Revealed: Our Plans For Thunderbird On Android
We're thrilled to announce our first steps on the road to delivering an outstanding Thunderbird on Android experience.

Open-source Android email app K-9 Mail has joined forces with the Thunderbird project, signaling the beginning of a long-term vision to deliver an outstanding Thunderbird mobile experience.


This is really cool to see, great news!
K-9 is a fantastic app already, and with the funding and engineering power from the Thunderbird team, I’m sure it will become the very best email client for Android.

Speaking of funding, I wonder what will happen to the supporters of K9 in Liberapay? Maybe it could even notice Mozilla of the existence of the platform.


Yeah. In the announcement article they also linked a Mozilla donation page just for K9


Wow, I was thinking this would make a lot of sense when they announced work on an Android Thunderbird variant, but never in my wildest dreams would I have imagined this actually happening. This is awesome!

I really hope this ends well. The K9 dev has always been looking for funding so a full-time job working on K9 must be great. I really don’t care about the name change but hopefully this lets it move quickly.

I like K9 but some things are fairly awkward IMHO. Even just reading a few messages in a row is a lot of clicks. I would love some swipe gestures (there is a PR in progress for this IIUC). I also find the Tier 1/Tier 2 folders very complicated. It is both too limiting (I have more than 3 types of folder) and unnecessarily complex. I would love if we could get some more control here.

But overall it is a good client, so I’m hoping this works well.

I also use Thunderbird on desktop and recent improvements have been very good. I’m hoping that it keeps improving as well.

Helix 🧬

I hope this also means it’s getting funding and will be improved. I honestly thought they wanted to do the NIH thing and create their own client. Well done!

If it ain’t broken don’t fix it, just change its name

I just hope they don’t ruin it. Thunderbird kinda sucks and k9 is pretty awesome.

I would say Thunderbird is great or meh depending on the context. On Linux, you have quite a few email clients to choose from and yes, Thunderbird isn’t the most feature-rich or resource efficient app out there.

On Windows, however, it’s a whole different story. Basically, you have the choice of: Thunderbird or Outlook. And trust me, you NEVER want to deal with Outlook. On Windows, I will take Thunderbird every. Single. Time.

How is this good for k9? It works great as is.

Developer gets hired and get to work on it without relying only on donations, plus the name recognition of Thunderbird.

And just like that, all FairEmail fanboys, that crap on K-9 so much, switched in an instant!

This is such good news !

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