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Some people here like to down vote for random nit picky reasons I’ve noticed or because they fanboy over certain topics and hate on anything that questions it. I also noticed people on the internet like to tear at anything, regardless of what they believe just because that’s how they are.

Posting on "normie" community websites is a trip. As some of you might know, my home city of Minneapolis is going through some upheaval due to whether or not police should retain their current budget. Trying to convince people of simple facts like, "the police are currently receiving more money than they ever have and still aren't protecting people" let alone larger arguments like how their presence is often actually more detrimental to a situation are total lost causes. What do others say / do when talking to such people? Edit: My goal with this post wasn't to circle jerk. I'm not planning on quitting said platform. I continue to be a member of Nextdoor and volunteer on it / communicate with people on it in hopes of at least living by example, if nothing else.

Promoting Google phones is def a major issue I have with it. I just happened to already have one and wanted to continue to use it without all the Google shitware and “services” they force on them. I’m planning on voting with my wallet for my next phone, but I already paid for this hardware and want to use it for as long as I can.

I had no idea these issues existed before I decided to switch to it. It leaves a sour taste in my mouth as well. The only thing that makes me glad is installing Graphene was a stop gap so that I felt comfortable continuing to use this phone. My plan was to switch to something else with my next hardware choice and this helps solidify that decision.

Yeah, it just gives me a broken link pic with the option to share it or download it. It’s probably because I’m using a mobile client. I’ll check it on my lappy later.

Looks like I’d have to download it to watch it.

Not saying it’s the best course of action, but I’ve definitely left some accounts in the graveyards of the internet because the effort of deleting them was more than it was worth to me.

Today I...
... Installed Graphene OS and deleted my Google account. May not seem like a big deal to some, but it was a project long in the making. Decoupling from cloud services / apps that are dependant on GAPPS is surprisingly difficult. It felt really good to delete my account in the end.

Current climate crises (amongst other things) combined with my government’s inability / unwillingness to do what needs to be done about it.

“zoomies” You’re welcome.

Exactly. I’ve noticed people actually think before responding instead of just posting whatever half assed knee jerk reaction they think of first. The posts themselves are generally well thought out and lead to actual discussion as well instead of just being memes or whatever (not necessarily dunking on memes cuz they can be funny sometimes, but I believe they’re a sometimes food).

It might not be as active as Reddit, but there is certainly more quality discussions. At least in my experience.

I don’t. I would be helping them monotarily or by volunteering in other ways. If there isn’t an Android app though, there’s no point for me to do so.

I honestly don’t care what everyone else uses as long as I can keep using it.

I usually look like a hobo, unless I’m wearing my business casual (usually for work).