just doesn’t pay well.


I will literally be happy with whatever if I live in a socialist society

Honestly. I’d feel like I am working towards something for all of us, no matter what it was, while simultaneously being treated infinitely better than now.



you’ll be assigned to wash the communal blanket



Teacher / education. Hopefully purging all the ones who’re shit at their jobs. Post-secondary education included. De-listing whack profs is a wet dream. Also cleaning up the curriculum, publishers, etc.

Libs will cry censorship because it absolutely is. The facade of western academic integrity is a fucking joke.


Diplomat. I love negotiations and thinking cunningly, nuanced, etc but fairly. Like Lavrov is actually a sort of idol to me. You actually can reach mutually beneficial deals.

A communist world is not a world with no trade or commerce or nation-state relationships it’s just the stakeholders are different.

I also love coming to understand how other people think based off of their cultural,religious, family, etc. background.

someone’s gotta coordinate which country gets the comically large toothbrush every month


I think it should be decided by darts

we only have one dart and it doesn’t work very well


just underhand it, or flick it with the spoon

Well, that depends on what is necessary. I’ve always wanted to be a filmmaker and that’s what I graduated in, but if there’s something else in need of doing, I could change areas.

Poetry mines obviously 🙄

I’m a coal writer myself

At least we will be working together 👌

I doubt I’ll be living to see that day. But if it comes in time holy hell do I want to have a job I studied for.

I want to live a quiet life of contemplation and study tbh

I could do just about anything if the stress was low and I was taken care of. I deal with some anxiety and shit around getting to sleep sometimes. It’s exacerbated significantly if I am worried about what I’m doing the next day. Years of dealing with and addiction to sleep meds I never should have been prescribed. Working from home has saved me a lot of stress but lately the economy and the company I work from have been causing the stress to slip back in and it’s been anxiety attack after anxiety attack. Living in a socialist society. Knowing I’m safe and taken care of even if something bad happens. I think that would solve my mental health problems.

I would love to regain that passion for art I’ve had since I was a kid, which I lost like 2 years ago during a long period of feeling severely depressed. That, or maybe turn my other passion for science into a career, and become a doctor or something.

At the same time, I’m aware that building socialism is not going to be an easy task, and that socialism is not some hedonistic utopia where you’ll do whatever you want (which is what many western leftists seem to think). If there is something else that must be done and I’m called to do it, I hope I’ll be capable of, and willing to, undertake said task.

Would be nice to have the freedom to retrain as a chef and become a cook in a way less toxic environment

Either something remote, programming related, or something hands on. Carpentry or some kind of wood working would be awesome. Other than that possibly fishing/seafood related maybe.

Love productive manual labour, but while relatively well paid under capitalism sometimes you also feel the exploitation to such a degree I just can’t do it long term under current status quo.



I’d like to have a job like my current one (programming-related, working from home) except actually meaningful and beneficial to society, although I’d be fine with most jobs as long as the working hours (including commuting) are shorter and I can help people

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