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I'm at work and my pants suddenly started sacking me. Help?
With every footstep I take, the like groin seam thing is hitting the boys slightly, which wasn't a problem initially but now I'm having a pretty bad time right now. Cant go home to change pants. I wear these pants everyday and it's never been a problem. Any emergency fixes I could do right now? Why is this happening?

If you take a lot at the Men Right subreddit, imo, politics looks like the life and soul of their movement, with men secondary

this might just be us have different immutable perspectives and what focus and politics means.

But your concept of men’s right, but the left version, ex no misogyny

Fiction made for women/girls might have less libertarian values? Which might partially explain why women have more leftish values?
Follow up to https://lemmy.perthchat.org/post/36465 I came across an interesting idea, which is the post title. Thoughts? If true, this might say something about why i know way more women with leftish values then men. Ex, romantic movies. 500 days of summer: protagonist isn't special in any way. Vs Avengers movies: literally the protagonists couldn't be more god's chosen hero. my hero academia and a lot of animes and green lantern: you can do anything if you have enough will power, regardless of the system around you. (Pull yourself up by your uwu boot straps)

Spoken like you’ve watch contrapoint’s men video!

From what I’ve seen, if men’s issues are brought up in leftist spaces, it’s immediately dismissed for being a kekw issue.

I have a hunch of people interested in men lib are Marxist, a lot of overlapping interests. !mensliberation@lemmy.ca

Does the men’s Right movement puts politics before men?

Looking for an online offline calendar that can sync
Someone told me to use proton calendar, and I have been. It doesn't work offline. Like when I'm offline, I can't add new events. I would like it if I could add new events, and then when it got connection, it would sync. I think I tried tutanota a few months ago, can't remember what happened but it didn't have what I was looking for.

Lmao! (Not saying I disagree)

Considering we’re on lemmy I’m surprised I had to scroll so far down to find this comment.

Would you be opposed to a leftwing men's movement?
Not the right wing "men's right" thing. Some kind of left version, that would fundamentally be a feminist movement but with different branding. Different branding would be necessary to absorb a bunch of men into it.

@supersolid_snake@lemmygrad.ml and @sovietsnake

Both metal Gear fans, both make good posts. The character from the game uses the code names naked snake and solid Snake. I like to imagine this literally applies to these two users too lmao.

Western fiction emphasizes libertarian values. Any fiction that emphasizes other values?
A lot of Western fiction goes along the lines of: the world's in danger and since you're God's chosen person, only you can save the world. You don't require that much assistance from anybody else because you pulled yourself up by your own bootstraps Even if it involves a team, it's like a team off like 10 people, that the protagonist had to pull together in some way shape or form due to their personal charisma or something. In real life, to take down the evil dictator or whatever it needs a lot more than 10 people, and since you're not God's chosen person, you could even die. Additionally a lot of Western fiction places big emphasis on money. The protagonist will have access to very expensive equipment frequently. The evil dictator is basically straight out of a psych ward, which I guess is not offend conservatives, but It's rare that the evil dictator is even racist. Like Trump would make a great villain. This is kind of a follow-up to my personal branding question. But basically protagonists have done a great job with personal branding. --- I think it would help our cause a lot if there was fiction that emphasized basically the opposite of what I listed above. And it should go mainstream. Any examples of good fiction? Especially if it's free and visual

But you’re a nice guy sexypeach and we have you uwu

Is personal branding a function of capitalism?
cross-posted from: https://lemmy.perthchat.org/post/35739 > A lot of people are trying to get some kind of fame online. It could be people trying to imitate their favorite Instagram celebrity. Obviously people would like to be in a similar position as that celebrity. But some people spend a lot of hours per day trying to take really good selfies and probably won't ever get fame or fortune. > > It does strike me as kind of a libertarian kind of thing.

Yes, 10Mbps is pretty slow

A few months ago I shared with a far away neighbor for 1 month (router in their house) and I only got 1mbps. I mostly got used to it. I would have to like pre-download videos an entire day in advance, and if I wanted to watch something on the day, I had to sit on their doorstep or use public Wi-Fi someplace.

v5 hardware revision.

I would just have to make sure it says v5 on the box?

