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Depends on what else you’re wearing. Maybe you can open the top button so they’ll wear a bit lower? But if that’s visible in the open that might not be a good idea 😄

It even works on Firefox mobile. On android, use NewPipe instead of the YT app, it can play in background and doesn't have ads. Ads are a cancer of the web, will track you and reduce your battery life.

What about the business case of selling this data?? What about the rights of those poor businesses? /s

Yes but it’s not enforced, that’s different.

it's art

me salivating reading through the comments

I seem to like all fruit.

Yeah it’s such an obvious fraudulent use of the code. Like of course it’s a derivative, just because it comes from a machine learning model doesn’t mean it’s not derivative.

Start with your family chat or something like that! With snikket.org and the like you can even host your own!

No, but you can hide instances from everywhere by blocking them. I think it’s in the settings but not sure where.

Like so many brands they don’t understand the underlying people and culture. Not saying this is easy, but like ffs just be a little bit courageous and make a very sturdy, repairable laptop, it doesn’t need to be 3mm thin. Specs don’t even matter that much, many thinkpads have horrible specs and are still loved.

haha did you see my comment on the tilvids sub? I said the same thing.

It’s pretty easy, just like on reddit. Don’t follow any instances whose language you don’t speak! Reddit has a lot of non-english subs!

Also: I don’t think there is a language filter atm and I don’t know if one is planned.

They will be freed from the eternal greed that will always cloud the judgement of big corporations. I don't even think there's a lot wrong with this advertising, but there is a lot wrong with having this advertising while not allowing content creators more leeway.

You can’t link to an image and link to something else. So either post an image and put the link in the text box or reverse.