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I hope more young people begin to realize it. Unfortunately I see a lot unwilling to or that just don’t care. It makes me sad at what the internet could be but I can understand why the youth would see it this way. Ruling class hegemony has done an exceptional job at funneling people towards closed platforms with monetary ideals under the guise of being user-friendly/modern/fun.

Wanted to let comrades know who might be interested in a text like this, as you see a lot of desire for anything like it online. It may seem unorthodox as MLism is strictly scientific and doesn't partake in idealistic illusions over what socialism would look like, but a text like this might be what could sway a lot of working class people towards socialism and the overthrow of the bourgeoisie. The masses in the US have been heavily indoctrinated by the crushing weight of the imperial core, where mentions of socialism/communism are met with anger or disbelief in the possibility. A clear, grounded, and well-written explanation of what *socialism would mean* without straying into future idealism could do so much in our favor, especially as "socialism" as a word has slowly moved away from red-scare thought for many. > What would it look like to build a socialist society in the United States? To end imperialist war, eliminate poverty, racism and bigotry, and utilize the wealth and development of modern society for the good of the people? > > Socialist Reconstruction: A Better Future for the United States envisions this future. It picks up in “the first decade of socialism in the United States,” and describes what socialism could mean for housing, healthcare, education, public safety, and many other aspects of US society. The goal of the book is to demonstrate, rather than just declare, that there is an alternative to capitalism in the United States, and to put forward an in-depth vision about what such a socialist society could look like. > > As it says in the preface to Socialist Reconstruction: “If the ideas on the pages that follow entice and engage you—whether you are in total agreement or have another proposal for remedying the crises of capitalism—then you should consider yourself a socialist… In the capitalist present, such a world may seem like a dream. But it’s not. It can happen here.” > > > “This courageous and visionary book provides a realistic and realizable socialist alternative to our decaying predatory capitalist civilization. It grounds a grand socialist reconstruction of the present US regime in our present sufferings and struggles, especially in the crucial role of an awakening of working peoples! Genuine hope trumps despair in this prophetic text!” > - Dr. Cornel West

On Social Media: The Commodification of Human Connection
Trying to start writing down my thoughts and for the first time going to attempt to keep a blog. Nothing super active but something. Was hesitant on posting so I'm not self-promoting, but eh! Clicks aren't tracked or anything and there's a nice clean RSS feed for anyone. But anyway, I've had a lot of thoughts about social media and I tried to formulate some coherent "essay" on its commodification of a basic aspect of humanity. I hope I made enough sense and I got what I was trying to across!

Linux Lived, Linux Lives, Linux Will Live
cross-posted from: > Russia is beginning the process of transitioning from Windows to Linux. Most likely as a way to avoid sanctions and to no longer be under the control of a US multinational corporation.

Absolutely brutal

About Hurd

In short: just say NO TO DRUGS, and maybe you won’t end up like the Hurd people.

  1. Conjecture on the future is not a Marxist way of thinking. There’s a reason Marx & Engels didn’t come up with fabulous ideas of what communism would be. Dialectical materialism looks at the ebb and flow of history and its effects. Just as Marx didn’t expand on what the future could hold in store in riveting detail, the same is for the PSL. The focus is on the current oppression of the masses and the means of achieving working class unity to strike down our oppressors.

  2. Nowhere does the PSL abscribe to the utopian ideal of “now that we won the revolution, socialism is enacted”. The party is premised on the actuality of socialist revolution in the US and the program hits the high points of what will be important to tackle in the next step, not that revolution will create some socialist utopia and capitalism is forever abolished. There is plenty of detailed analyses straight from the education organ of the party that further breaks down Marxist theory in the frame of a Leninist party organizing in the imperial core.

  3. The program isn’t vague, it’s not up to a Marxist party to dictate what an oppressed nations reparations will be, nor how a post-revolution society will look like. It is not a material analysis, and dictating exact descriptions of how a socialist US will be is utopian, just as Marx and Lenin never gave concrete details that “socialism means X and therefore Y”. There is also no existing example of what reparations would look like, it would have to be discussed at that point between the party and the oppressed nations themselves speaking for themselves. Enabling “what ifs” and conjecture is immaterial analysis and does nothing but give armchair “communists” talking points to bicker over.

