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Yes which is precisely why Lenin and Trotsky as soon as they ceased power made sure to disempower the soviets and nationalize (under control of the central State run by them) all production. This is for example what happened in Kronstadt, as recalled by Emma Goldman: https://theanarchistlibrary.org/library/emma-goldman-trotsky-protests-too-much

Collecting data effectively means having to make deals with each server operator on case by case basis, and governments can only coerce servers that happen to be in their jurisdiction.

Federated public content in fact makes it easier to gather this data. It enables for many more entrypoints to the data stream. Of course federated content doesn’t have to be public (eg. XMPP) but so far that’s the direction most ActivityPub apps have taken.

Depending on your “brand” of communism, it may more be whether resources (not power) is in the hands of the few or the many. I mean, dictatorship of the proletariat is the opposite of power in the hands of the many. (But if you ask me, dictatorship of any kind - proletariat or not - has nothing to do with communism)

Left means collective property over resources (communism) which means everyone gets access according to their needs. Right means private property (capitalism) in which access to resources is defined by your wealth.

Conservative usually means authoritarian (another axis) in which some people can decide how others can live. Whether it’s via majority voting or dictated by a minority is irrelevant: anarchism (on the other side of that axis) accounts for protecting minorities as the key principle is that the lowest decision level (eg. the commune) is the one that counts.

“Liberal” can mean several things depending on the cultural/political context. Historically, it referred to a political school of freedom as opposed to centralized authority (an ancestor to anarchism). Nowadays, it can refer to the less-conservative positions (in the anglosaxon world, as opposed to conservative) or to capitalism (eg. in the latin world). From an anarchist perspective, “liberal” or “social-democrat” refers to very limited/narrow policy goals (reforms that do not attack the status quo of Nation States and private property) as opposed to revolutionary perspectives.

The political compass posted elsewhere in this thread is very informative, although more axis should be considered if you want a profound reviews of political positions. It’s interesting to note that in many cases, people whose ideas would fit in the lower-left quadrant (anarcho-communism) end up voting for politicians who overwhelmingly represent the top-right and bottom-right quadrants.

Thanks for sharing! I both love and hate the direction GNOME/GTK is going. On the one hand it becomes harder to customize and i don’t agree with some technical decisions, on the other hand it makes for a very practical integrated platform. I only wish we could have the best of both worlds :)

Quality of life there declined significantly after USSR fell.

I’m not saying otherwise. Just like in the Global North quality of life also significantly declined at the same period due to applying the same kind of neoliberal policies (though arguably in a less severe manner than was done in ex-USSR countries).

But you should probably realize that propaganda about philantropic foreign investment is a recurring trope of colonization. France famously prides itself on developing public school and roads/railways in all its former colonies as part of its “civilizing mission”. I’m not saying China has such a bad record as France in Africa (dozens of millions of deaths and countless suffering), but they don’t exactly have a good track record in other regions and i don’t see any convincing argument emerging that Chinese neo-colonialism (eg. privatization of key infrastructure and resources by foreign companies) is any better than Western neo-colonialism.

Yes but why would you want to avoid bots? Most websites don’t need registration at all. If you really do, maybe consider an invite system along a way to manually request an account? Personally, i’m more interested in how to federate small hosts (eg. tilde servers) rather than create/deploy hundreds of services each with their own registration process.

Maybe they did, maybe they didn’t. We’ll probably never know and i’m ok with that. I’m personally more interested in the political response to Covid (the shock doctrine) rather than the cause.

I think something important to point out is that the old web was declarative: we standardized HTML elements (like <form>) so that different browsers and spiders could interoperate. The powers this provided are being eroded by the move to the web as an app distribution platform (whether it’s JS or wasm).

We need protocol-first design so that more solutions can interoperate. ActivityPub, Webmention/Microformats or Matrix, although i have some technical criticism of these protocols, are really a breathe of fresh air in this direction.

At the moment, I am struggling with nearly every aspect of my “computer life”. (…) have not yet decided to let the robots have their way with my website.

Why? What’s wrong with robots? Also, how do you block “robots” without blocking legit users?

Ah! That’s the best kind of international support :)

Funny to see people downvoting you without arguments while you made a great point.

I’m not morally opposed to “work from within” as long as you don’t become corrupted. I just don’t know of a single example of this strategy working to produce any significant change, but i do know many examples of people betraying their cause due to working within the system.

So what? Did you read me defending western Empires? No. But i do read you defending the Chinese empire, and that worries me. If you want to build communism, the first step is to abolish all Nation States for they are bourgeois constructs controlling the people.

Power. Do you think China’s “Belt and Road” or USA’s USAID is a humanitarian project? Historical colonization was also presented as a humanitarian project to civilize the “lower people”. These empires are trying to get their hands on all the resources they can.

OK so if we agree there’s some things we’re powerless in regards to, can we agree we should live our lives regardless of their positions and not try to accommodate their tyrannical desires in the name of defending the lesser evil?

“In this case, your uncritical support for refusing sex is indistinguishable from uncritical support of rape”

Do you realize how horrible what you’re saying is? If my community doesn’t want to be part of your colonial Empire, just kill us already but don’t pretend we have a moral obligation to live by your rules.

There’s a few semi-independent nations, although i agree colonial sabotage and psyops is definitely a thing. Whether you choose to continue with this imperialist status quo or not is of course your choice.

Reasoning with those in power does not work: those from the ZAD who tried to negotiate with the State ended up betraying/destroying the ZAD (it’s now all legalized and mostly populated by hipsters and bourgeois). Going all guerilla warfare on your government is a valid strategy, but arguably modern empires have become too resilient for that to work. Mounting a legal political party for your cause seems useless: even a formally-elected government like in Catalonia will get repressed by the State for trying to separate.

Yeah there’s a lot we can do and i guess both of us are involved in various projects AFK, but still when you boil it down to personal/communal consent, Nation States are always the enemy of the people.

Sustainable creativity in a world without copyright

I don’t agree with some parts of the article (“work more if you want a luxurious house”) but it’s a very interesting take on copyright and capitalism: …


Sometimes clicking notifications button takes me to: …

limited posts per IP per hour

Apparently 6 posts per IP per hour goes over the limit. However, just changing my Tor circuit enabled me to post my last crosspost. …

Of course, US and EU propaganda accounts have not been suspended :) …

Across China, queer college societies, which had been rare spaces to safely push boundaries, were being swiftly erased from the Chinese internet. In July, 14 of the largest and most prominent accounts were banned, cutting connections between thousands of members scattered across the country and ca…

100 years of whatever this will be

We have, in Western society, managed to simultaneously botch the dreams of democracy, capitalism, social coherence, and techno-utopianism, all at once. It’s embarrassing actually. I am embarrassed. You should be embarrassed. …

Took the authorities a while to figure out why several phone providers were experiencing connection issues in a neighborhood. …

For those who have ignored the news for the past 2 years, Hong Kong is now under control from the chinese government/law. See also Hong Kong National Security Law on wikipedia…

Fellow anarchists, organize!

Sorry for the clickbait title i’m just checking out on you all. How are you doing? How’s summer coming along? …