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I discovered Lemmy on my laptop…but there is a F-droid app for it. That I am using right now

This reminds me of my favorite quote from Sally Bowles in the play “Caboret” just before Hitler took over Berlin…“it’s just politics, it doesn’t matter”

It did and it does.

I wear briefs or boxer briefs while out and about. Why? Cause I don’t like my junk bouncing about while I’m active. I’m not straight, so I can’t answer the latter…but sitting at home with my cat and a good movie or book… sweatpants and free balls all the way.

I’m definitely growing up - when I get out of bed or a chair, my body seems to make alot of noise, but, my brain hasn’t received the memo yet…it still operates as a 20 something so does my energy level. Dating is much harder for me as the men who are obtainable for me are so fucking boring to me!

But, I also seem to care much less of what others think of me…and that part of being older is WONDERFUL!!

I think Fedora is just as user friendly, but better than Ubuntu. But, yeah, I know Ubuntu is popular ( I just don’t like it).

Hitler’s inspiration was Mussolini (originally, it did go south eventually, of course), Nazism is fascism with a racial component added to it. It wasn’t just Italy…there was Spain and Japan that embraced Fascism at that time period.

he definitely hated communist…but are you sure he would be inline with socialism? I’ve actually read his book…and I don’t think so, but I do appreciate conversation. Nazism is an extension of Fascism (Hitler was mentored by Mussolini, although that eventually went south)…so, I feel as if Socialism would be negative to an extreme Nationalist as well.

is that a bad thing? Asking as someone learning BASH

I’m a linux user and although I do use the command line often (updates and configs), you don’t have to…I am actually curious to try this out for a few reasons…I hate unnecessary bloat - which is creeping in day by day even in linux and I miss the good old internet days when I wasn’t constantly spooked by JS.

I spray poison, but I live with bugs year round and it can get overwhelming here.

I have never (intentionally) left them have crushed or drowned them. Absolutely never teared off a leg or wing…why in the world?

Don’t get upset with me…I don’t use twitter (or fb, instagram etc) anymore…but…I think like here…if you’re posting something for the public to read, you should understand some people are going to find your opinions stupid. Should people say “I think you’re post is stupid”, I don’t think they should. Honestly, I think saying that is stupid…there are nicer ways to express one’s opinions…but back to my point: If you’re willing to post on a public forum, you should understand you may get negative feedback…even intentionally rude feedback. You have to move on.

BTW…a few comments back I think you mentioned something…do you write software? If so, can I ask you a question privately? I have no intentions of trying to get a job…It’s just that I am trying to self learn programming as a mentally challenging hobby (akin to one working on crosswords or something)…and have general questions…not reading my code or anything like that, more general learning advice. i can explain more if you’re open to it.

But…if someone doesn’t want your criticism and is bringing the company down - there is usually an avenue to report it - it’s not always adequate but at the same time, criticizing someone that is not open to it, isn’t adequate either. Real conundrum! (is that a word?)

But, this would imply you willingly entered a contest and understand that the judges will judge. Yes I agree it isn’t harassment or criticism, it’s a game you volunteered to participate in.

I think I am thinking of my own expectations of criticism (perhaps self-centered?) and through this back and forth am realizing there are many different types of criticism that I have never thought of before now and I am not sure that I have the intelligence to opine too much. But…you did get me thinking…

I do my best…but it is really hard when it seems google or Amazon owns most of the web servers.

yes and no…for example, I previously worked at a corporate job…mostly thought it sucked, but their definition of harassment is when you continue expressing something to someone who tells you they don’t want it. I agree with this. If someone is truly bad - there are ways to report it.

I guess when I think of criticism, I think of something I am doing that I want to get better at and need criticism…with suggestions that I can use.

how about…“Hitler was a bad guy because…[insert the many reasons one can to back this up]”

maybe the philosophy is going over my head here! I can admit the limitations on my intelligence, it is one of my good qualities.
I guess anything can be harassment if the person feels so…If someone tells you they’re not open to criticism, then move on and keep opinions to yourself…Although, we’re using Hitler as an example, there is also a moral obligation when one is literally hurting people to criticize. I may not be expressing myself properly…but I am trying!

But you like constructive criticism…right? Criticism without input is useless…is how I think anyhow.

I guess I could just fire up Alma in VMware and check for myself. But it is nice hear outside input too.

How do I delete an old facebook account?

I have an old facebook account, I don’t have access to or even remember my phone number or email that was associated with the account. I also don’t have “three friends”…is there anything I can do to delete that account?..