There are infinite explanations of what could happen, how things can be implemented, and what to avoid. Organizing is difficult, made even more so with now powerful bourgeois hegemony is in the imperial core. Learning how to organize, how to talk to the masses, how to radicalize our fellow workers, is of vital importance to build our power.

In my years of organizing, not once has someone asked for detailed implementation instructions for how a socialist government will work in detail. We are not at the point of detailing policy, we’re at the point of reaching out to the masses and radicalizing. The why and how of bourgeois class oppression is what we need to focus on and it’s what the people need to realize and how to fight back.

In-depth analysis and discussion on policies and the future socialist government is meant for in-party discussion. If you’re outreaching in your community and someone wants to know details on the future, it’d be up to you as a dedicated communist and knowledgeable party member to answer based off discussion and organizing within the party. But our job is to radicalize and get people to realize that capitalism is the disease and socialism is the future!

The PSL does far more than simply be “anti-war” or “anti-capitalist”. Being a Marxist-Leninist requires a dialectical lens and a knowledge of your audience, in this case the reactionary imperial core. The party pushes for nothing less than the socialist transformation of society.

If you can, please read through the PSL’s program. All of the points you brought up are satisfactorily answered in that document in a way that aligns with a non-utopian Marxist view of the main points to be addressed following a socialist revolution in the US.

PSL - Program

1: land reform

Snippet from the subheading "Liberation: Overcoming racism, exploitation, national oppression and all forms of bigotry:

The new government will seek to codify the goals of eradicating racism, national oppression and all forms of exploitation and bigotry. The following issues will be addressed by the new government.

With the goal of the unity of the multinational U.S. working class on the basis of class solidarity, the new government will work to eliminate white supremacy, racism and privilege as an immediate task, recognizing that this goal will not be achieved automatically or by decree. It will be prohibited to advocate any form of racism, xenophobia, national hatred or discrimination based on ability.

  • The socialist government will recognize the inviolable right of all oppressed nations to self-determination with regard to their means of gaining and maintaining their liberation. In the United States, this includes the right of self-determination for African American, Native, Puerto Rican and other Latino national minorities, the Hawai’ian nation, Asian, Pacific Islander, Arab and other oppressed peoples that have experienced oppression as a whole people under capitalism.

  • The socialist government will institute a program of reparations for the African American community to address the centuries of unpaid slave labor and super-exploitation.

  • The existing colonial relationships of the United States will be dissolved. Independence will be immediately granted to Puerto Rico with full reparations for colonial exploitation, and the right of free travel between the U.S. and Puerto Rico. Samoa, Guam, the Virgin Islands and Mariana Islands will be free to exercise their right to self-determination, up to and including independence, with reparations and the right to free travel between the former colonies and the U.S. mainland. Restitution, including the return of land stolen, will be provided for Native Nations. Further, the socialist government will reaffirm the right of Native Nations to self-determination, up to and including independence.

  1. capitalism

Declaring that capitalism cannot be abolished in the US is an outright misjudgment and disbelief in the oppressed peoples in this country. A Marxist-Leninist party is designed to lead the masses towards revolution, not fall in line or concede to the most backwards sections of society who believe capitalism can be “reformed”.

Snippet from the subheading “The right of revolution”:

The capitalist system has proven to be incapable of meeting the needs of the people — even in the richest capitalist country in history. Every year, millions more people are forced into abject poverty, many while working full time, and many are denied the right to a job.

Simply reforming the capitalist system is not enough.

For the capitalists, reforms are a threat to the status quo. Reforms for the working class mean something different. They ease the burdens of living under capitalism through the extension of civil rights or other beneficial social or economic policies.

While reforms must be fought for, and can be won, they are under constant attack by the ruling class. Capitalism itself cannot be reformed. Its supreme law and driving force is the maximization of profit. The only force capable of putting an end to this criminal system is the organized working class. Capitalism cannot be voted out of power—it will take a revolution.

The capitalist class will stop at nothing to prevent or overturn reforms by repressing, misdirecting or quelling any form of popular rebellion. Without a complete uprooting of the system that causes all the problems workers and oppressed peoples face, exploitation and oppression will still exist. The capitalist state will continue to rule.

