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This should be posted on the main page; it would help resolve people’s culture shock after leaving walled media gardens

I’ve noticed a lot of scum ring expensive organic items as their standard counter parts. Even worse, some bring in their own bags, fill them, and set one off to the side and never ring the items inside up. They just pay for one bag and take the other for free!

The high altitude climate really helps cut down on cooling costs

Thank you. I am gonna rock this thought everywhere I go

“Benefits” in the US are best described as golden handcuffs. Generations have been trapped in undervalued work so they can visit a doctor and collect a pension

Realizing now how the fascists feel when folks go after police funding

Pixelfed instances
Anyone have any suggested pixelfed instances? I am more interested in community than content. Happy to apply if needed

I’m sorry. I was stoned when I posted. I get the value systems like this have to individuals and the general use cases.

To me it is like "if a tree falls in the forest… "

A lot of things go on around me I’d rather not know about, but having documented evidence would lead to me checking and then I have to act. Sometimes it just seems better to enjoy the ignorance I have

This. You can have more meaningful conversations by avoiding words that are not fully understood or appreciated by all parties. Plain and simple language connects folks quickly

Can someone help me understand the appeal? I have considered setting up cctv at the door or the backyard and I always just stop at that. Doesn’t it just make you paranoid? What is there to really watch?

Le Guin’s ‘The Dispossessed’

Can confirm. Adguard and pihole block them no problem

Yes, and contrary to popular belief the vast majority of journalists seek truth in their reporting. Take a look at the Society for Professional Journalists ethics page: https://www.spj.org/ethicscode.asp

A journalist should only be as good as their reputation. I was taught my reputation was my only asset as journalist. If I couldn’t be trusted to tell the truth of my experiences what good was I to my community as a reporter?

Unfortunately, folks don’t value the truth and bastards like Tucker Carlson, Rachel Maddow, et. al. can assume the mantle of journalist and spout nonsense without repercussions. Instead they are rewarded. They don’t represent journalism or its intended goals. They are showmen and strawmen out to puppet propaganda.

All that said, Journalist’s also have an obligation to reduce harm. There are instances where the truth can cause more damage. As an example it is best practice to not name children or victims when reporting crimes. The public record is long and never forgets and no one should be forced to have the misdeeds of others haunt them though the web, forever.

I sometimes wish Journalism had requirements like Law or Medicine that must be met before you could take the title. It is so easy for bloggers and social media warriors to pick up the title and it has lost all meaning. What passes for Journalism today makes me sick more often than not