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Not sure about the screen with the rounded edges though. It would probably interfere with the UI if you were to run a normal desktop environment. Plus, it looks like it would add expense for at most a stylistic feature.

As a mod, you can’t change the URL on other people’s posts. Users can change the URL on their own posts though.

I wouldn’t consider this blogspam personally, it’s a lot more likely they read the article and just wanted to share it.

Why is speed even a concern?

I think it’s just a bragging point. It seems to be just a personal project to implement it in Rust.

Really interesting how you, who I assume is not formally involved in Islamic politics or geopolitics in general, claims to know more about the China Muslim situation than an official of an actual Muslim country.

Just start seizing the factories of US companies. Give them back to their workers while sending a major fuck you to the US.

Do closed hardware standards make it impossible to legally open source hardware that use them?

Say you’re a hardware company and you want to make your motherboard design open source. Well, if your board has PCIe slots, the PCIe standard is closed source. If you want to use normal DDR DIMMs, that standard is owned by JEDEC. If you want USB, HDMI, SATA, etc, all those ports are closed standards…

Just make up an excuse and put the company on the entity list like they did with Huawei.

Tesla as a company fucking sucks. This is welcome competition.

I’ll comment this here too:

One side called them shithole countries, the other side cancelled billions of their debt, helped them build infrastructure and is committed to providing them COVID vaccines.

Bet that was a tough decision.

I imagine they don’t want the possibility of the researcher just getting a new academic email and continuing to do it. Also, it forces the university to react since the researcher clearly isn’t willing to stop judging by their responses.

The first rule of pentesting is to get goddamn permission before you exploit something. Come to think of it, what they did is probably federally illegal under computer abuse law.

If they don’t force the users to share their personal information, scrapping would not be the big problem they face now.

Clearly they don’t give a shit so…

Does the heat-sink get very hot as well when you run it like that?

Actually, not really. It gets hot, but it certainly doesn’t feel like “it’s cooling a 100 C chip” hot.

but the RAM chips are over-heating

The RAM is on top of the chip, so I assume it’s cooled by the heatsink too.