Capitalism is a failed system that, in its insatiable appetite for ever greater profits, threatens global ecological destruction on an unprecedented scale, with workers and oppressed people bearing the disproportionate burden of the environmental disaster.

More than at any other time, it is the working class that holds the future for humanity. For the people and planet to live, capitalism must go.

The Party for Socialism and Liberation is dedicated to building a revolutionary workers’ party in the United States. A party that can unite the multinational U.S. working class is an essential and irreplaceable element in the struggle for socialism. The PSL participates in the labor, anti-war, anti-racist, immigrant rights, women’s, lesbian/gay/bi/transgender/queer, environmental, student and other movements. A revolutionary party can be built only by engaging in all issues affecting the working class.

For the working class, revolution is a necessity and a right. The most brutal aspects of capitalism will not go away unless there is a socialist revolution. Only a revolution can do away with the rule of the capitalists once and for all.

3: Right to work

Snippet from the subheading “Socialism: Addressing the interests of working and poor people”:

  • It will be a right of every person in the United States to have a job with guaranteed union representation and full social benefits provided by the socialist government, including a pension, health care, workers’ compensation, paid parental and family leave for up to two years, paid sick and disability leave, a minimum of one month’s paid vacation, and at least 12 paid holidays.

  • Poverty will be eradicated by providing a guaranteed living income for any worker who is not able to find or hold a job. Priority in addressing the legacy of capitalism will be granted to communities that have suffered disproportionately in the past.

4: Immigration

See the response to your point 1 and that subheading.

Touch screens will just never be as productive as dedicated input peripherals. It’s similar to text editing in vim vs a GUI: point-and-click menu navigating and limited keyboard shortcuts bound to Ctrl will not be as productive as being entirely keyboard driven

Return to monke web1.0. Not even a joke, modern brutalist websites are wonderful to navigate

People want “flashiness” nowadays. I’ve had to deal with this line of thinking far too often. I’d much rather have a simple site as a collection of links: it loads quickly, looks clean, and it’s easy to maintain.

No surprise that the US doesn’t trust something they can’t control. The fact they’re worried about Linux but not about Mac and Windows kernels says a lot on trust one can place on the latter two

😒🤚display manager

😏 👉 startx

i’ve never tested start-up times with each but startx just makes a lot more sense when you’re just using a WM manager anyway. bonus points for looking cool and impressing your non-tech friends when logging in though

Anything online’s going to be a crapshoot. Honestly arguing and trying to win over demsocs online is going to be futile. Majority-white “socialists” online aren’t going to change their opinion in confrontations against communists. It can be infuriating, but we all need to hold revolutionary optimism that revolution in the imperial core is an inevitability.

It’s less that we deal with them and more that we pretty much ignore or leverage them for revolutionary purposes.

DSA-type “socialists” aren’t a majority, and they’re not the masses that we should be trying to meet and reach out to; our focus should be on them. Demsocs will either stay hard in their position before inevitably being proven wrong (as history has shown) or flip to being true anti-communist reactionaries when the time comes.

Yeah posting in liberal online spaces is always going to be hit or miss, there’s no motivation from the other party to enter into good-faith discussions. As this event is currently ongoing, it’s probably best to ease in very gently and try to get a feel if discussing is going to be a waste of time or not, then try to focus on NATO instead of letting the other party dictate the flow towards condeming Russia.

The PSL’s statement on Russia’s intervention is a good read to view the line we should take on this conflict.

The conflict currently exploding in Ukraine and rippling throughout the region and the entire world is hugely dangerous. The reckless and provocative actions of the U.S. government and its allies must cease immediately. The economic warfare being unleashed against Russia — which will first and foremost affect the country’s working class — will only deepen the crisis, as would troop deployments anywhere in Europe.

Recognizing that Russia has legitimate security concerns does not require an endorsement of all its military actions, nor Putin’s suggestion that Ukraine has no basis to exist as an independent county, nor his larger geopolitical strategies. The role of the U.S. antiwar movement is not to follow the line of countries in conflict with U.S. imperialism, but to present an independent program of peace and solidarity and anti-imperialism.

The menace of war can only be defeated by international solidarity among the peoples of the world and a resolute struggle against U.S. imperialism, which must demand the abolition of NATO. No war on Russia!

The article is a month old now but there are other updates regarding more current events.