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I read a passage in the article, “how the internet could be and can still be” and it reminded me of the protocol Gemini. Gemini is a smaller network, similar to http, and was actually supposed to be the main protocol for how the internet functioned, but then http came in and now we have ads, spyware, etc. Basically, and this sounds boring, I know, but the internet was supposed to be read-only, since Gemini network doesn’t have videos or anything along those lines. There are LOTS of Gemini-based browsers that demonstrate the Gemini network. It’s pretty cool.

I’m bothered the user was allowed to post hateful things in the first place. It ruins the atmosphere of a site.

Ramble has been overrun

Hi. Okay, maybe “overrun” isn’t the right word, but I went to check Ramble out and some user by the name of H*tler_was_right has been posting a lot. Not sure if this is because Ruqqus has changed their stance on free speech, but it’s gross, and disheartening to see sites like Ramble or any site, rea…

I wasn’t sure where to post, my bad.

Reddit alternatives

Hi. I just heard about Ruqqus and all I can say is, I’m pretty sure poal.co will be the next to fall. I went and checked it out and someone posted a homophobic slur on the front page as the title of a post. I was like “fuck this shit” I do support free speech, but there should be a line somewhere, r…

I’ve been using it on and off. It’s very good. I really hope they add more secure tracking protection and a hideable sidebar.

I liked Dat. They had lots of programs and software on there. I might be thinking of Block browser or whatever the name is.

Wim Hof Method

Hey Lemmy! I am curious if anyone here has tried the Wim Hof Method out. What was your experience like, did you notice any changes, positive or negative? …

What about browser(s) that use the HOSTS file to block ads? The Classic browser does this, and has some nifty features baked in.

Best eco/environmentally friendly web browser?

Hi. I wasn’t sure where to post this, hopefully this is the right area. In lemmy’s opinion, what’s the best eco/environmentally friendly web browser? Basically low on resources, saves battery, etc. Private and secure is a bonus…

They are pretty toxic, it seems. I was told to “go back to firefox, they are wokies like you”. And a couple other comments from brave’s fan base.

I made a post on r/browsers over on reddit and someone said to go back to firefox, they are wokies like me. Plus a couple other comments as well.

Please boycott Brave

Didn’t know where to post this, so hopefully this is the right spot. Please boycott Brave. I’ve recently learned that not only is their CEO bad, but their fanbase is toxic, too. I will no longer be using Brave for that reason. …

There were leaks of users that used Tor. Their DNS was leaked along with their searches when using Tor in Brave. It’s since been fixed, though.

I called out a fearmongering and hatespeech article on ruqqus and got -6 votes, so it’s not that bad lol.

I read on brave’s website they are using ex-Cliqz developers to develop their own brave search engine. Cause Cliqz was privacy-oriented…Their privacy practices weren’t good from what I recall.

I’ve heard of that Tor push thing. It’s cool that Firefox is first to implement it. Honestly, once Vivaldi gets better with battery life I’ll probably switch to Vivaldi.

Icecat is good. I’ve been using Librewolf intermittently. The one browser, imo, at least, that could potentially rival brave, is the Classic browser. It’s cache-less, uses the hosts file to block all ads, and it has pretty nifty tools for blocking scripts.

Brave browser: Is it worth it?

Hi. Not sure where to post this, hopefully it fits here. If you haven’t heard of Brave browser by now, it’s made by the ex-CEO of Mozilla, and is prided on being private, and integrates crypto/bitcoin. …

Yeah :/ It sucks that his browser is the only private browser with crypto at the moment.


Yeah. I keep watching his twitter feed to see what he says from time to time. It’s sad that he made a great browser, but he’s kind of a not good guy.

Hi. I was a brave user, but after learning a few things, not anymore. What’s your opinion on the CEO?