Mastercard has announced working with Australia Post and Deakin University to expand tests of Mastercard’s digital identity service ID, to verify students taking exams online.

Mastercard also recently announced a partnership with Optus, one of Australia’s most trusted telco brands, to provide its customers a simpler and more secure way to prove their identity online and in-store. Elsewhere Mastercard has partnered with The Government of the Republic of North Macedonia to design a new national digital identity service to help advance the country’s digital economy aspirations.

COVID-19 gave them a much needed reason to get into identification services. More interactions are now being mediate by these private companies.

Mastercard is spreading their surveillance and extractive vacuum into the classrooms.

A space to share and discuss information on identification practices. Articles shared here are not necessarily an endorsement of the many forms of identification (in fact it is mostly the opposite). They are shared here to bring them to the attention of individuals interested in IDs.

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