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It’s interesting that my RSS reader (firefox extension) didn’t detect that feed.

But it displays posts, i am interested comments (incrementally reading those 500 comments in a popular and interesting post).

More users also mean more potential contributors (after all existing contributors can’t work on the project forever ), it also means more content which means a higher probability that a certain person will find interesting content.

their president mentioned on friendica they are also missing man power (people willing to put hours), so if anyone has enough skills/motivation/time they could use the help maybe someone doing the leg work could help them get a better deal.

their friendica instance seemed very slow, i actually migrated to another one which was a lot faster (squeet.me). I hope more funding will make them get faster servers.

They offer them, see for example the friendica instance.

How about making the name obvious, so someone can easily know what it is about when seeing it in stuff like the list of communities on lemmy.

Then maybe “the fediverse promotion project”.

This sounds pretty similar to the Federated Networks Association which hosts some projects on the subject we distritute and fediverse.party.

It might make more sense to collaborate with an existing organisation then starting a new one.

How about making the name obvious, so someone can easily know what it is about when seeing it in stuff like the list of communities on lemmy.

“fediverse promotion”

There is also alovoa, from the little i saw it seems close to being ready for production.

About post-USSR, my native language is russian and Russia turns more others languages in daily use, i think need select importent goal for support it.

I don’t completely understand what you said here, i assume your english is not very good (English is also not my first language so i understand getting good at it is tough, just keep reading and practicing!, I think it’s one of the most useful skills you can ever work on).

If the main problem is that you don’t know english well and can’t provide a translation have a look at how liberapay does it (look at the upper right corner of the homepage). you could have others provide a english translation (but probably the sooner you will add a translation infrastructure the better).

Cool project btw!

How do you make a dating site that is specifically for post USSR countries?

are you aware of alovoa? Maybe you could collaborate to some degree.

I also think you can pretty easily generalize it to a “friend finding” website (something like bumble bff). You could specify activities you want to do with someone like exercise or walking or some interest and find people.

Could be useful if it could also have courses like headspace or unified mindfullness or a MBSR course.

Something like libretexts for mediation, with the courses being open content (or maybe even enabling buying some courses, I don’t mind paying for quality content and help someone make a living).

Are you aware of lenny? i think it is already trivially easy to bypass the filter. I think the main reason you don’t see here the type of aggressive communication you don’t want is because they already have ruqqus which might be a good substitute (But i don’t know about enough about the feature set of lemmy and ruqqus to be sure). Plus the main instance is the most used and it does have a spam filter.

No mention of nix, i have been using it for a while as a flatpak/snap alternative it’s working ok. It’s still somewhat glitchy but seeing how nixos packages are getting more and more investment i am hoping nix will get more polished and easier to use.

Also no mention of gnu-guix which also seems interesting and is similar to nix (although less populer), what i like about nix and guix that they don’t have to start downloading unneeded dependencies to use a package (basically they are less bloated).

background: liberapay is a open source alternative to patreon (recurring donations to people and projects)

cataclysm dda (played the desktop version, very nice).

unciv (havent gotten around to playing with it, but looks good).

Do you have a source for this? the blog does not show any update on the subject, the registration page also says they are still blocked.