I’m not going to do some CV in the elevator lol

You know what I mean 😛

Mozilla's common voice project on fdroid Instead of playing Candy crush saga in an elevator, contribute to the collective good of your fellow human

If I increased my plan from 10 Mbps to 25 Mbps, do you think that’ll make a difference? I reckon that they’ll use up the extra 15 Mbps and it won’t make a difference?

Since increasing costs an extra amount monthly, it might be cheaper to just buy a router that can set priority or limits or something?

Libertarians like things like entrepreneurship and venture capitalism eh? What about… like venture leftism? Tell them starting up a union is like being a business owner! (union bosses make a lot more money than regular workers right?).

Venture neighborhood community pod might be harder since they’re not making much money from that. But something like “youre so dashing charismatic, instead of using your money, you use your charisma to build an organization and then put that on your resume and apply to be a ceo. Plus women dig that.”

Everyday is a new day and there are new potentially low hanging fruit to radicalize - what about cryptobros?

Judging from the subreddit, a lot of them are banking their 1000$ oncrypto to try to get a better standard of living. 1000$ and only a 1000 and they had to save up for months/weeks to have that amount of expendable cash.

Something involving the key phrases of:

“since the cryptomarket has crashed” (it actually has), “we should take the billionaires money and use that to improve our standard of living”, “billonaires gamble millions into the cryptomarket and get lucky and get richer, but if the market tanks, it doesn’t even affect them”.

Some shiza about the american dream involving leftist concepts that appeals to libertarians. Invoke the wallstreet bets gamespot play. It has to appeal to that individual responsibility bs.

I’m not sure how to try to appeal to them properly, or how to even go about contacting them in an effective manner (ex a self post on r/cryptocurrency?)

hitron coda 3482. I turned on band steering and airtime fairness, which hopefully helps.

Does airtime fairness take into account device distance to the router? If you know.

How to lower mbps usage of a rogue device via physical means? Or an extremely cheap way to limit mbps consumption?
Think i figured out my ping problem. Housemate has been downloading a lot of stuff for the past 3 days and i've been getting 350 ping (srsly) and 0.65 mpbs download speeds (srsly). Worse ping i've gotten today was 600. Sometimes Qwant search fails search due to 'network conditions'. When they're not using the internet, no connection problems. The router is in my room and im the one on the isp contract. Some of my devices lose connect when i walk 5m away but not others. Furthermore, putting half a faraday cage around my router only slows down connect to some of my devices but not others. Not entirely sure why. [My router](https://www.midco.com/contentassets/a8faa9563b6b49e5b244ef7418c1b314/hitron-coda-4582.pdf) doesn't have any mbps control settings. Already tried the obvious stuff of talking to housemate about it. I'd be nice if i had at least 5mbps to work with, and i'd think if i slowed down their connection it'd free up some for me. Worst case, i could buy like another router that has a mbps control function, but it'd be nice if it's cheap af.

List of things that increase ping?
Seems like the further away something is the higher the ping? I've been 350ms ping according to speedtest.net lately, but when i turn my router-modem thing on off i get 11ms ping, so seems like router-modems can cause bad ping. Anything else?

Able to tag people sometimes but not other times. Why?
I was unable to @yogthos in 1 comment, but i went to another thread and was able to tag him. Both from lemmy.perthchat.org. Why?

What news orgs do you follow? Do you trust MSM?
I only consume mainstream media, which has been a major part in radicalizing me against capitalism. BBC, the guardian, Al Jazeera, etc It seems like my communist comrades and alt righters dislike MSM. Mainstream media seems to push more for anarchism principles then communist principles, which might be why Communists don't like it? Inb4 someone says MSM supports the status quo. Most of what I hear on MSm is in favor of nearly a revolution.

I'm not saying we should arm the lumen proletariat the way the black Panthers did
Let every dirty, lousy tramp arm himself with a revolver or a knife, and lay in wait on the steps of the palaces of the rich and stab or shoot the owners as they come out. Let us kill them without mercy, and let it be a war of extermination.

I can download element from f droid or Google Play. Which one should I download from?
Pros and cons of each? - Google play has auto update, whereas f droid has semi automatic updates where it takes more effort. - The Google play flavor comes with support for FCM (i.e. push notifications via Google infrastructure). The f-droid flavor relies on regular polling for events (so that messages might come in a little bit later, though I am not sure whether it can keep a connection open for real time push notifications).