Hey, I am Zoë! I love open-source and think it should be used everywhere, I’m Interested in self hosting and federated social media.

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That’s interesting!


Your thoughts on CloudFlare

I hear that both CloudFlare is privacy respectful and that it spies on site visitors (with their CDN). What’s your thoughts on this matter?..

I’d be interested to learn how, I was just looking for a GUI bcs Im working for a friend that wants to do a Web radio station and with a GUI it would remive work that I’d have to do.

I will! Thank you for pointing it out that is empty, I do apreciate it.

I’d like something on which we can put music on and when we want stop it and broadcast source coming from a mic, or even input from our choice, instead of automated playlist from a folder.

I’ll be honest I just saw the post over on reddit nd decided to post it here, my bad for not checking it first but I didn’t thought about it at the time.

Open-Source Self-Hosted Online Radio?

I found AzuraCast but it seems that it doesn’t work wit FireFox and Safari, but only with chrome to listen to music, and the DJ is a bit weird to use. I also found BottledRadio but have no experience on how it works. Any other one you may know of or can advise how to solve/work with the ones above?..

Native Twitch app for Linux

Someone made a native twitch app for Linux! Yay!!..

Oh I see. I’m not creating it tho, I’m just giving my front-end as an open source project for anyone to use it. I spent a long time on that and thought it would be a waste to just be sitting here on my computer. Code is code, and if someone gives it a good life I’m happy for it :D

My coding level are just HTML and basic CSS and in terms of theory of protocols its not very big but I would be interested to know what you talking about. I posted my start of a front-end in GitHub so if you want to have a look go ahead.

This is interesting since I did a search some days ago for this and found nothing, thank you!

I was thinking on that but I don’t know how, is it possible if you could help me?

Some time ago I made the start of a front-end app store, but now is just sitting on my computer so if anyone wants to use it for anything contact me nd we can talk…

To consider on adding this feature?

I think lemmy should have a feature to move communities from one instance to another…

For questions about git (github, gitlab, gitea), how to work with it, crossposts with !selfhost@lemmy.ml perhaps? you kinda git the idea ;)

This did explain to me what a CDN is/how it works yes! Thank you! I just have now to learn or try to understand exactly how could this possibly be set up.

I’ll have a look when i have some free time, thx!

How to make a CDN

I am not really sure if its even possible, but is there some kind of Open-Source Self-Hosted CDN software? I’m new to this so please don’t bully me on the comments…

Itch.io community for discussions, game releases, reviews, game updates and more!..


I found this GitHub project recently but I can’t seem to put it working, it gives me some package.json error, any help? or are there any alternatives?..


Anyone know a good diaspora pod?

The diaspora* pod website is offline and I am looking for a good pod, any help? …

Is moving communities from instances possible?

I was wondering if moving communities from instances possible. I wonder this bcs in case one day I get my own instance and wanna move my communities…