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You can easily change the display name of your account. Check the settings.

To check your username, I think you will need to create a new account on the same server or else you can create a new account on another instance and then migrate your account.

Yes, it is possible to migrate your account to a new server. There is an option in the settings.

Pretty cool

This also makes me laugh

what is your profile pic? Is that a generator?

anyway, this is too expensive. I am hearing for the first time about a laptop dedicated for machine learning.

I am a pretty tall guy, so I tend to slouch a lot. People always tell me about my bad posture. I have done really nothing to fix it. Waiting for suggestions from other people.

hmm it would be great if I could open this community link on lemmy.ml automatically without having to go to sopuli

I never watch the oscars. Maybe this is a stunt to get more people to watch and care about oscars?

Lol…I wonder what is going to happen next year

well this is of no use if rt is blocked in your country

I didn’t think this well.

I don’t know if their official website is blocked in your country. But I am able to watch RT Live on their website. Here is the link https://www.rt.com/on-air/rt-player/.

Yep, the entire description should not be shown. Maybe hide the description in with a read more button?

What do you think?@dessalines@lemmy.ml

The recipe is probably out in the wild. But we don’t know which is the authentic recipe. KFC has to confirm it.