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what the? what are you referring to?

i can’t believe they haven’t already killed him the way things are going

Mint is super user-friendly. That doesn’t mean that it’s any less powerful if you’re looking to learn power-user/admin things though.

I haven’t signed into reddit since I found lemmy so many months ago. I have accidentally clicked the reddit bookmark out of habit but usually I hit up lemmy immediately afterward to regain my sanity

gotcha, i guess im not fully understanding how this is all connected yet… somehow I posted on an anarchy lemmy or something without knowing it and people went a little nuts on me

Oh, i always use lemmy.ml … is this just a mirror of something else?


anyway, i didn’t even notice it was down so good job!

But is this a function of the government being more accountable to the citizenry or is it just a phase where the government’s highest interest is in building up a flourishing middle class? At any point if the government changed direction what recourse do the citizenry have over it?

I’ve been reading some threads you’re in and everyone keeps asking the same question but you have yet to answer it.

doesn’t work between my android and win11 on firefox

Happens every time. I’ve seen this same thing happen three times in my life. Something about the title just immediately goes to the head.

Right-wingers have no reason to fear what they’re doing. At all. The state is in full support. Lefties don’t have that luxury.

what the fuck? i didn’t know you HAD to work, i thought it was optional for commissary stuff

The only way I see anarchism turning out is a very quick brute strength wins top dog. Essentially just gangs running shit however they see fit, and gangs constantly at war with each other trying to win top dog.

I can’t imagine it going any other way. Not to mention the absolute crumble of all infrastructure.

5:31, just missed my opportunity, better wait until 9:37 i guess